Although we are to pray for kings and for those in authority (1Tim. 2:1-4), we are not to submit to ungodly laws and decrees that contradict Scripture. And we are not to remain silent and cower down before the wicked while anti-Christ laws and policies are passed, perverted values are celebrated, and bullying and intimidation against all righteousness and common sense become the norm. Notice this scripture:

“Like a muddied fountain and a polluted spring is a righteous man who yields and compromises his integrity before the wicked” (Pr. 25:26).

In the Bible Spirit filled prophets and preachers confronted evil. I am following their lead and destroying a mind-set in the Church that we should never disobey the laws of the land and cannot speak against evil kings, corrupt governments, or crooked courts. This is a false honor – the same false honor that was found in Germany in the time of Hitler’s takeover – a false honor that eulogized Hitler and allowed him to commit untold atrocities against the Jewish people and Christians who hid them.

The same scenario is unfolding itself right here in modern day America. Dutch Sheets had this to say concerning the evil of this current president.

“And who could ever forget the mocking spirit demonstrated by our president when he decorated the White House with rainbow colors. Using one of God’s covenantal symbols, a symbol now used by the LGBT movement, President Obama delivered one of the most arrogant, in-your-face gestures ever performed by an American president. Knowing fully the anguish millions of Christians were experiencing over this ruling, and knowing the insult this act would be to those millions of Americans, he chose to decorate the White House in this gay and lesbian symbolism. When asked during a press conference to comment on the ruling (and other “victories” he experienced last week), he reinforced his arrogance and insensitivity. Refusing to back down, He lauded this inexcusable act, speaking of it as “a moment worth savoring.” I can assure our president there will come a time when he will not savor that moment. The rainbow does not belong to any earthly movement but is a sacred symbol of one of God’s covenants. And the definition he just helped redefine was written by God, not a person. It was not only the Church and millions of Americans that were mocked; it was also Almighty God. And I can assure you; He will have the final say.”

I honor the office of President, but this president has been a disgrace to the office as he makes a mockery of Christianity. It is always a dishonor for the righteous to bow down to the wicked. Daniel refused to submit to King Nebuchadnezzar’s ungodly decree. Moses was hidden for three months by his parents in defiance of the king’s command. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego didn’t bow down to the nation’s idol. When threatened by religious leaders Peter and John would not refrain from preaching the gospel. With holy boldness we must follow their example. As these servants of God defied their kings and their unrighteous laws we must do the same.

Moses rebuked Pharaoh. Samuel rebuked King Saul. Elijah rebuked Ahab. This pattern of confronting kings and corrupt politicians continues in the New Testament.

John the Baptist rebuked King Herod, and it cost him his head. And notice Jesus’ response when the Pharisees warned Him of Herod’s murderous plot.

And He said to them, “Go, tell that fox, ‘Behold, I cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I shall be perfected’” (Lk. 13;32).

Jesus’s answer was directed at Herod himself. Not exactly a reverential response to the king. Jesus uses the word ‘fox’ here, which is a cunning person. In calling Herod a fox he reveals to him his true character. He was subtle as a fox, noted for being crafty, cunning, treacherous and base.

In modern vernacular we could say His tone resembled this: “Get out of my face Herod! I’m moving in power today, tomorrow, and the day after. I will lay my life down at Jerusalem where you have no jurisdiction. Get thee behind me!

The “softer, kinder, and gentler approach” is not what Jesus used on Herod. Although Jesus was the kindest and most gentle human being who ever walked the face of the earth, it wasn’t His gentleness and kindness that got Him killed. He was crucified for being bold and confrontational in truth and love. John the Baptist was beheaded for the same. Stephen was stoned for more of the same.

Jesus had no hesitation about speaking truth to political power and confronting kings. Actually, the Pharisees and the Sadducees were the politicians of Jesus’ day. They passed laws and would arrest people for violating those laws. They detained them, put them on trial, flogged them, and even persuaded the Romans to put them to death.

