Charisma magazine writes, “At one point, Bishop Carlton Pearson pastored Higher Dimensions Family Church, a Pentecostal megachurch of over 5,000 people in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was mentored by Oral Roberts and served on the board at Oral Roberts University. Then Pearson declared that he no longer believed in hell and preached what he called the “gospel of inclusion.” As a result, he was forced to resign from ORU’s board of regents and was deemed a heretic by his former peers. He traded his Pentecostal ministry for universalism.

“Pearson’s story is now the subject of a new Hollywood film, Come Sunday, which premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.”

I’m very familiar with this tragic story. When I attended Bible school in  Tulsa in the early to mid-1980s I’d periodically visit Pearson’s church because I enjoyed his dynamic preaching. It shocked me to hear of how he’d become a universalist. In the following movie clip, Pearson played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, asks one of the religious clerics in a court room-like scene, “If you could get your daddy out of hell, would you?” And then, “Are we more merciful than God?” implying that God’s love and mercy will not allow anyone to go, or at least remain, in hell.

Come Sunday

The biggest tragedy in this film involves those who will believe its message. The issue of the ‘no hell’ universalist doctrine is not one of mercy in allowing sinners out of hell or  refuting its existence altogether, but it is one of God’s eternal justice that has been forever settled by Scripture. The question should be: Is our sense of justice greater than God’s?

It is because of God’s holy and just nature that He by no means will clear the guilty (Ex. 34:7) (Nu. 14:18) but must uphold and execute His Law.

What would you think of a judge who did not uphold the Law? Sin is the transgression of the Law (1 Jn. 3:4). It is the transgression or the crime that must be penalized. What if your own daughter was violently raped or your son was murdered ? Or your wife, husband, a mother or father? Would you not want justice served? What if a judge cleared the guilty because the criminal’s good works outweighed his crime? Would that hold up in man’s courtroom? If such a system does not exist in man’s courtroom, would it hold up in God’s courtroom? This would not be mercy at all but the gravest of injustices? Yet people think that God’s mercy will automatically forgive man’s sin and allow guilty sinners entrance into heaven. Such an unscriptural mercy does not exist!

Anyone who suggests that God can show mercy while foregoing His justice is ignoring His holy and just nature and His Law of sin and death. What kind of faith could we have in a God who ignores the Laws He Himself established? What kind of hope and trust could we exercise toward a God like that who is fickle and whimsical and does not uphold His own Word?

God cannot disregard His own Word and His own laws. When it comes to sin God cannot ever set aside His justice to show mercy. The soul that sins must die (Ez. 18:20), and yet God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked (Ez. 33:11). This presents quite a dilemma. It is not an easy thing for God to clear the guilty. So the question is: Is there a basis by which God can maintain His justice while still extending mercy to the sinner?

God’s justice and mercy are not contradictory to each other, but they are complementary and in perfect balance. From the beginning of Adam’s fall the forgiveness of sins has not been a simple matter for a holy God. God cannot just show mercy to a sinner without the sinner’s transgressions being punished and satisfied by the claims of justice. No earthly judge will do that. How much more just is our God? Here are three things that our perfectly loving God, who is  infinitely holy and just, can never say to any man:

  1. It’s okay that you sinned: forget about it, I forgive you.
  2. Because of My love I won’t judge you.
  3. I don’t love you anymore because you sinned.

Once again, God’s love and justice do not oppose each other. God loves sinners and desires none to perish, but He must execute judgment and punishment on their sin. So the question rephrased again is:

How can a holy and righteous God extend mercy toward a guilty sinner while still upholding His justice?

Enter Jesus. Enter the cross. The beauty and majesty of the cross is that we see both the judgment and the mercy of God displayed there. God placed our sin on the sinless Son of God and satisfied the Father’s justice while also granting us the free offer of salvation that satisfied His mercy.  This is the LOVE OF GOD! – His justice and mercy rolled up into one in order to redeem a sinful and disobedient people. God pronounced judgment on sin, but because of His love He paid for it Himself through His Son Jesus Christ.

God is both a Judge and a Savior who established a perfect righteousness. That is why the movie, Come Sunday, is a serious indictment against God’s perfect character, and although the acting is admirable, the theme of the movie is most despicable. God is not on trial. We are.

