There is something about ministering to the Lord that allows Him to minister back to you.

“As they ministered to the Lord and fasted, the Holy Spirit said…” (Acts 13:2)

There’s also something about staying connected to the Lord in your spirit on a daily basis in every activity and circumstance. This will not happen without a cooperation from your mind and setting it on the Lord. That connection results in true communion and worship flowing from your heart.


“God is a Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth” (Jn. 4:24).

When we enter into true worship as born again New Covenant people of God we will experience the Holy Spirit’s communications to a far greater degree. But much of our so called corporate worship today is nothing more than entertainment, a concert, or a show and performance. And the singing can easily degenerate into what I call parade singing. It is only when we sing and worship from the heart with grace and sincerity that it becomes a living and moving encounter with the Lord.

Because we are in the traveling ministry, Carolyn and I are in meetings frequently, and we’ve witnessed the lack of true worship in some churches. For instance, most believers need music to worship. Sure, music helps, and we greatly enjoy anointed music and it can definitely enhance the presence of God, but at the same time, if you can’t worship without music something is wrong. Often when the music stops, people stop worshipping. Then when we attempt to lead God’s people in worship and prayer without the music, people get silent and the meeting starts to drag. It is a sign or a symptom that people don’t really know how to worship out of their spirits in true communion with the Lord. It is a symptom of a dormant spirit.

Worship and praise is not just for Sunday morning church meetings. It is to be a lifestyle. And worship is not just playing music and singing either. True worship includes presenting your body as a living sacrifice, and conforming your mind to the word of God each and every day (Rom. 12:1-2). It involves being separated from the spirit of the world and communing with the Lord in your heart.

For example, try to remember how you felt in your spirit when you were first saved. You had a sense in your spirit all day long of the reality and presence of God. You felt loved. You felt gratitude. You felt God’s touch on your life for all He did to save you and reveal Himself to you. There was an excitement down in your spirit and a flow of divine life in you that was being drawn from your spirit as you thought on your salvation.


In other words, you made a conscious effort to set your mind on things above having to do with your salvation and the word of God you were learning. In the same way, this is how you’re supposed to stay in touch with your spirit all day long and commune with the Lord. When you do, a whole new world will open up to you again. Then there will be a pure love that will begin to flow out of you in a stronger way to those around you. You will become a bigger blessing to others because you’re flowing out of your spirit. It’s more difficult to get offended or get hurt or get angry with others when you’re in this state.

“Set your affections (or mind) on things above and not on things of the earth” (Col. 3:2). You can’t really do that when your mind’s thoughts are wandering and thinking about a million things. The Greek word ‘worship’ in Jn. 4:24 is propskuneo; ‘pros’ meaning ‘toward’ and ‘kuneo’ means ‘to kiss’. Literally, it means to ‘kiss the Father’. This is the reason its so important to cultivate an awareness of the Lord all day long and to stay in touch with your spirit deep down inside. This leads to intimacy with the Father where you begin forming words from the feelings you are receiving in your spirit and then speaking them to Him – kissing Him with those words and other expressions from your spirit. You also place yourself in a position to hear from Him because you’re keeping your spirit active.

When individual believers will then take this same attitude into corporate worship and prayer it will cause an outbreak of the Spirit of God when each one begins to give what they are receiving in their spirits according to 1 Cor. 14:26. Personally, I don’t usually need two fast songs and a slow song to get into a worship “mood”. I don’t even need to sing with my understanding first. I can sing immediately out of my spirit in tongues. Why? Because I live there most of the time.


The other day we were praying together as a family. We began to worship and sing to the Lord with melody and grace in our hearts. Soon each one had a song to teach and admonish us in the things of God (Col. 3:16). Then prophecy and revelation began to flow. My Momma, who is now a widow, received a tender word from the love and care of the Father that made her weep. My brother received revelation and confirmation concerning his calling. Carolyn and I also received understanding about the season we are in now in our lives. And finally, there was a few minutes of teaching and exhortation, not sermonizing, that came forth out of the revelation the Spirit of God was bringing forth at that moment. It was so beautiful, and all of it took less than an hour.

Now in a larger assembly the direction of the Spirit needs to come from seasoned and anointed ministers with boundaries and protocol being established for those who have something from the Spirit to contribute. If you make it a free-for-all you will more than likely have disorder and confusion. God is a God of order and peace, and yet there is liberty in the presence of the Lord. Formality kills the Spirit and deadens the assembly, but liberty brings the anointing and ministers life to everyone.

It doesn’t take long to get into the flow of the Spirit when we learn to walk and live there in our personal lives, and then yield and enter into the Spirit’s liberty as we assemble together. When we finished this particular meeting each one of us felt full and satisfied like we had just eaten a very nutrient-filled meal. Then we spent another two hours or so sharing a physical meal and fellowshipping around the things of God.

This divine activity that flows out of true worship is what makes for a spiritual church.