Thoroughly unintimidated by their political powers, Jesus rebuked them publicly, directly calling them “a brood of vipers” (Matt. 23:33) and the seed of Satan: “You are of your father the devil” (John 8:44).

Somebody once stated, “God has not called us to be nice. He has called us to be good. Nice people never confront evil and error, but good people do. It is the truth that sets men free, and genuine love will drive us to declare the truth no matter the cost.”

It’s time to put on the whole armor of God, pray, and stand, and speak the truth.

Romans 13:1-2: “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same.”

Many Christians interpret this passage of Scripture to mean that we should blindly submit and obey our government, even if it’s an evil and corrupt government. This is a misconception and a falsehood. Most people fail to consider verse 3, “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.” Clearly, God is speaking about good government in Romans 13. It is only good government that is a terror to evil works, such as murder, violence, gross immorality, sexual deviancy, and other criminal acts. This president is a terror to good works and an advocate and activist of evil works. Here is what Rev. Franklin Graham said about him and our nation a few weeks ago before the SCOTUS decision to legalize gay marriage:

“President Barack Obama was right about one thing in the speech he gave at a Gay Pride event he hosted in the White House. He said, ‘There has been an incredible shift in attitudes across the country.’ That’s true—but it is definitely not a shift for the good of America. The shift in attitudes he refers to is the moral decline we are seeing manifest daily around us. Accepting wrong as right—accepting sin as something to be proud of. Yes, that’s definitely a shift. Should we be surprised that he thanked the LGBT community for all that they had helped him accomplish during his time as president? He said, ‘A lot of what we’ve accomplished over these last six and a half years has been because of you.’ He also noted there were two states where gay marriage was legal when he took office, but now there are 37. The President is leading this nation on a sinful course, and God will judge him and us as a nation if we don’t repent.”

And shortly thereafter the  dippy, daffy Supreme Court made the disastrous decision to legalize gay marriage in every state.

Barrack Obama is a terror to Christianity. He is a terror to the gospel. He is a terror to the nation of Israel. He is a terror to godly values. He is a terror to traditional marriage. He is a terror to the unborn. He is a terror to law and order, the ten commandments, and the constitution of the United States of America. He is a terror to the bravery, honor, and patriotism of our military. He is a terror to our children and grandchildren’s hopes for a better future.

We must not be silent, Church, and we must not be passive. Pastors, I hope you are not in the 90% number of pastors across this country who are choosing to remain silent and not speak on critical issues and Biblical principles in such an urgent time when your people need to hear it (Odds Are That Your Pastor Is Keeping The Truth From You Instead Of Preaching It). If you are, please change and get some fire in your belly. Surely God has anointed us to rise up and speak up as one unified voice in this hour and resist all evil. Even Russia’s leader Putin, and most recently Kenya’s president, are rebuking Obama and telling him to keep his sewage in America. What a travesty! Never I have been more ashamed of an American president than this one.

As my friend and cultural commentator Larry Tomczak says, “We are facing a “Dietrich Bonhoeffer Moment.” You recall that he chose civil disobedience and disobeyed Nazi law that stated that protecting Jewish people was against the law. He was hung for his stand. He also said prior to his death, “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

This nation has a history of civil disobedience and throwing off tyranny and revolting against abusive government and laws. From the early revolution to anti-slavery to civil rights we are not strangers to lawbreaking (The Coming Era of Civil Disobedience).

God has a divine response to every form of evil. Fire in our pulpits can do much in igniting the Church and potentially the nation. I propose that first, pastors, should lead their churches in godly repentance, for judgment must begin in the house of God (1 Pet. 4:17). 

“Let us cleanse ourselves” (2 Cor. 7:1). It has been because of a weak, carnal, and idolatrous church that the way has been paved for the mess we are now in, but repentance, conviction, and courage can turn the tide.

