“And it shall come to pass that men shall know and they shall see and they shall understand, but by so doing they must tune their spirits, tune into heaven, tune into the glory world, tune into the power and the ability and the revelation of the Father God. And so it is that then you shall do the works that He intended you should do. And the plan of God shall be consummated in these last days and the glory of God will be revealed unto man. The Church shall be enhanced, the saints shall be gladdened, sinners shall come to the Lord, the sick shall be healed, and the blessings shall be disbursed on every hand, and the glory of the Lord shall be seen by man.”


“Seeing, seeing, seeing into the Spirit realm and then knowing that there are not only angels but there are demons and evil spirits all around about carrying on the work of their master, but angels are waiting for you to tell them what to do. The demons responding to their master Satan and doing what he tells them to do, but you and we are the body of Christ. Jesus is only the Head and the Head cannot do anything without the body. Why doesn’t Jesus rebuke the devil? Why does Jesus let the devil do these things? He can’t do anything about it. Your head cannot do a single thing without your body. All the prerogatives of the Head are carried out by the body. He’s waiting for you.”


“Two worlds, two worlds, yes, there are two worlds – there’s the world of the natural and there’s the world of the spiritual – there’s the world of the natural and there’s the world of the supernatural. Man lives in both worlds. It is just one step out of the natural into the supernatural so step out of the natural into the supernatural, and begin to speak with your mouth that which the Spirit reveals unto you and you’ll find out that He’ll guide you into all truth, that He’ll show you things to come, that He’ll minister to your spirit and buoy you up in faith so that you’ll face the enemy and will not relent but will take your place and put him on the run. For it is written, ‘Resist the devil and he will flee from you.’ If you’ll resist him he’ll always flee. Well, someone said, ‘I resisted him and he didn’t go’. Well, then the Scripture is a lie, but no, God’s Word is truth and truth prevails. Amen.

So walk in the light of the Word and dwell in the realm of the supernatural. Walk in the light of the revealed Word and further revelation will come, and you’ll see and you’ll know that the blessings of God are yours and that which you need, to you shall be shown, and that which you see shall come to pass. And so ‘ere the manifestation of the Spirit in the greater and most glorious manifestations of working of miracles, of special faith, of gifts of healing – ‘ere and before they shall ever come to pass you will find you’ll have to enter in first to this realm for this is the entrance and the door into this realm of utterance and then the spirit of seeing, and the spirit of knowing shall be made manifest.”

Praise God!