This blog is followed only by a few hundred people, but read by more. To date I’ve written over 300 blogs in a 3-year period with no agenda except to be a blessing and encouragement to those who hunger for the true word of the Lord.

Today, however, it is different. Today I need your help. Today I am directing my thoughts to friends of the ministry who won’t judge us wrongly for this appeal I’m about to make. I am looking for a core of select saints and followers who love us and who love this ministry to champion a potential God assignment I’ve just been offered.

This month we have received an amazing opportunity to broadcast the gospel to a potential viewing audience of 450 million people via television on 4 satellites for minimal cost.  We are prayerfully considering this expansion as God has just dropped this in my lap without any effort on my part – just as He did with my role  as a featured blogger for Charisma magazine and my appearance on Sid Roth’s show last year. Those opportunities were free. This one, however, is not.

Here’s the breakdown of the broadcasting opportunity: There are two 30 minute slots open on two networks – for the price of one.  We could broadcast once a week for $4000 per month, or rebroadcast twice a week, for approximately $5,000 per month.

The area of coverage for this broadcast is the entire Middle East, Europe and the UK, as well as North Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. For us as a smaller ministry, this cost is high, but in actuality it is a significant discount.

In comparison, TBN charges $8,000 per each half hour broadcast, and an additional $3000 to rebroadcast. This truly is a unique opportunity! One of the networks primarily reaches into the Muslim world where in many places it is illegal to convert. That missions aspect of this project is the most exciting part for me.

Here’s what a very astute doctor friend of  mine encouraged me with this week when I was wrestling with the idea of the fund raising part and being misunderstood and perhaps even losing favor for it.

“I understand your concerns about public fundraising, especially in light of the abuses within Christendom. You mentioned 2 preachers (unmentioned here but most popular in Christendom) who I watched for all of 1 minute each (years ago) before dismissing them as just more of the same old, same old — popular personalities who tell people what they want to hear and believe, as opposed to what they truly need to hear and believe.
“This network (unnamed) has a few good programs but most are awash in the Americanized (as in capitalist/get rich quick & right wing ideas infused) gospel which is a betrayal of all Messiah said, did and stood for. It boggles my mind that most Christians have so little education on the Jewish nature of the messianic message (“Good News”) that they confuse the paganized mess (spawned by Emperor Constantine and added to over the ensuing centuries) that fills the fundamentalist and evangelical landscape with what Messiah actually taught, advocated, practiced and demanded of his followers. The disconnect is mindboggling in its scope.
“Thankfully, works have appeared during the past decade or so and are gaining traction among what can best be described as the remnant of believers who want “the real meal deal” as opposed to the sickly sweet pastries being served up by essentially corrupt or deluded clerics and others. Hopefully this trend will gain momentum and help steer believers away from the con men & women & deluded to those who speak the unvarnished, genuine messianic gospel truth, no holes barred.
“I see your new communication outlet as part of this move on God’s part to push back against the corruption, delusion, con artistry and such in the Body of Messiah.”
That is a pretty accurate summation of the what and why of our calling, which includes our ministry travels, our preaching and teaching, our articles and books, our blog, etc. This is our part and contribution to the body of Christ. In scope and size we do not have a major platform. As I said, we are a small ministry; certainly not small in heart or purpose, but nonetheless small in man’s eyes. However, we are cognizant of being “sent” by the Lord and are doing our very best to be obedient. Without the help and support of the body of Christ we cannot be sent.
And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent?” (Rom. 10:14-15)
It seems overwhelming at times when you look around the body of Christ and you observe how the major voices seem to have the “Christian” market cornered, so to speak, with many having very little to say in the scope of what is on the Father’s heart and what the Spirit is really saying to the Church in this hour. On the other hand, there are many whom I know personally that labor in obscurity with a true anointing and word from God, and yet without a real platform to publish the word of the Lord.

This broadcast opportunity is a big step of faith for our ministry, but well worth it for the amazing potential to reach Muslims and Arabs with the gospel.  Many of them have received the paganized mess of the Americanized gospel and need real solid preaching and teaching. Will you prayerfully consider making a 12 month investment into this broadcast, and then re-evaluate it at the end of the first year?

Here is some simple math:

  1. 1. 10 churches or individuals investing $400 per month would cover the cost for one broadcast per week.
  2.  20 churches or individuals investing $200 per month would cover the cost.
  3. 40 churches or individuals investing $100 per month would cover the cost.
  4.  50 churches or individuals investing $80 per month would cover the cost.
  5. 80 churches or individuals investing $50 per month would cover the cost.
  6. 100 churches or individuals investing $40 per month would cover the cost.
  7. 200 churches or individuals investing $20 per month would cover the cost.

As you can see, many hearts and hands sharing the burden make the load lighter. If just one of three people reading this right now would commit to only $20 per month we’d be well on our way to our goal. That’s giving up one decent restaurant meal per month.

I know how these appeals usually go, though. It’s easy to think that you are the two out of the three who won’t commit, and when everyone thinks the same way, the funds don’t accumulate. Rather the few in the body carry the load for such a project and funds have to come from elsewhere, or the opportunity must be wasted.