Perversion fills our land (A Queer Thing Happened). Confusion fills our land (A Portrait of America’s Confusion). And those who speak out against it are persecuted for it. As for me, I will take it. All for my Lord Jesus.

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Can you not see and discern that politicians are given power to make decisions that affect us personally and determine our future?

They will influence not only the way our government runs and the state of our economy and our money but also our public institutions of learning and Church houses. Most importantly, politicians will legislate laws that will exalt either righteousness or evil in our nation for many years to come. That’s not political; that’s spiritual!

Somebody will take your hard-earned money and use it for their un-Godly agenda. Someone is already spending it and getting richer. Many who will run for office do not care about our national debt; they will help create another Great Depression. They want to give away free American citizenship, free American healthcare, and free education to everyone who can break through our borders. And they will make sure you pay for it. How can that not stir you to action?

Worst of all, politicians will enact laws that will use your tax money to indoctrinate your children with homosexuality, transgenderism, socialism, false gods, and false religion. How can you continue to be indifferent?

If politicians and their political parties, the media, Hollywood, and academia can convince people on these issues, then they can convince them on anything else, including the rejection of the gospel. This is the reason many youth abandon Jesus Christ and the Church after they leave home and go to college.

Did you know, based on the politics of Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other liberal-run organizations and companies, that it’s “hate speech” if you say that Islam is not a peaceful religion or that homosexuality is a sin or that transgenderism is wrong? But they are perfectly fine with banning Chick-Fil-A at airports or removing a monument cross or a nativity scene at a public place or just harassing Christians. Can you not see that voting for politicians with strong core moral values and truth and righteousness affects you personally, your family, children, and grandchildren? But the change is gradual and so subtle, like the proverbial frog in boiling water. What one generation tolerates, the next generation celebrates. We are seeing it all around us.

Politics and politicians continually make decisions that affect these issues. If you love God and you love people, you will be passionately interested in what values and principles are being legislated by our governmental leaders. This is politics, my friends. How can you say God does not care about politics?

As I examine things in the political realm since Donald Trump has become president, here is something I see. In recent attempts from the Democrat Party to unseat President Trump and run him out of office, I have noticed the dominant influence of the dirtiest politics I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime and how the FBI, the attorney general, and FISA court judges are all falling under the sway of this extreme avarice for political power.

We have sunk to new levels of evil and the slimiest kind of wickedness and corruption when you add media power to magnify and propagate political power in order to destroy a sitting president. We have moved further and further away from the position of a party that offers to provide the best leadership to truly benefit the people into a political party that is willing to overthrow its own freedom to be in power. God help us!

We need to be praying and looking to the Lord for the best leadership for this country and stop thinking we can do this without Him. This is an early reminder to get engaged in the political process and let the Lord guide you in your vote in 2020 and beyond. Look carefully at your candidate and make sure that what they stand for politically and personally is what best represents your values and the direction you want for the country.

This is not about domesticating or politicizing Jesus into our perceived “cause.” I am well aware that His kingdom is not of this world, and it is not an either-or polarity. It is a third way. But He loves righteousness and hates iniquity, and we should live and vote the same way.

As a preacher stated recently, don’t fall into the trap of making an artificial divide between spirituality and politics. The devil is intensely spiritual, and he loves to infiltrate and possess media, entertainment, institutions of learning, and politics to promote his evil cause and make the broad road to destruction even broader for our nation’s people.

“We do not have to invade the United States; we will destroy you  from within.” Nikita Khrushchev

“Our strategy is to destroy the enemy from within, to conquer him through himself.” Adolf Hitler  

“Our constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.” — John Adams


I’m going to say it. The far-left Democratic party has become Satan’s pawn. When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law full-term abortion among a gleeful group of other politicians at the beginning of the year, outrage across the nation should have gone through the roof.