May God grant Carlton Pearson a revelation of God’s perfectly holy and just nature and bring him to subsequent repentance, so that then he may understand, appreciate, and receive God’s true mercy.

“He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord” (Pr. 17:15).

For more on this theme please refer to The Real Gospel

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For true believers death is no longer a mystery…no longer a fear or a bondage, but a glorious transition into the highest dimension of life there ever could be. So in essence, the announcement of his death is fake news. Even Rev. Graham said so:

“Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.”

Billy Graham is more alive now than he’s ever been for he is in the presence of the Lord he served while in his body. Why is it so difficult for many people, even believers to grasp that we are not bodies with a spirit on, but we are spirits with a body on. The real you is a spirit that shall never die. When uninformed people say of the deceased R.I.P. they are being body-conscious and unscriptural. Spirits don’t rest in peace. They soar into the heavens at the speed of light and are thrust into heavenly activity upon their arrival.

Never feel sorry for a believer who dies. Yes, we miss them and feel their loss if they are family or a close friend, but they are in glory with the Lord and all the departed saints waiting for the rest of the redeemed.

Here is a poem I wrote and read at the closing of my Daddy’s memorial service in 2016 that expresses the glory more than the grief of a departed saint:

Why should I cry? My Daddy is alive and in the midst of the glories of heaven,
Why do I want to think of my loss?
Instead of my Daddy’s gain?
Why should I wail in a pagan dirge of despair?
When my Daddy is with Jesus in the Father’s care,
My Daddy didn’t die; he just went home,
To the born again Christian death is not a defeat,
It is a victory and a triumph of the highest degree,
So can I be full of sorrow when my Daddy is so happy?
Should I be full of mourning when he is rejoicing with great joy?
You see, my Daddy didn’t die – he just went home.

Rev. Billy Graham just went home. We celebrate his life so well lived and a ministry that touched millions. What an inspiration he should be to all of us, especially ministers! He is being called America’s pastor and rightfully so. He touched so many throughout many decades from the lowest to the highest in our society. His evangelistic crusades brought salvation to multitudes the world over. He counseled with presidents, kings, and prime ministers. He spoke privately to well known athletes, singers, musicians, and celebrities. Nearly everyone in modern civilization on every continent was familiar with his name. But always he sought to glorify the Name above all names, Jesus Christ and win souls for Him. Even now after he’s gone, CNN, one of the most liberal media networks is running his sermons. He had tremendous favor with all audiences. He was a man of integrity and humility and people sensed that he genuinely cared about them.

One of the greatest lessons that I learned from him, however, was not from his successes but from his failures. “What? How did he fail?” you might be wondering.

Shortly after Billy Graham’s 80th birthday, Larry King interviewed him and said: “It must be rewarding to you to look back on your life and not have to live with regrets.” Here’s Dr. Graham’s compelling response:

“I am the greatest failure of all men. I was too much with men and too little with God. I was too busy with business meetings and even conducting services. I should have been more with God, and people would’ve sensed God’s presence about me when they were with me.”

Let’s not wait until we’re 80 to say that. You see, in spite of all of Rev. Graham’s accomplishments, he sensed there was more. The greatest thing man can still do with his time is to spend it in holy communion and solitude with God. True eternal life is to know Him.

“And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent” (John 17:3).

Rev. Billy Graham’s life inspires me to be faithful to my calling as a Christian, a husband, a father, and a friend, but it is what he called his failure that inspires me most—to be less with men and more with God.

May this little book help you to know God better. Prayer: The Language Of The Spirit

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Heaven or hell…heaven or hell…heaven or hell? One hundred years from now where will you be? If it’s heaven, what will be your standing? What will be your eternal reward? What will be your eternal position with Jesus? Will you reap of gold, silver, and precious stones or will your works go up in smoke as wood, hay, and stubble? (1 Cor 3:12-15). Did your life glorify God? Did you live whole-heartedly for Him? Are you born again and have you even come into right relationship with God through Jesus Christ? Death will come and is even now at your doorstep. Don’t play with God. An unscriptural mercy does not exist. Please repent and get right with God. Isn’t it time to surrender to Jesus Christ?

Oh Christian, and what of your family, friends, and neighbors? And what of all the lost people you know? Where will they be? Are you praying for them and being a living witness before them?