Perhaps there are a few individuals or larger churches who would be willing to be heroes of this missions project and be led to invest larger amounts.

They’ve asked me to do this broadcast because they consider me a solid gospel preacher and teacher of the Word and not your typical American “tickle the ear” preacher. I also lived as a missionary in a Muslim country for nearly four years and know their mind-set. It is a tremendous opportunity and a great honor for me to even be asked, but we do not have the funds to do this on our own. Please let me know if you can help.

You can give through Paypal using our DONATE button, and/or set up an automatic withdrawal each month, or send a check each month to:

Holy Fire Ministries, PO Box 4527, Windham, NH 03087

Please be sure to indicate on the memo line or note, “WORLDWIDE BROADCAST”.

You can also contact me personally via Facebook (Messenger), Twitter, or ask for my personal email if you have any  questions or concerns.

Thank you for your time today, and God bless you for all you do for the gospel.

Abundant grace to you and yours,

Brother Bert Farias


A spiritual church is not only one that is guided by mature leadership and reflects the character and fruit of the Holy Spirit, but is also one that operates in the various gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit.

The leadership of any church must be as the apostles of old – given to prayer and the ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4). If they are not, nothing else will work very well. They must have an understanding of the ministries and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Without them in operation in any church, all we will be left with is a social club, a charitable organization, and a place bereft of the real power of God.

This is where we have a real problem today. Many of our church leaders are without the revelation and experiential knowledge of the operations of the Holy Spirit. They have charisma, they have eloquence, and they have education and degrees, but they lack an intimate knowledge and understanding of the true ways of the Holy Spirit and how to establish a New Testament church of power.

In addition to the aforementioned, the first foundation a New Testament church must have is prayer. I am not speaking of general prayer for many possess that; I am speaking of spiritual prayer. The church has greatly limited herself by relegating all prayer to the mental realm or praying only with their own understanding (1 Cor. 14:13-15). We need spiritual praying which consists of praying with all kinds of prayer (intercessions, thanksgiving, supplications, petitions, etc.) in other tongues, often with interpretation, and at times with groanings and travail (Gal. 4:19) (Rom. 8:26).

Instead, what we have today is a lot of mental praying or praying with our own understanding only, which is very limited, or we have no praying at all. It is not necessarily how many people pray or the quantity that will make the biggest difference, but the quality of praying that will move a church into greater power and the increased activity of the Holy Spirit. It is the smaller and more seasoned prayer groups in a church that will produce the power of God, and not necessarily the numbers of those who participate. I would never discourage numbers for there is also great power in the larger corporate prayer assembly if led and guided by seasoned ministers, but it is the smaller and more skilled pray-ers in any church that really get the job done.

Secondly, in addition to spiritual prayer, a New Testament church must have leadership that allows for the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It must be taught and caught. There must be teaching with demonstration. There must be liberty given to exercise these gifts but with established limitations according to 1 Cor. 14:26-32 that produces order and peace, and not disorder and confusion. There must be a protocol established with the example of the gifts of the Holy Spirit moving and demonstrated first through seasoned vessels, and then others who are trained and proven may also enter in.

When the church assembles in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ there ought to be a tremendous power made available through prayer, and there should also be a manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s gifts and workings that make for a joyful and exciting time together. The assembly of the saints should never be boring, dull, or listless. We should never know what God is going to fully do in advance. There should not be the predictability that marks so many of our meetings today. Every time we assemble there should be a newness, a freshness, and a spontaneity that prevails. Our times of assembling should be Spirit filled times, for the letter kills but the Spirit always gives life. He comes to make everything new, fresh, and alive again! Learn of Him, yield to Him, and know that His plans are bigger and better than yours. Glory to God!



I was given permission from a trusted minister friend of mine to share things he’d recently received from the Lord in both voice and vision form.

“The President and his policies will be more dangerous after he leaves office than when he was in” and “The collapse will come when conservatives are in charge”.

Here is the vision that went with that word:

It was a vision of a playground slide with a man in a suit that I knew represented conservative’s efforts, trying to climb the slide but every time he got part way up he would slide right down again, representing efforts to control entitlement programs and the budget expenses of the nation. I expect from that word progress will be made, but it won’t be smooth sailing and will have setbacks.

Here’s another vision that went with this word:

As the Father was speaking: I was flying (I thought just me at first, but then I realized I was in an airplane that represented the body of Christ in the US) – looking over the nation, in-between cloud layers, in safety in sunshine (Son-shine) between 2 layers as the Father spoke.

The bottom layer, closest to the ground, was what He told me he (Obama) would be doing in the cities to organize and move things around in terms of voting districts and people in the near future, and being smart about how they plan to change the nation. That is the main point; He said that he will be working to rearrange voting districts and pulling together formerly disconnected or loosely connected people into an organized movement and network across the big cities, which will be in place to stir civil unrest in the future.

