After having a stroke on March 19 I spent 4 days in ICU and another 12 days in a Rehab hospital. Once I was released from the  hospital, I started outpatient rehab at another nearby center twice a week for the entire month of April. My therapists told me I made great progress and regained much of my left-side-of-the-body strength and mobility, but I wasn’t satisfied. They said I was 80-90% restored, but I had asked the Lord for 110%. True restoration not only recovers what the devil stoled, but more than what you had before, not only physically but in other ways as well. Trials are a part of life, and they should make you better, stronger, and wiser.

Once I completed my rehab at the facility at the end of April, I continued rehab at home in May. You might be wondering what rehab consists of.  For me, It covers three areas of therapy:

  1. Physical therapy: I do a list of 14 exercises to strengthen the left side of my body including  balance and mobility, with two reps each about 3 times per week.
  2. Occupational therapy: I do several left hand and finger exercises such as turning coins over on a table in order to regain my motor skills 3 times per week.
  3. Speech therapy: I do some facial exercises along with speech repetition of various difficult phrases to loosen my left side facial muscles and mouth, which also loosens the brain, believe it or not.

The Lord has greatly helped me to stay with it, especially during challenging periods within this season of demonic attack. 

The month of May marked the completion of another month of therapy and even though I’m doing well, I intend to continue through most of the summer. I’m doing all this while still doing a lot of reading, writing, and praying as well as maintaining my home responsibilities, the most important of which is caring for Carolyn, although at this writing she is not here (more on her in a moment). However, for me the most critical element of all this therapy is getting sufficient rest and sleep because my brain is still healing. 

We will run our race, finish our course, fulfill our calling, and be back ministering soon. 


Here’s a little more background on Carolyn’s situation for those who do not know. On May 8 Carolyn had outpatient surgery to remove a low grade sarcoma from her left calf (about a 90 minute surgery) . A few days later the pathological findings discovered that the low grade sarcoma had become more aggressive and was now a grade 2 and even 3, and there were more of these cells that remained in her calf area. In other words, the surgeon didn’t get all of it, so he went back in and did a similar second surgery a week later on May 14, hoping he got all of it this time before scheduling reconstructive surgery (plastic surgery) for May 21.

As they began the third surgery they found a little more of those damnable lingering higher grade sarcoma cells and for the first 20 minutes they removed those before moving on to the reconstructive part, which took another 5+ hours. The reconstruction consisted of taking skin grafts from the upper part of Carolyn’s left leg and filling in the hole in her calf. Ouch! It hurts me just to write all this. I must say that Carolyn has been a trooper throughout this entire ordeal and God’s abundant grace and the effectual prayers of faithful, loving friends have sustained her.  

Presently she’s in a hospital 90 minutes north of here recovering and beginning a little of her own therapy. Today is her 12th day there. We just got news today that she will be transferred to a rehab facility probably in Concord, NH, which is much closer to home (about 45 minutes), so hopefully, if they allow visitors, I will be able to visit her, because she could be there as long as two weeks  [ I just called that facility and the no visitor policy is still in place )-:  ]

The surgeon told us from the beginning she would not be able to stand for the first two weeks of her recovery. She’s almost at that point. The recovery from this type of surgery is a very delicate process and much caution must be exercised to avoid tearing the skin, causing any drainage, or a lack of proper blood flow to the calf which could result in a setback, or God forbid, even more surgery to mend it. She is just now beginning to use the bathroom with assistance, which is a huge step forward. She is healing and improving by the day. I sure do miss her and it gets awful lonesome around here at home, but the Lord has provided great company and fellowship in this season of prayer and reflection.  

Great news, though!  It’s all temporary and it all shall pass. Our beloved son Daniel will be coming home for a lengthy stay and we’ll soon be together and reunited as a family. I can hardly wait.

Our little family will all be together soon.

One note: Daniel who has God-given dreams like his Momma, dreamt some time ago that the devil was going to try and kill both his parents. He made intercession for the situation before he knew anything about it. Praise the Lord! 