There’s such inspiration in my belly (heart) for eternal things (perhaps because I’ve given myself to the study of it recently, for my Arabic program is just that – a preparation for eternity in the Arab world and beyond) and the fulfillment of the great commission and a reaping of the precious fruit of the earth that remains.

“For I am full of words; the spirit within me compels me. Indeed my belly is like wine that has no vent; it is ready to burst like new wineskins. I will speak, that I may find relief; I must open my lips and answer” (Job 32:18-20).

“For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20).

Truly I feel like I’ve been to heaven and back, and had a peek into hell.


Let me speak to you as an evangelist. The true work of evangelism is one of the most neglected in the Church, and yet it is one of the most important. I’m not even sure that many of us understand this ministry. Contrary to popular thought and opinion, evangelism is not just the announcement of the good news of the gospel, but it is also a call to warn people of the judgment to come as the apostle Paul did before Felix the governor.

“Some days later Felix came with his wife Drusilla who was a Jewess; and he sent for Paul and listened to him talk about faith in Christ Jesus. But as he continued to argue about uprightness, purity of life, the control of the passions (temperance or self-control), and the judgment to come, Felix became alarmed and terrified and said, Go away for the present; when I have a convenient opportunity I will send for you” (Acts 24:24-25 Amp).

Paul did not hold back. He warned the governor of the eternal consequences of living in sin. The above verses tell us that these themes of righteousness, self-control, and of the judgment to come that Paul expounded on were all part of the faith in Christ Jesus, and of the gospel he preached. I’m not so sure we understand that this is all a part of the gospel. People must know they are sick before they can appreciate and receive the cure. Sin is sickness, and Christ is the cure. Paul didn’t just preach the cure; he preached about the sickness, too.

Notice also how Paul “argued” and spoke passionately, something we need much more of today. Sometimes we can be such a passion-less people, but Paul was a man of overwhelming passion.

“Now while Paul was awaiting them at Athens, his spirit was grieved and roused to anger as he saw the city was full of idols, so he reasoned and argued in the synagogue…” (Acts 17:16-17 Amp).

“By the time Silas and Timothy arrived from Macedonia, Paul was completely engrossed with preaching, earnestly arguing and testifying to the Jews that Jesus is the Christ” (Acts 18:5 Amp).

Paul had visions and revelation of the otherworld and the realities of eternity pressed on him constantly (2 Cor. 12:1-4). Oh, for such people in this hour who are possessed with eternity!


I’ve been in that place in the spirit so many times over the years. I’ve had people tell me to tone things down, to not get too excited, to not raise my voice so loud, but they just didn’t understand the passion of one who knows, as a messenger of God, he stands between the living and the dead. A dying preacher once said, “I’ve taken a good look into eternity, and if I could come back, how different I would preach.”

If we’re not careful, our preaching can become heady, but heart-less, informative but passion-less. It can lack revelation of the otherworld and the life to come. Desperate times require desperate preaching. The urgency of the hour requires an urgent message. When a house is on fire and its inhabitants are perishing, an urgent response is demanded. And so, will we not help those whose souls are on the edge of the fire of hell?

Paul’s spirit was “grieved and roused to anger; he reasoned, argued, testified, and was completely engrossed with preaching”. This beloved man was possessed with another spirit. God gripped him. The words he penned throughout his epistles are full of strong emotions and consuming passions that still vibrate in the hearts of those who are also consumed with eternity.

The words that Paul spoke to Felix alarmed and terrified him. Somehow we’ve come to believe that words, which soothe and comfort are the only words we need to be speaking. How grave a mistake that is! How many have perished because there was no voice of inspiration to arouse them from their slumber? We must speak to the lost as if it were our last opportunity, with tenderness, love, and passion dripping from our lips, and weeping, if possible, through every argument. We must learn the art and skill of compelling sinners to Christ.

When I visit churches I see such a need for the impartation of the zeal and fire of evangelism. I see such a need for the ministry of the evangelist and for the local church to share its resources to support worthy men who fill that ministry.

It’s so easy for the local church and its officers to become complacent and to take on a form of academia and ecclesiasticism that kills the spirit of revival and the zeal for evangelism. There has been a great deal of secularization in so many of our congregations across America and the world.