He kept saying he and they were going to be ‘smart’ about it – the emphasis was on the organizing of demonstrations and dogged pursuit of change against the ‘normal’ American culture. Much of it would be unseen by most, and all this was what the bottom cloud layer was about, and it was an attempt at a grassroots organizing of protests for the purpose of breaking down society in opposition to what others are trying to do.

As He spoke it was like a playback of a highlights film before me, of instances when people disagreed with the President and he accused those who disagreed with him of being racist or homophobic and so on – unwilling to discuss issues intellectually, so he fell back to personal accusations directed to those who opposed his ideas.

Suddenly I saw him behind the scene in a puppet stage pulling strings unseen as a puppeteer using agencies and individuals to harass Christians and conservatives and such (these are just main points and not the details). And I heard the Father say, “Now imagine taking that to a local level and organizing people who believe those things into a nation-wide network.” Only then did I get the scope of what He was showing me – the cloud covered most of the land, heaviest in the eastern part of the US at first but almost in the midwest equally so.

The top layer of the cloud not visible from the ground was the new administration and there was a separation between the two cloud layers – as I said, with us flying in-between; one layer doing one thing and the top layer doing another, with me (us) flying in-between.

This is the most important part for us: I was totally in peace – I was in between those layers – between the ugliness in the unrest in the cities and society, and in-between the government’s agenda: I (we) were in sunshine (Sonshine) in a safe place and flying (a type of going about life) in smooth air.

About 2 days after this word from the Father, who usually shows me the big picture while the Lord shows me things pertaining to His body, the Lord started talking to me about what would be going on in the body of Christ in this time, both in the US and around the world.

In the US He said church buildings – not just conservatives and Christians and Jews – but houses of worship will be attacked, and there is coming a time when many will not feel safe ‘going to church’. He spoke of the continued rise of family and home based churches, and as He spoke a vision played out before me:

He and I were suddenly in someone’s living room, standing more in the corner of the room while several people were talking and eating and playing with kids who were playing with some toy just off-center in the room. As they talked and some interacted with the small children, the Lord started pointing to different ones in the room, noting their particular differences theologically and emotionally with others in the room.

I won’t share the details of what He said of each person in case what He was showing me was real people at some future time, but He pointed to a man and noted he believed some end times things that were different than anyone else in that church. He pointed to a woman who had strife issues He said with another woman in the room. He pointed to another couple and talked of their marriage difficulties, and so on around the room…including questions and hurts some of the children had.

And then He stopped and turn fully towards me saying, “But in that day, none of these things will matter. The days of luxury this nation and much of the world has had to dwell on differences of doctrine and arguments between themselves, are over.” He was smiling as He talked, and I got the feeling He was inwardly thinking “Finally!” when He continued,

“Love will become the focus and many will grow up in that day and know what is truly important, which they’ve actually known all along but have stubbornly stuck to their childish ways. But there will be still more who have been caught up in the world and petty strifes and things which never were important, and they will be afraid and insecure when they see such things around them. Thinking they have been people of faith, they will discover they were not for they will have no peace – this is one way you’ll know them – they won’t have peace – but had placed their faith in man and man’s doctrines and not me nor those who mind the things of me. In that day be gracious to those who repent, and watch that your heart not be hardened against them, though they knew all along the path to walk.”

We have long talked what would happen in the US if conservatives ever grew a backbone and put controls on federal spending and how those who are used to getting things for free would rebel. Think that through Americans. But I also know there will be others who will rise up to confront some of the demonstrations and rioting that will come on this nation…a battle for the soul of the US is about to be engaged.

Pray some of these things will be lessened or not happen at all.

John Fenn


I don’t think Christians in America understand the real spiritual battle that is happening in our nation right now and what could  happen in the near future. Many are resting and rejoicing in the election results, but are like the careless thousands in Gideon’s army who got down on their knees to drink water instead of lapping it with their hand to their mouth (Jud. 7). Many are still engaged in the post-election political banter, seeing things from their own limited perspectives – arguing for Trump, against Trump, arguing that his election is the judgement of God while others are celebrating it like it’s a major victory for making America great again, etc. But do we understand the potential dangers that lie ahead? Do we understand that our nation is moving closer toward the boiling point of greater civil unrest?

I must admit also that I was much more light-hearted the morning after the election when Trump won, but I’m no fool. The battle for the soul of our nation is just beginning. If Hillary had won the election we would be moving much faster toward a socialistic and atheistic type of government. It would’ve been an Obama third term on steroids. That socialist/atheistic ‘feel’ that has been in our nation throughout the 8 years of Obama’s administration would’ve been accelerated with perhaps no return. But contrary to the ultra right-wing conservative belief that Trump is the judgment of God against an unrepentant idolatrous church, the bottom line is that the Lord has extended mercy and delayed what I still believe could be the inevitable from happening.

