From late 1992 to1996 Carolyn and I were missionaries in The Gambia, a tiny Muslim nation in West Africa. We were there by divine commission. In other words, we were sent. Some just go because they say that Jesus told us to go into all the world. 

That is true in a general sense, but not specifically. In Acts 16 Paul and  his team were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to go to Asia and then not permitted to go to Bithynia. Then a vision was given to Paul to go to Macedonia. They were sent. 

You see, when you’re sent, you have authority from the Lord to be there. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be smooth sailing as Paul and his team experienced great persecution in that region. The devil knew Paul and his team were sent by the Lord, and he was there to oppose them. 

In spite of the opposition and persecution they received there, great things happened. It all began when a certain slave girl was delivered from a spirit of divination. But even that deliverance was Spirit-led as Paul waited many days to cast that spirit out (Acts 16:18). Well, why didn’t he cast it out the first day? Apparently, there wasn’t an anointing to do so.


One of the great downfalls of the modern church today is they do not know the Holy Spirit and are not that familiar with His leadings and various anointings. This is a big reason why we don’t get many results — book of Acts results…supernatural results. 

Because of the godly training we received in a Word and Spirit school, and the example of a young apostolic leader who was Spirit-led and accurate in following the Lord, we learned the same. Example is the most potent element of discipleship. If you don’t have a godly example before you, much will be done in vain. Please get that! 

We had been under the ministry of a God sent apostle for several years before being sent by the Lord to The Gambia. God prepared us and then sent us. That’s huge, too. Many do not receive the right kind of preparation. 

Carolyn and I consider everything not done through the direction of the Holy Spirit as a failure. In West Africa under divinely commissioned apostolic leadership we witnessed miracles of provision, open doors, great favor, and the multiplication of disciples through the Spirit led instruction our leader received from the Lord. It was astounding! We gleaned so much and took it with us to The Gambia.


Upon entering the country we received several words of knowledge and wisdom as to what to do and how to start the work. The results were nothing short of amazing in that tiny Muslim nation all because we were sent, walked in our God-given authority, and learned to follow the leading of the Lord. 

For example, one Gambian pastor told us that if we started a Bible training center, which was our commission, we’d probably only have about 10 students. That really discouraged me at first, but because we followed a divine strategy given to us by the Lord we ended up with over 200 students. It pays to learn to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

This is what we’ve got to improve on today. Having a godly example to teach and equip you, being established in the Word, and learning to live a Spirit-filled life are keys to learning to be led by the Holy Spirit and moving in the supernatural. 

It’s time for the supernatural church and ministry to arise and do exploits in this day and hour! 

“And my speech and my preaching were not with enticing words of man’s speech, but in the demonstration of the Spirit and the power of God so that your faith would not stand in the mere wisdom of men but in the power of God.” (1 Cor. 2:4-5)

Our Holy Ghost Forums exist for such a purpose. Don’t miss our next one on Oct. 22-23 here in Windham, NH. Details forthcoming…

Furthermore, at the Lord’s direction we will continue to minister more on the supernatural church and ministry via the written word (articles, blogs, books, and posts), and via video on Holy Fire Ministries YouTube channel. 

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