Listen to the words of Gordon Lindsay:

“The tendency of the paid clergy in general has been to ecclesiasticism, the development of a form of religion and the freezing of it into a static condition. An office in the church can be made into a professional thing, a means of making a living. A man caught in the toils of its vicious cycle is to be pitied. God calls every minister to be a guardian of the souls of men.”

We need to take the gospel out of the secularization state and out of the academic sphere and apply it to the individual in terms of life and death and heaven and hell. Let’s put the gospel into the personal realm of human experience. The ministry of evangelism reminds men that beyond this world there is an after-life, and all of humanity is but one heart-beat away from eternity; to either enter heaven, the abode of the righteous, or hell, the regions of the damned…forever!


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The following book features similar themes as the above article. 

The Real Spirit Of Revival


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Doves are sensitive birds. At the slightest movement they fly away. They are symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Although similar, pigeons are distinctly different. While a dove is more sensitive and easier to shoo away, a pigeon walks in places with lots of people and lots of noise and is not as easily spooked.

Pigeon religion is a counterfeit spirit to the anointing of the Holy Spirit, which again is symbolic of the dove.

Looking briefly at some recent statistics a friend posted, the two most unchurched areas in America are San Francisco at 60% and the Boston area, where we presently live, at 57%. The most dechurched areas are San Francisco (bay area) and Boston as well, at 47% and 46% respectively.

The difference between unchurched and dechurched is the difference between a sinner (unchurched) and a believer who is uncommitted to a local body (dechurched).

In comparing the entire East Coast with the West Coast, the East coast is only 5 percent more unchurched than the West Coast. However, the dechurched on the East Coast is significantly higher than the dechurched on the West Coast by a significant margin – nearly 80 percent more. This would imply that on the West Coast believers are generally more committed to a local body and living in community. That was surprising to me.


Many of the Pentecostal/ Charismatic churches on the East Coast are involved in the prophetic movement, but it’s failing to add growth and stability. On the West Coast the Pentecostal/Charismatic church is caught up in a conglomeration of movements that is also failing to add long term stability to this generation. Additionally, the seeker sensitive movement is failing to make a significant spiritual impact in these regions.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that there are thousands, not hundreds, but thousands of false prophets roaming our land. Aren’t you growing a little tired of hearing about new mantles, double portions, debt cancellation anointings, and breaker anointings? Not to mention the gross overemphasis on personal prophecy and prophetic ministry, the inordinate attention given to deliverance and demonic warfare, angelic activation, gold dust, heavenly portals, and atmosphere changes.

One ministry advertised itself by the blowing of the shofar, calling it a unique and distinct anointing that causes breakthroughs in cities and regions. Really? So all this ministry needs to do is blow the shofar and it will cause breakthroughs in entire regions? As one old minister of God used to say, I’d rather hear a donkey bray at midnight in a tin barn than to hear such foolishness. It’s painful, actually, because so many young and untrained believers fall for this wacko version of Christianity. How do we expect to win the world with this nonsense? And have you ever noticed that most of the Christians who are enamored with such things live dysfunctional lives? The bane of every shepherd and ministry gift is when your preaching and teaching breeds such imbalanced and unstable people.

Beware of pigeon religion. Follow the dove, the real Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of truth and not a pigeon.

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Around 2005 the Lord dealt with me about preaching and writing on what he called “lost” or discarded themes. For example, He told me that there had been a diabolical silence on holiness in the Church that had allowed Satan to take advantage of many as they gave place to sin,  carnality, complacency, and compromise. Other themes such as the return of the Lord, heaven, hell, God’s judgments, etc. have also been understated or totally absent from many pulpits across America (My book, The Real Spirit Of Revival, is the book that deals most with these themes).

This is one of the reasons I have emphasized judgment here at the turn of the New Year. The Lord gave me a recent dream about it, it’s a part of my assignment, and it is the season for it. The time of judgment is at hand and 2018 is a new beginning on God’s calendar, so to speak, for His stronger dealings with His people. He’s getting us ready, and many of my consecrated fellow ministers are sensing the same thing.

