It has been my joy and pleasure to have briefly shared some of what transpired during Marietta Davis’s 9 -day trance, specifically her visit to heaven. Now it is with a sense of fear and consternation that I share the second phase of Marietta Davis’s visit when she was allowed entrance into the regions of darkness. Warning: Graphic images and their Biblical reality may be disturbing to some.

Her angel escort was not with her during her descent into hell. She was only informed that her visit would be a most solemn lesson for her. Suddenly all the brightness departed as Marietta descended in great fear toward a deep pit and abyss. As she attempted to pray she found that she could not express herself. Remembering her lack of faith and consecration on earth she exclaimed: “Oh, for one short hour on earth to prepare my soul and secure fitness for the spirit world.” As Marietta continued to plunge downward into deep darkness soon she discovered that she was in the abode of the wicked dead. She heard bursts of unholy laughter, ridicule, sarcasm, obscenities, and terrible curses. There was no water to quench thirst and fountains that appeared were only mirages.

Fruit appeared on trees but would burn the hand that plucked it. The very atmosphere carried elements of wretchedness and disappointment. As she looked on this fearful scene a spirit whom she had known on the earth approached her. He said: “Marietta, we meet again. You see me a disembodied spirit in the place where those who inwardly denied the Savior now abide when their mortal day has ended.”


Here is the rest of what this disembodied spirit said to Marietta:

My life on earth was suddenly brought to a close, and as I departed from this world I moved rapidly in the direction prompted by my ruling desires. I desired to be courted, honored, and admired on the earth – to be free to follow the perverted desires and inclinations of my proud, rebellious, and pleasure loving heart. This is a state of existence where every indulgence is permitted to my soul and we live without restraint where religious instruction finds no place.

“With these desires I entered the spirit world, passed into the condition adapted to my inward state, and rushed here to this awful place you now see. I was welcomed as you have not been, for at once I was recognized as one who fit this place by those who abide here. They do not welcome you for they discern in you a desire adverse to the passions that prevail here.

“I found myself endued with the power of strange restless motion. I became conscious of a strange perversion of the brain and my cerebral organs became subject to a foreign power, which seemed to operate by absolute possession. I abandoned myself to the attractive influences around me and sought to satisfy my cravings for pleasure. I reveled, I partied, I mingled in the wild and voluptuous dance. I plucked the shining fruit, I satisfied my nature with that which appeared delicious externally and inviting to my sight and smell. But when I tasted it, all was loathsome and a source of increasing pain. And so unnatural are the desires perpetuated here that what I crave I loath, and that which I delight in tortures me. Every object around me appears to have a controlling power to dominate me with cruel enchantment over my bewildered mind.


“I experience the law of evil attraction. I am a slave of deceptive and discordant elements and their vice and evil. Every object attracts me. The thought of mental freedom dies with the dying will, while the idea that I am a part of a revolving fantasy takes possession of my spirit. By the strength of evil I am bound, and in it I exist.


“Marietta, I feel it is vain to attempt to express our deplorable state. I often inquire, is there no hope? And my sense replies, ‘How can harmony exist in the very midst of discord?’ We were advised of the consequences of our course while in the body, but we loved our way better than those that exalted the soul, and so we have fallen into this fearful place. We have originated our own sorrow. God is just and good. We know that it is not the vindictive law of the Creator that we suffer. Marietta, it is our own condition from which we receive the misery we now endure. The violation of the moral law by which our moral natures should have been preserved in harmony and in health is the primary cause of our state.

“Do you startle and are you surprised at the scenes? Know then that all that moves around you is but the outer degree of deeper woe. Marietta, no good and happy things abide here with us. All within is dark.

We sometimes dare to hope for redemption, still remembering the story of redeeming love, and we inquire and ask: ‘Can that love penetrate this place of gloom and death?‘ May we ever hope to be made free from these desires and inclinations which bind us like chains and passions which burn like consuming fires in the unholy elements of this wretched world of Hades?”

To be continued…

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The angel first brought Marietta to the presence of the Lord. “This is your Redeemer who suffered and died for you,” he told her. In awe and trembling she bowed before Jesus, but the Lord lifted her up and welcomed her into the city of the redeemed. She then listened to the heavenly choir and was given an opportunity to meet some of her loved ones who had passed on before her. Marietta’s loved ones freely talked with her, and she found no difficulty in understanding them because thought moved with thought. In other words, they communicated by thought.