Then to add insult to injury, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, represented his evil party well when he basically stated (paraphrased): “If a mother is in labor—the infant would be delivered and would be kept comfortable and would be resuscitated according to the mother’s wishes, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

Outrage in the form of riots and protests should be flowing like waves across America after such blasphemous words from what has become a party of sadistic savages led by Herodian-type governors. This is the final straw. Whatever party you avow your allegiance to (there are many on both sides who are gutless, spineless, and yellow-bellied cowards), you can no longer be neutral.

I do not apologize for my plain speech. To be silent now is to be allied with the murder of the most harmless, defenseless, and innocent among us. If furious and righteous indignation does not fill your soul, I’m sorry, but you are not worth a nickel. Neutrality is now sinful. If leaders, ministers, and pastors who have platforms play this down in soft-toned politically-correct  speech or choose to remain silent, they are to be pitied and should be placed on Satan’s list of prized traitors. They are Judas with a kiss—betrayers of the Son of God and life. They are of the anti-Christ spirit who has called for the release of Barabbas. Their conscience is seared.

Decent Americans and churches of every denomination must do something now and act as a unified voice of condemnation across this land. Killing babies in the womb is murder, but killing them after they’re born is the most wicked, filthy, inhumane, brutal, sadistic, and barbaric act in American history. Do you think for a moment God Almighty will just wink at this and not demonstrate His severity on our nation? Let all those who name Christ’s Name depart from any form of this iniquity and disassociate with those who approve it, for too many who are called by Christ’s Name are pro-abortion.

We will see massive destruction on a scale never heretofore seen in our nation if we roll our heads and turn the other way. When the scales of injustice are tipped so far in Satan’s direction, you can bet heaven will respond. We will see unimaginable disasters and death across our nation. God will bring down what is left of the walls of protection in America.

Consider the recent behavior of this nation just this year:

  • Remove God from everything we do and now even our swearing-in with oaths.
  • Call a border wall immoral, but call killing our most innocent moral and a woman’s right.
  • Refuse to build a border wall or even negotiate. Instead, shut down our government and go on vacation while others suffer for your irresponsible, childlike behavior.
  • Scream for illegal immigration and sanctuary cities so pushers, rapists, thugs and every kind of criminal can have refuge, but use nice, polite speech for allowing delivered babies to die on hospital tables.
  • Gun down our police officers in barbaric, lawless fashion, but praise violence and out-of-control wackos.

Democrats are now the party of death, delusion, and destruction. They continually commit blasphemous acts such as:

  • Take away our guns so school, street, and club shootings can stop, but don’t you dare use Bibles to teach in our schools and universities.
  • Enforce homosexuality, transgenderism, and every kind of perversion, but outlaw counseling that would reverse this curse and minister deliverance, sanity, and freedom to many.
  • Watch Hollywood defame all that is godly and decent while labeling all who oppose as racist, hateful, and bigoted.
  • Bully those who wear MAGA hats to honor our president’s vision for America while screaming like a psycho lunatic—while the law does nothing about it.
  • Praise the Muslims and their Islamic Baal god; praise Buddha and Eastern religions; fill our air waves with New Age gobbledygook; praise witches, warlocks, and satanists; but mock God and His beloved Son and all that is godly, righteous, clean and decent.
  • Keep making attempts to remove every vestige of Christianity, the only hope of all mankind, from our public institutions of learning, commerce, and government.

And this is just scratching the surface.

But when murder of our most innocent is made law, you have a nation on the verge of a death from which it may never recover. Our children and grandchildren will suffer the most.

By all means keep praying. Call or write your representatives. Fill your churches with vision for a godly America. Educate every believer in what is happening to our nation. Call a spade a spade and be plain in your manner of speech. Stop the political correctness. Pastors, stop caring about the lukewarm, tepid, and out-of-touch-with-reality professing Christian and your tax-exempt status.

It is time to judge ourselves concerning these matters and be found on the side of righteousness. We are on the verge of bringing judgment down on America if the righteous and every decent American do not act.

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