Finally, we cannot give enough thanks for the outpouring of love, support, and goodness we’ve received from dear friends. From the heart-felt prayers, the long phone calls from a few trusted friends who were privy to the many secret struggles we were enduring, to the groceries and meals some brought to our home, and the flowers Carolyn received in the hospital this week. We’ve always appreciated the body of Christ, but not quite as much as we do now. We need one another. 

They say every test produces a testimony. Well, we have a testimony to tell for the glory of God. In time we will tell more of it and see an increase of God’s wisdom and the anointing as we tell it. 

Abundant grace and multiplied peace to those who are presently facing divers trials and temptations. We pray for you, and will leave you with these scriptures that have become anchors to my own soul to encourage you:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5).

“…He is faithful Who has promised! (Heb. 11:11)! 

Warm Jesus love to you all,

Bert and Carolyn 

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Warm greetings, and warm Jesus love to you, dear friends from across the many miles that separate most of us!

Today was another milestone for me as I completed my last outpatient therapy session, which I will now continue at home. We are presently at the six week mark since my stroke. Most stroke victims recovery period is between the 3-6 month mark, and some with bigger ones take longer. A minister friend of mine said it was about two years before he felt like himself again after his stroke. Barring God’s miracle power, some who have massive strokes with more extensive damage are never quite the same.  

       Balance therapy

I praise the Lord for His kindness and mercy to me and an extension of my life and the ministry He has called me to fulfill on the earth. Now it’s my precious wife Carolyn’s turn to overcome her own ongoing health challenges by God’s grace. Again, most of you don’t know that she needs surgery to remove a low grade malignant tumor from her left calf. It is outpatient surgery, same day out. But then she has to back in just 7-10 days later to have more extensive plastic surgery done to fill in the hole the first surgery  will  leave. That second segment of the surgery is about a 5 hour surgery with a longer recovery period. Please stand in faith and agreement with us for surgical wisdom, guidance, and pinpoint precision with no complications, adverse effects, and an accelerated recovery period, nothing short of miraculous. 

Yes, it has been a challenging season for us, and one that will mark a historical timeline in our history with the Lord. His grace has been abundant and His faithfulness has been great. Carolyn and I believe we will both be stronger, better, and wiser after this season passes. Praise the Name of Jesus!

Carolyn will have surgery and will fully recover.

Why is this happening?

From the beginning I’ve stated that it is simply a demonic attack. I won’t touch anything else in my thought realm. It’s a dead end street. Did you open the door through sin? Not that I’m aware of. We live clean lives, and constantly watch our love walk. We have no unforgiveness or strife with anyone.  We will go to great lengths to repent and forgive.  Has the Lord dealt with you guys about things? Yes, but most things are none of anyone’s business but ours. Are we going to make some adjustments? You bet we are. Much of it has to do with rest. 

The Lord told us that the decade of our 60s would be our most fruitful years (Carolyn is 59 and I am 61). The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. End of story. But let me say that some attacks on us have been vicious. For example, we’ve received much hate mail from the LGBTQ community over some strong and holy articles we’ve written on homosexuality. Even my wife and son were threatened. Even since the stroke, one so called minister said the reason I had a stroke was because my doctrine was off, and he went on to add that if I didn’t change my doctrine, I’d probably have another stroke. Can you believe the wickedness of such a human being, much less a so called minister?  I deleted his comment, blocked him, and banned him to preacher prison. Many people, even religious ministers, hate the word we preach and the move of the Spirit we carry. Many hate the boldness and directness of our writings. Devils despise the fire of holiness that we love and that has marked our ministry for many years. They also seethe with rage at the anointing on my wife’s prayer life and the wisdom and revelation that have fueled us and hindered many devils from wreaking havoc on the saints and churches. We thank the Lord and intend to run our full race and finish our course and assignment in Him. Obedience is the food of our lives and ministry. 

“Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.


What we do need is a larger prayer covering from our partner churches and dearest friends. Thank you for all you who do pray regularly for us. We know we couldn’t have made it this far without all the outpouring of love, prayers, and support we’ve received.  Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude. Glory to God! And our faith is arising and we are filled with hope for the future. We make one consistent declaration: The devil is defeated and JESUS is LORD!

If you’ve read this far, thank you for your time today.

Abundant grace and peace to all of you who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. 

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