Most witnesses I’ve ever heard who’ve had visions of heaven have testified of speaking to or being welcomed by their loved ones, even unto many past generations in their blood line. One such incident I remember was from the late Kenneth E. Hagin when he was caught up to heaven and was allowed to speak to his sister Oleta who had just died of cancer. Among other things, she told him of their relatives and loved ones whom she had already seen in heaven and then discussed with him the spiritual condition of others still on the earth. You see, this is what the cloud of witnesses in heaven are most concerned about for they rejoice over one sinner who repents more than those who need no repentance (Heb. 12:1-2) (Lk. 15:7). The spiritual condition of people is what we should also be most concerned about on the earth. We will refer to this incident in greater detail in a soon-to-come future blog for there are other very important points to be made.

Marietta also observed that her former earthly acquaintances were all happy souls in contrast with their careworn appearance while they were on earth. She concluded that the beauty and glory of heaven was beyond what she imagined. This is what we know deep in our hearts. Heaven is more splendid, more beautiful, and so much more brilliant and glorious than we could imagine. This is our blessed and lively hope obtained through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Pt. 1:3).

The angel then said this to Marietta: “The highest thoughts of man fail to approach the reality and the delights of heaven.” Oh how this statement blesses me for I believe it with all my heart! She was permitted to talk to other inhabitants of heaven and they were all full of praise, especially for their Redeemer in particular as they chanted, “Oh death, where is your sting? Oh grave, where is your victory?” (1 Cor. 15:55)

Then Marietta was shown a descending Cross and the angel spoke again to her and said, “First you must learn that all of heaven reveres the Cross. Multitudes bow before it and the redeemed delight to linger around it.” 

She was also informed of the relationship of angels to those who lived on the earth and the angel again said: “No day, no hour, no moment passes, but each human being is watched by the angel appointed to their charge.” Oh how precious that thought is.

“Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven” (Mt. 18:10). You don’t lose your angel when you grow up and become an adult. They stay with you and escort you to heaven when you leave this earth.

Finally, Marietta was informed of the Second Coming of the Lord, which is drawing near, and at which time the full redemption of the human race would take place.

One very interesting note is that Marietta Davis was also given a gentle reproof and correction for her previous lack of faith and consecration and was admonished that “there are no other means to attain her inheritance in Christ in this blest heaven.” As I believe I stated before, Marietta had gone to revivals with her two sisters and mother prior to her visit to heaven, and she was the only one in her family who did not receive the Lord during those meetings. Thus, the reproof and correction she received. Some people may wonder how in her yet unsaved condition she could’ve been allowed this experience in heaven, but she also went to hell as we will see in another blog. Perhaps this is the reason she was chosen by the Lord to visit both places because of her vacillating between the two spheres. She was under strong conviction but failed to surrender, but she was also encouraged by the angel, “Be faithful to the light which is given you, and you shall enjoy the bliss of heaven.” Then the angel proceeded to further discuss with her in more detail the Second Coming of Christ.

Multitudes waiting to be rescued.

Oh beloved, these are the priorities of heaven and of our Lord Jesus Christ. He wants us to seek Him from a fully consecrated position and nurture our hope of heaven and being with Him forever. He wants us to be as concerned about people’s spiritual condition on the earth as the family in heaven is. His great desire for us is also to not live for this world but to be looking and longing with anticipation for His Coming, for our thoughts of heaven and His Coming purify us (1 Jn. 3:2-3).

To be continued…

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Entering into paradise with her angel escort Marietta saw a plain with fruit bearing trees. The birds were singing and sweet smelling flowers were blooming everywhere, but the angel would not allow her to stay there because her mission was to learn the condition of the departed child of God.

One of the great revelations given to Marietta was that when people die and their spirits depart from this world their spiritual condition is irreversible. This revelation, which is in perfect harmony with Scripture, is called the Law of Attraction. In other words, if your spirit is drawn to evil in this life you will be drawn into Hades in the next life. You see, the great purpose of Divine revelation is to warn men that their manner of living in this world has a permanent effect on their life in the world to come. Therefore, that which determines your eternal destiny in the world to come should have your most reverent attention in this earthly life. What is 70 or 80 years compared to eternity?

The condition of a human spirit when they depart from this life determines the place where they will be drawn to in the next life. There can be no mixture of the just and the unjust and of the holy and the unholy.

“He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still” (Rev. 22:11).

There shall by no means enter it anything that defiles.

Holiness and sin have no common ground. Good and evil cannot harmonize. Life and death can never touch each other. The sinful nature of man can never harmonize with the intense purity and holiness of heaven. It’s like trying to mix oil and water. It will never happen.

If you do not enjoy worshipping Jesus down here on the earth, what makes you think you will be able to up there in heaven? If you do not enjoy being around the things of God here and hearing good preaching, what makes you think you’ll enjoy it there? If you don’t enjoy conversations of Jesus and the Bible here, what makes you think you’ll enjoy it there?