I have a couple of genuine prophet friends who keep me informed as to what they are hearing from the Lord on a national level. These are not your typical celebrity self-proclaimed prophets who minister for glory and gain, but these are the few who are hidden and labor in relative obscurity, who have been stripped of vainglory and the itch for publicity. Years ago during the Kerry/Bush campaign one of them perceived a spirit attached to the Democratic party’s efforts and asked the Father about it.

He said, “It’s the spirit of socialism. It can be delayed but it won’t be stopped.” He then asked the Father why it couldn’t be stopped and He responded, “There are those in this country who want to make it like Europe, but that’s not what I’ve called this nation to.”

That spirit will put up a fight, as the Lord told him later, “The collapse will come when conservatives are in charge.” When the Lord spoke that to him, at first he thought it was purely an economic collapse, but now he sees it may be much more broad in the way of a cultural collapse of the American way of life.

I do not say these things to put fear into anyone in the body of Christ. The world will continue to walk in darkness and ignorance with those who are sensitive to the emptiness of their spiritual lives being gripped with fear, and then what I believe will be a subsequent seeking of the real truth as is in Jesus. My conviction has always been that there will be an even greater harvest of souls in the years ahead as the world and its governments teeter and totter on the brink of meltdown and further turmoil.

Not to worry, though, because this is our finest hour, Church! Stay close to Jesus and walk with the Father and you’ll experience His peace that surpasses all understanding. God is going to allow certain things to happen to get the attention of the Church. Do not look to Donald Trump to rescue our nation or make things so much better for the Church. Quit thinking of this election as a way to save the American dream. If making America great again means that to you, then you could be in for a rude awakening. Thank the Lord for His mercy extended to us and put all your trust in Him and not our government or president.

If God be for us, who can be against us? Stay tuned for more…


As I’ve watched the media coverage of Trump protesters on the streets of America I’ve realized something. Many professing Christians are acting nearly the same way – getting angry with other Christians who voted for Trump and using contentious language to cause strife and division in the body of Christ. Stop it!

Listen to the wise and sensible words of one of my minister FB friends:

“Critical and negative reactions to the election are everywhere, yet consider the possibilities: a conservative Supreme Court for decades; Roe v. Wade overturned; a reprieve from the current administration’s anti-church intrusions; a season of refreshing with the chance for kingdom expansion. But many cannot see this as they are blinded by the idea of a political utopia that does not include a carnal Donald Trump in the White House, an idea which is choking their capacity for reason and wisdom. We need to be smarter than this. Jesus said the people of this world are more shrewd than the children of light. He knew that narrow-minded ideology would always sacrifice possibility. Joseph ruled alongside the Egyptians in order to save his brethren. Paul sided with the Pharisees against the Sadducees in order to divide his adversaries. Victorious Christianity can be done without compromise but not without the wisdom of serpents. These are only a few examples of how to navigate the darkness in order to increase the light. We are sitting on a powder keg of potential right now, and any Christian with even one eye open can see it.”  Shane Philpott 

Don’t you know you are an ambassador and a representative of a higher kingdom? This invisible kingdom cannot be seized by political elections or endless debates and heated banter. This kingdom cannot come to this world by your allegiance to one political party or favorite candidate. No, Donald Trump is not going to save America or even necessarily make her great again.

What this election has accomplished is cause a delay, of what may yet be inevitable in the near future. It has given the Church more favor and delayed us from losing some of our freedoms. It has given us a greater possibility of pushing back the darkness and the antichrist agenda of this present administration. It has given us a reprieve form Satanic oppression that opposes preaching the gospel freely in this nation. One of the reasons we are exhorted in scripture to pray for our leaders is so we can live a peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (2 Tim. 2:1-2). But we must still remember that our citizenship is in heaven first as Frank Viola affirms.

“I believe many of us have forgotten who we are and what our citizenship entails. The kingdom to which we belong isn’t reduced to going to heaven when we die. Nor is it trying to make the world a better place by grabbing political power. The kingdom of God is here right now (though not in fullness). It broke into this realm 2,000 years ago when Jesus of Nazareth began a divine insurgence. It’s a kingdom that’s not of this world, yet it’s for this world.”

Notice the last three words of this quote, “for this world”. Our kingdom is not of this world and is not supposed to be conformed to this world, but the world is to be conformed to the kingdom. The world is not to change us, but we are to change the world by God’s grace, truth, love, and power.

Whose counsel are we listening to? Whose ideologies are we adhering to?


The problem has been that many Christians are acting like the world in the way they voted and now in the results we got. For example, if you consider yourself a real Christian and a serious follower of Jesus Christ and you voted for Hillary Clinton and her platform, you are either blind, ignorant, or hopelessly unfaithful to the values of the kingdom of God. Please allow me to educate you.

How could you vote for a woman whose policies are antichrist? For example, she is for full term abortion, which is murder, and one of the ten commandments. She is for same sex marriage, which is against God’s established order of a one man and one woman marriage. She is not a real friend of Israel, which is also contradictory to God’s command to bless Israel. In the DNC convention earlier this year they even boo’ed God. And her administration and supporters are of the same spirit. So how could any true Christian vote for her and that platform? It is mind boggling to me except to say that many professing Christians are not educated in the policies of these candidates and/or they are not schooled in the Word of God and in true kingdom values.