We’ve been guilty of accentuating the blessings of God at the expense of His judgments. We often hear Romans 2:4 quoted that says the goodness of God leads us to repentance. This is true, but most fail to note that this verse is sandwiched inbetween verses on wrath and judgment. In order to fully appreciate His goodness we must also understand His wrath, His severity, and His judgments. Furthermore, understanding these other elements of God’s nature is also a safeguard against deception.

We must also understand that the believer’s sins have already been judged. God will not remember our sins and iniquities any more (Heb. 10:17). Hallelujah! Praise God that once we’ve  repented and surrendered to Jesus our sins are blotted out (Acts 3:19). Additionally, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous (1 Jn. 2:1), that when we sin after our conversion we can ask God to forgive us and cleanse us, and He will most certainly do so (1 Jn. 1:9). The believer’s judgment is a judgment of eternal rewards that we gain or forfeit based on our works in this life. Many believers will be rewarded but many will also suffer loss and regret, eternal rankings/positions, crowns, and high eternal privileges. This judgment is called the Judgment Seat of Christ. It is a fearful judgment that Paul referred to as the terror of the Lord (2 Cor. 5:11).

Where many believers have fallen short is in not judging or examining themselves so they won’t be judged and condemned with the world in this life (1 Cor. 11:31-32), and miss out on eternal rewards in the next life . We’ve failed to visit and walk before the Judgment Seat here on earth. How do you do that? By visiting it over and over again in your heart and living before it. The prophets coined a phrase, “as the Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand” (1 Kings 17:2), and the apostle Paul said something similar that “by the manifestation of the truth he commended himself to every man’s conscience in the sight of God” (2 Cor. 4:2).  This is a form of walking before the Judgment Seat of Christ.


In our walk with God every thought, word, motive, and deed must be held up to the light of this judgment. Here are some things to remember:

  • We must remember the importance of being rich in good works that glorify God (1 Tim. 6:18).
  • We must remember what the Word of God says concerning the dangers of the tongue (Mt. 12:36-37), and that we are to minister edification and grace to those who hear us, and let no corrupt communication come out of our mouths (Eph. 4:29-31).
  • We must beware of craftiness and hypocrisy, knowing that our motives are the bedrock of all God’s judgments, and that there are rewards for all labor done in secret, and which we receive no earthly recognition or accolades for (Mt. 6:1-7; 16-21).
  • We must be careful to do all things in love and for the glory of God lest our works be revealed as wood, hay, and stubble to be burned up (1 Cor. 3:12-15) and we suffer loss.
  • We must remember that there are rewards and a glory for the soul winner that even certain prophets of the Old Testament foresaw (Dan. 12:2-3).
  • We must remember that there are rewards for those who due to their uncompromising stand for Jesus, suffer for righteousness sake (Mt. 5:10-12).

And we haven’t even scratched the service of all the Word says concerning this Judgment. Are  you beginning to see how much is contained within the Word of God concerning judgments and rewards? Can you also see how we’ve fallen short of giving attention to these things?


I remember years ago when I first read one of my all time favorite books, The Final Quest, by Rick Joyner. I have read it, meditated on it, and referred to it many times since. In my humble opinion, it is a classic.

In one part of the book brother Joyner mentions how he was allowed to visit the Judgment Seat of Christ. He called the door that led to it as “terrible”, “fearful”, and “dark”. Unlike the other doors representing truths he had visited, this door was surrounded and enveloped in great darkness. When he asked why it was so dark, the voice responded:

“The darkness reflects how little attention the Church is presently giving to the truths of eternal judgment.”

The darkness also reflected how difficult it was to pass through the Judgment Seat of Christ door because it is a hard truth with greater terror than we’ve ever known.

On the positive side the voice also stated these things:

  • “The door of judgment would not be so dark and foreboding if we had just given more attention to this truth.”
  • “To those who choose to pay attention to this truth now they will find it much easier for them later on and they will not suffer loss.”
  • “The greatest glory and the greatest wisdom men will ever know in this life or the next, is found at the door of this judgment.”
  • “The greatest authority that men can receive will be entrusted only to those who go through this door.”
  • “If men knew the glory that is revealed behind the door of the Judgment Seat of Christ it would be the most brilliant.” 
  • “We must be familiar with not only the kindness of the Lord, but His severity that is revealed in judgment. If we don’t possess a balance of both we will fall to deception.”

Wow! Those statements alone are worth careful study of this most important but discarded theme.

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