Here are some questions that identify the nature of a man here on the earth:

Are you a slave to sin? Do you find that sin controls you, and you find it nearly impossible to break its bondage over you?

What attracts you? What are you drawn to in this world? Are you drawn to places where sinful passions dominate the atmosphere? Do you have mental freedom? Do you have peace deep inside? These are questions that will identify your true spiritual condition.

I remember years ago during one summer ministry trip to the West Coast I went to a park on a day off to lay out in the sun. I put a blanket down and was laying flat on my back with my eyes closed just minding my own business. Suddenly I sensed the presence of evil in that place. As I sat up and looked around I realized that I was in a homosexual park. My spiritual nature did not jell with the spirits that were in that park. Do you think homosexual spirits would be at home in heaven? What about adulterers and fornicators? Liars and thieves? Murderers and child molesters? Even the cowardly and the unbelieving will not be there, but will instead have their part somewhere else.

“But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death” (Rev. 21:8).

If you had just arrived on the earth after living in heaven for a long time the atmosphere and conditions of the earth would repulse you. Sin has cursed the earth. Man’s sinful nature has polluted the entire planet.

Why do think there are strife-filled marriages and broken homes? Why do you think there are unwanted pregnancies and abortions? Battered wives and abused/neglected children? Drug addicts and alcoholics? Murders and suicides? Thefts and rapes? Adulteries and fornication?Homosexuals and lesbians? False religions and cults? Fightings and wars? Jails and prisons? It’s because of sin!

There is no sin in heaven. There is no one with a sinful nature in heaven. There are no places of sin up there in the glory world. There are no police, no funeral parlors, no hospitals, no prisons, no houses of prostitution, no bars or night clubs, no dirty dancing halls, or porn shops. Why? Because there is no sin.

Heaven is a holy place. What makes it so holy is the absence of sin. Heaven is marked by perfect love, perfect peace and tranquility, fulness of joy unspeakable, endless worship, perfect harmony, and unfathomable beauty. Only those whose sinful nature has been transformed and who now possess the nature of God can pass through those pearly gates. You must be born again (John 3:7)! To be born again means to be changed from one nature to another. It means to receive power to becomes the very sons of God (John 1:12), and pass from one realm into another. It means to recover the nature of Adam before he sinned.

Nothing unclean or defiled can enter into heaven.

“But there shall by no means enter it anything that defiles, or causes an abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life” (Rev. 21:27).

In this life is where your eternal destiny is determined. This was one of the great revelations given to Marietta Davis and it agrees perfectly with the Scriptures.

Holiness is what makes heaven so wonderful and only the holy will enter therein. There is no sin, no Satan, no curse, no darkness, no death, no pain, This glorious atmosphere is what man was created for. Only the precious Blood of Christ can cleanse you to cause you to pass through.

I hope I will see you there.

To be continued…

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“…I will reluctantly tell about visions and revelations from the Lord. I was caught up to the third heaven fourteen years ago. Whether I was in my body or out of my body, I don’t know—only God knows. Yes, only God knows whether I was in my body or outside my body. But I do know that I was caught up to paradise and heard things so astounding that they cannot be expressed in words, things no human is allowed to tell” (2 Cor. 12:1-4 – NLT).

“For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better. But if I live, I can do more fruitful work for Christ. So I really don’t know which is better. I’m torn between two desires: I long to go and be with Christ, which would be far better for me. But for your sakes, it is better that I continue to live” (Phil. 1:21-24 – NLT).

The apostle Paul couldn’t wait to get to heaven and be with Christ. He said it was far better to go to heaven than to stay on the earth. A man who has this kind of longing is otherworldly. He has seen it. He has experienced it. It is reality to him. Therefore the desire in his heart is so great to get there. To most religious people, even some Christians, heaven and hell are more fantasy than reality. We need revelation of the afterworld. It will transform our hearts and change our lives.

The only modern day man I’ve known personally who’s had such visions of the afterworld is the late Kenneth E. Hagin, a genuine prophet of the Lord. Just the other day I was reading his book, I Believe In Visions, which details his many visions of Jesus. What an incredible book with tremendous messages for the body of Christ! One of the visions was an open vision where Jesus walked down the corridor of a hospital where Brother Hagin was being treated for an arm injury he incurred. He approached his bed and sat down in a chair and spoke to Hagin for nearly 90 minutes. Amazing!

Not only did Brother Hagin, or Dad Hagin, as many affectionally called him, experience many visions throughout his lifetime and ministry, but his salvation experience included a a dramatic vision of hell and the glory world. All of this is detailed in another one of his mini books called, I Went To Hell. Surprisingly this book received quite a number of negative reviews. Why are people so doubtful and skeptical concerning such serious and sacred themes as heaven and hell? I’m not saying we should believe every vision or experience people have had of the afterworld, but we have the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to help us discern the false and fanatical from the true. Also, to be considered is a man’s character and integrity. Dad Hagin was a man of great spiritual stature who lived an impeccable life of faithfulness to the Lord and his calling.