Now that the election is over, we have another set of believers, who are still criticizing Donald Trump. He is a very flawed man, but he ran on diametrically different policies than Hillary did. Most of his policies were aligned with Scripture. Yes, I know he is a carnal man, and we can only hope that he follows through on his promises, but let’s believe that some of the conservative Christians he’s surrounded himself with will help him in his decision making. That is another huge difference between him and Hillary. I do not witness a spirit of antichrist on Donald Trump.

Do you not discern that the policies and spirits of both parties are radically different? Hillary’s chosen Vice President Tim Kaine had the same spirit on him. I saw it as soon as he was introduced and gave his speech. It was antichrist. I know these statements will upset many people, but I’m just trying to educate you.


Do you realize that when the real antichrist comes that he will be received and celebrated by the world and even by many professing Christians? In other words, he’s not coming with horns and a pitchfork. He will come quoting scriptures.  Even in Hillary’s concession speech she quoted Galatians 6:9, encouraging her supporters not to be weary in well doing. So what? The devil quoted scripture to Jesus in His temptations (Luke 4:10-11). Nearly every politician will do that in order to get the Christian vote.

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God…” (1 John 4:1)

No, I’m not saying that either Hillary or Tim Kaine are the antichrist, but they are of that spirit. And so are most of these protesters who are shouting against Trump and for Hillary on the streets. It is the growing spirit of antichrist in our nation. Remember that the antichrist is called the lawless one (2 Thes. 2:8-9). Never before in recent generations have we seen such lawlessness in our nation over a political election.

One of my biggest concerns for the body of Christ in this hour is the gullibility and the lack of spiritual discernment among so many. Many are judging and discerning as the world judges and discerns. I’m convinced that many have not even been thoroughly converted.


Why are we so gullible and easily duped and deceived? I believe the largest part of this lack of discernment is due to the lack of the true fear of the Lord in Christians today.

Do you not realize the utter evil of many of the Democratic platform’s policies I just mentioned? Do you not know that the “fear of the Lord is to hate evil and to depart from evil?” (Pr. 8:13; Pr. 3:7). I’m not speaking of the candidates for they were both flawed, but of the platform they ran on. How can any true Christian and devoted follower of Jesus Christ have voted for the Democratic platform and its policies? Where is the fear of the Lord?

We need to understand that the true fear of the Lord is manifested in our obedience to the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ and the precepts and statutes of His Word. The true fear of the Lord makes Jesus Christ the supreme authority in one’s life. The true fear of the Lord lives before His judgment seat every single day and is afraid to displease Him and disappoint Him.

Therein lies the biggest problem in the American Church, and one of the biggest reasons for the current division in the body of Christ. Many professing Christians have lost the fear of God.

Lack of holy fear clouds our perception and discernment. Without the holy fear of God it is difficult to judge between the holy and profane, the clean and the unclean, the spiritual from the carnal, and even the divine from the demonic.

We are sorely in need of an awakening of the fear of God.

Bert M. Farias is a messenger of the Lord carrying a spirit of revival to the Church and the nations. An anointing of fire marks his ministry with frequent demonstrations of the Spirit and the power of God. With a commission to also write, Bert has authored several books with an emphasis on helping to restore the true spirit of Christianity in the Church and its leaders, as well as preparing the saints for the glory of God, the harvest, and the soon return of the Lord.

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Look closely. Can you see it? Can you sense it?

Sniff the tension in the atmosphere.

Feel the oppression of the masses.

Look beyond the veil of this earthly realm.

Know that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world (Eph. 6:12). The world doesn’t have a clue but we do.

Yet if the world looks within they, too can sense the emptiness and hopelessness in their own hearts of a world so in need of God and forgiveness and healing. Only one can satisfy this deep spiritual wound in humanity. It is JESUS.

Can you see and sense a parallel between world events and the Church?

There are revolutions and uprisings in countries such as Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and Venezuela among others. All of these countries are under political unrest as people attempt to escape the oppression and tyranny of their corrupt governments. The same thing has begun to happen in our own nation.

Even if Donald Trump does not win the election he has brought an awareness that will spread and may result in a movement of the masses. This could lead to greater riots and turmoil in our streets from a people seeking freedom from an ever increasing oppressive government and a general dissatisfaction with life as they know it.

There is also a revolution of sorts happening in the Church as Christians seek freedom from a different kind of oppression. The politics of religion and manipulative church leaders; the “don’t rock the boat” attitude that nurtures pastoral passivity; the lasciviousness that’s been birthed by the false grace message; the lid churches have placed on the move of the Holy Spirit and power of God that has produced a deathly predictability and sucked the liberty out of many of them; the lack of emphasis on what really matters – true repentance and making real disciples of all men.

These things are creating a holy frustration and divine dissatisfaction in many believers today who are sick and tired of the status quo. There is already an underground movement of believers in America who are leaving their churches to find God. Ouch! I know it hurts to hear that. This may increase if churches don’t quit preaching for members and money, and giving pep talks on how to improve your status in life. Their present Madison Avenue church growth tactics stand as much of a chance of surviving in these urgent times as a bucket of fried snow. Their methodology is doing one thing: It is increasing the level of believers’ frustration that will only result in a greater exodus when it hits the boiling point, and believers realize that they’ve been missing out on the true power of God and the genuine move of the Holy Spirit.

So we can see a restlessness mounting in the nation and in the Church as well. What will it produce? Hopefully, a desperation that will lead to heart felt repentance and humility beginning with our church leaders. Hopefully it will lead to a crucifixion of all our natural wisdom and pride and a resurrection of a complete dependence on God. Hopefully it will lead to  greater love and unity among churches that will deepen our bond during such turmoil and trouble in the world. The world must find hope in the Church and know that we are the true disciples of Jesus by our love for one another. I know my own affection for true believers has grown exponentially during such perilous times.

Either way, a spiritual hurricane is brewing. The vacuum of darkness in our nation and the social insanity is almost at critical mass. Something has to give. Many more will begin to seek God. Many more will seek to escape fantasy and find reality.

Church, as dark as it looks in our nation right now, this may well be our finest hour. Whoever wins the election does not matter as much as we may think. The spiritual battle is intensifying. The spiritual climate is about to change further. When the dark cloud becomes more visible the masses will run to the mercy seat.

Onward Christian soldiers…


One of the most divisive and misunderstood subjects in much of the church world today is regarding the operations of the Holy Spirit and tongues. With all the teaching we have, it is becoming clearer that more good teaching is needed. But even more importantly, we need demonstrations of what we teach.

There are two basic foundational truths many Bible believing Christians need to understand before they can move on with God. One is the difference between being born again and having the Holy Spirit dwelling in you, versus being filled or baptized with that same Holy Spirit and speaking with new tongues (Mk. 16:17b). It’s the difference between a well of water (Jn 4:13-14) and rivers of living water (Jn. 7:37-39). It’s the difference between having the Holy Spirit “in you” (Jn. 14:16-17) versus having the Holy Spirit “upon you” (Lk. 24:49; Acts 1:8). One if for fruit (Gal. 5:22-23) and the other is for power (Acts 1:8).

Secondly, believers today need to know the vast difference between one’s own private prayer language of tongues that everyone who is baptized in the Holy Spirit receives (Acts 2:4; 10:44-46; 19:1-6) versus the public gift of tongues, which comes with interpretation (1 Cor. 12:10; 14:27). See this short clip for a demonstration of tongues and interpretation YouTube

When Christians get a handle on these two basic foundational truths 90% of the confusion they’ve had about the Holy Spirit and tongues disappears. You then become a candidate to grow in the Spirit filled life and in the gifts and operations of the Holy Spirit. Until then, you are at a great disadvantage.

I wish I could get it over to ministers and believers how important it is to receive equipping and training in the ministry and operations of the Holy Spirit. But if these two basic foundational truths are not set in place you cannot advance in the Spirit. You will be stuck in one gear for the rest of your life. You may have fruit in your life but no power.

I know there are counterfeits. I know there are extremes. I know there are phonies. I know there is weirdness, goofiness, and flakiness. I know there is a lot of fluff out there that lacks real sound scriptural substance. Our Holy Ghost forums are not in any of these categories but are for the purpose of teaching and demonstrating the reality of these things through qualified seasoned ministers. And even if you have been in the ministry for some time you can always learn to be a better vessel for the Lord and excel in spiritual gifts to a higher degree.

Several years ago I began to fly out to Kansas City (where these forums originated) on a pretty regular basis at my own expense to attend these forums. They were led by two older Pentecostal men whose ministries were marked by the gifts of the Spirit and signs and wonders. I was not a stranger to the move of God having been involved in great revivals over the 25 plus years of my own ministry. But you’re never too old or too experienced or too seasoned to learn more. I caught a fresh wind of God’s Spirit through these forums and through my relationship with these aged men, and the Lord led us to bring this forum back to New England, and to other places where He leads.

We’ve hosted and participated in many of these forums and we’ve never been disappointed. Younger ministers, and even some of the older ones, you need to really prayerfully consider making an investment in attending a future forum. In a 3-4 year period I must of made about 16 trips out to KC to attend these forums. I kept going back because I placed a high value on the move of the Holy Spirit. I greatly esteemed the gifts and operations and administrations of the Holy Spirit. You always attract to yourself what you honor and respect. There are so many in the Church world today who make light of these things, or just don’t covet them enough. But there are also a growing number of believers who hunger and thirsty for these things.