Down through the ages since the day of Christ’s resurrection there have been many authentic cases of people who’ve had visions and dreams and out of the body experiences—even people who apparently died and were permitted to return and tell their stories. The Scriptures have cases of the dead being raised and history does, too. Down through the centuries a number of people, such as Kenneth E. Hagin have had genuine out of the body experiences that are in close harmony with Bible revelation.

One of the most remarkable in recent modern times is the well documented vision of Marietta Davis in 1848. She was a 25 year old young woman who for nine days lay in a trance (trances are Scriptural as both Peter (Acts 10:10) and Paul (Acts 22:17) had them) from which she could not be awakened and during which times she witnessed visions of heaven and hell. I am very familiar with her testimony, having read it several times, and it is very close in harmony to Bible revelation of the nature of man’s existence after death. It is most fascinating.

Previous to her vision she had been under deep conviction of sin, but apparently had not surrendered to the Lord and obtained assurance of salvation. Consequently when she left her body she was to a certain extent susceptible to the attraction of both heaven and hell. Perhaps this is the reason God chose her to witness both places of departed spirits. Once again, her testimony is very closely related to Biblical revelation and agrees with what Jesus taught in Luke 16 concerning the spiritual condition of the rich man and Lazarus.

Marietta Davis’ testimony is a solemn warning to all who follow the sinful pleasures of this world and the paths that lead to death. We will detail her testimony in greater detail in ensuing blogs.

The Lord dealt with me in 2005 about writing and speaking more on what He called lost themes or discarded and understated truths in the body of Christ that need to be restored to their rightful place in the Church. Most of my books are written in the light of this burden the Lord gave me.

To be continued…

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All the forces of evil are arrayed against the gospel penetrating the minds and hearts of sinners. The devil’s strategy has always been to institutionalize the Church and to turn it into a powerless religious system where it has little consciousness of eternity and no zeal for the conversion of lost souls. If the devil can turn the Church into a business that deals mainly with the dollar in mind, or into a charitable organization that is satisfied with humanitarian projects only, or into a social club or an entertainment center, he has succeeded, and he will rear his proud head back with glee for doing so. The Church has been ordained by God to be above all else, a soul-saving organism.

The devil will use division from within the church and persecution from without the church to stop the gospel from spreading. It is obvious from reading through the gospels and the book of Acts that there were revivals, but there were also riots and fierce opposition to the gospel, to the work of evangelism, and the conversion of sinners. Satan will use every strategy in his arsenal to keep Christians from preaching the gospel and to keep sinners from receiving it.

As an example of the latter, I was on the streets one time helping a local church with evangelistic outreach when my team and I were invited into a home. As soon as I began to bear down and preach the gospel to some of the members of that household, distractions began to come. I would say the word ‘hell’ and the landline phone would ring. I would say the name of Jesus and how foolish it was to live without God and the cell phone would ring. Conviction would come and someone would knock on the door or start playing with the dog. When the opportunity to receive Jesus was given, the conversation would move into a natural direction as the devil toyed with people’s minds.

I decided to tell the people what was happening, thus exposing the devil’s devices. That must have shut him up for good because suddenly all the distractions ceased and the presence of God moved in, and you couldn’t hear a pin drop for the next 30 minutes as the people, out of a willing heart, called on the name of the Lord with joy and tears. It was glorious! My team and I didn’t want to engage in any casual conversation after we left the house because of the richness of the presence and the peace of God we had just experienced.

Fire and conviction is the Spirit’s function

What an impression this made on the sinners who were saved! They didn’t just utter a prayer or make a confession, but they received an impartation. The two members of my team were also deeply impacted. These are the kind of experiences that will make soul winners out of common men. You can’t get this from a textbook. It is not the enticing words of man’s speech but it is the impartation that comes through demonstrations of the Holy Spirit that will eternally and permanently leave its mark on people.

In the light of eternity what are the things in this life that really matter? In comparison to the eternal destiny of the human race, how insignificant are so many of life’s trivialities! There is nothing we can take with us to heaven except people. Jesus’ final message to His disciples still rings true, and all the more as we see the day of His return approaching: “He that believes and is baptized shall be saved and he that believes not shall be damned” (Mk 16:15-16).

May the damned be less.

And may the Lord saturate us with an undying zeal for the souls of men.

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The following book features similar themes as the above article. 

The Real Spirit Of Revival


Thank you, and may God’s richest and best be yours.