Here is a testimony from one of our Holy Ghost Forum followers:

“I can’t tell you how awesome these are to me! I watch them while I do my artwork. I have gotten so much out of them. Believe me when I tell you that there are a lot of hungry believers that are stifeled in a traditional church setting. We need to be aware and coveting the gifts of the Spirit in our daily lives. It is a whole different ball game for believers that are not in “ministry”. We can hardly find a way to let the Holy Spirit move through us… unless it is outside the structure set up in the “churches. God Bess you and thanks!” J.N.

Pastors and church leaders, please pay attention to what this person is saying. There are many more like her who are starving for the true move and liberty of the Holy Spirit. There can be no true edification and equipping without it.

Jesus and the early apostles changed the world because of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the power of God they moved in. The early Church participated in the gifts of the Spirit in their regular gatherings (1 Cor 14:26). The supernatural was a common occurrence in Bible days, and should be today.

Make plans to come and join us in 2017 for one of our Holy Ghost Forums, or prayerfully consider hosting one in your city.

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God bless you!


The day is here, the hour is now when My people shall worship Me in Spirit and in truth. For the day is here and the hour is now when those who yield to My Spirit and resist the lusts and the desires of this world and of their flesh shall increase. They shall increase in grace, they shall increase in power, they shall increase in effectiveness. Those that yield to Me in this hour shall make it easier to yield to Me in the next hour and the next day and the next hour and the next day. Those that have learned to submit themselves to Me and yield to Me shall make it easier and easier and easier to resist all that’s not of Me, to resist all that’s contrary to Me and all that is against and opposed to My will.

Oh, but for those who continue to yield to the flesh, for those who continue to yield to the lusts of the flesh, and the love of this world, it shall ever become more difficult, ever more rigid, ever harder to submit to Me.

So which way do you choose? Do you choose the world? Will you choose the darkness and the lust and love of the world, or will you continue to choose Me and My life and My power and My freedom? For judgment has come, for does not My word say that judgment begins in the house of God? Does not My word admonish you that you ought to judge yourself that you would not be judged? And so the day has come for more severe judgment.

On your part, judge yourselves, examine yourselves…heh, heh, heh…ho… but I have peered from heaven even this hour and have beheld your good order. And I have beheld your high esteem that many of you have for My Spirit and for My ways and for My power. And for those who have been faithful, there shall indeed be a recompense, for the reckoning has come, for I’ve chosen to add and even to multiply to some of you who’ve been faithful to what I’ve given you.

And as the little boy brought Me his lunch and all that he had, even now I admonish you to bring Me your lunch and the little that you think you have. And I will take that little and begin to increase it and add to it and multiply it.

If you will being to step out even more in faith; if you will begin to trust Me even more by faith; and if you will contend with heaven for all that belongs to you and all that is yours and all that is promised, I will be moving. I will be moving on and I will be moving strong. For those who contend for My move they shall see it. For those who contend for revival this day, those that contend for the harvest in this day, those that care about what I care about, those who care for the things of My kingdom and the things that concern My Church, upon you shall come the blessing that makes rich and adds no sorrow to it. Upon you and your household, and your children and children’s children shall come under My influence and My blessing.

Oh, will you contend with Me, and contend with all of those even here among the cloud of witnesses? Will you contend in prayer? And will you contend for what is yet to come? The greater, the greater, yes, the greater! Set your heart for the greater – the greater glory, the greater power, the greater miracles, even the unusual that you have not yet seen and that I desire to bring and that I desire to manifest. For I have not hid these things from you, I have not kept these things from you, for I desire to manifest them for all to view.


Let Me, your Lord and your Lover, impregnate you with these things. Let Me, your Lord and your Lover, impregnate you with My Spirit of prayer and my Spirit of supplication. Let Me, your Lord and your Lover, impregnate you so that you may give birth, so that you may deliver that which has already been delivered, but has yet to me made manifest – even the restoration of all things that I’ve promised, even the latter glory that I promised and said would be greater than the former. Who will extend their faith for the greater? Who will contend and labor in prayer for the greater?


And what’s this I see? And what’s this I see? Those that do indeed submit to Me and to My will and to My plan, and submit to My Spirit and to My ways, oh, there shall come a great, great joy and a great satisfaction and even dancing and rejoicing. For My Spirit will take you on the wings of your submission and on the wings of your faith and shall lift you up into another realm where you will dance and delight in the things that they dance and delight up here in this place.

And the things that seem so hard shall no more be hard; and the things that seem so difficult shall no more be difficult; and shall no more be a struggle. Oh, there will still be tests and trials that come to all that live down here, oh, but those tests and trials will no longer affect you as they have in recent years. Those tests and trials will come to you and they will hit you but kind of bounce off you. They will not affect you as they have affected you before. For I’m going to add to you now what you had and then much more. And this much more that I give you will cause you to stand and sustain you, even in the most severe trials. It will push you like a wind would push you on ahead, and you’ll be glad. You’ll be glad that you went with Me, you’ll be glad that you submitted to Me, you’ll be glad that you surrendered all to Me. In that day you’ll stand as an overcomer, victorious over all, and you’ll give Me praise forevermore.