This is a transcription of one of our prayer times when divinely inspired utterances were brought forth by the Spirit of God. This has been a pattern now since 2013 when Carolyn and I began praying and traveling together more frequently. The purpose of this special anointing and operation of the Holy Spirit is to bring forth provision of the wisdom of God for the body of Christ. I believe it would fall under the heading of the revelation gifts of the Holy Spirit with prophecy—a spirit of seeing and knowing. 

Here now is one sample of this operation:

Just like in a natural family the mothers and fathers learn what their children respond to and the children learn what the parents respond to because they learn their love language in a healthy family.

And they’re always reaching to meet (fulfill) that love language because they love the response that they receive.

So it is in His body – I see it.

Every believer and every son and daughter of God has a love gift that they respond to and it’s important to find it and recognize the gift that they respond to and then they will respond to Me.

For some like words of affirmation and some like pretty things and pretty gifts like diamond rings (laughter)…

For some it’s just an act of kindness, an act of service, a helping hand…

A loving shepherd learns the love language of every sheep and every lamb.

And this will be a key, not just to open up individual hearts but congregations of people, too.

For you see, I am the author and the finisher of their faith and I am the one who gives utterance and moves through you in gifts that releases them to receive from Me.

So we pray that now Father…

I see where many hearts have been hardened and have sifted themselves and even resisted because they’re not receiving that love language.

There’s been nothing to cause their hearts to respond.

We pray wisdom now in your ministers to release that love language on your body that would turn them from the things of this world and cause them to look intently and strongly on Jesus again.

We understand Father…

That’s why the 5 fold ministry gifts are so imperative and to be used in the body of Christ because they all carry something different and they move in the different gifts, and some are stronger than others in things.

So right now we agree as touching that in prayer that there would be a release of the 5 fold ministry gifts into your body worldwide.

Your body does not deserve to be hungry and lacking in the equipping they need to do the work of the ministry and respond to you.

Your body is diverse – one gift can’t reach everyone…

And that’s the reason many leave their churches because they only hear the one gift and they get tired of the one voice always talking to them.

Thank you Lord for your diversity and your manifold wisdom.

Acts 16 – And the Lord opened the heart of Lydia so that she heeded the things spoken by Paul.

You are the one who opens hearts and knows what each heart needs and what each heart connects to.

Your Holy Spirit is the equalizer.

He’s the one that does it and that’s why we must point people to Him, and not to us.

Too many are trying to get people to follow them, but they need to teach them to follow Him.

And then there’s grace, for the grace is in Him, and it’s released when you point people to Him.

Did He not say when He’s lifted up He would draw all men unto Him.

You’ve made it so simple that we’ve missed it.

We must be like John the Baptist who said he must decrease so Christ could increase – he got out of the way so You could be seen and heard and followed.

Oh, may we as your ministers learn to move out of the way!

Yes, lead them in a way we’re called to lead but lead them to You…

After all, that is the ministry of the Holy Spirit who said that He would not even speak of Himself, but whatsoever He would (pause and laughter)… but whatsoever He would hear that He would speak.

He doesn’t even speak of Himself and He’s the Holy Spirit.

He speaks only the Father’s will, he speaks the mind of Jesus Christ, but not of Himself.

Oh, this is a revelation that we need.

This is important!

This is the meekness of the Lord, even as Paul came in the meekness of Christ, not to point others to himself but to the Lord.

We’re nothing without Him, but we have God’s heart by the Holy Spirit.

Understand this, get this … for except the Holy Spirit reveal it to you, you will not know it (1 Cor 2).

The Holy Spirit reveals the deep things of God’s heart.

So we draw on those deep things this morning…

For as we go our way and minister throughout the days and this year that we would be keen to remember that it’s the Holy Spirit that brings up the heart of God and that speaks the need of that love language to your people, and even to those outside of Christ.

For there are some now that are ready to come into His kingdom and to believe.

For them we pray, those outside…

Jesus always knew what to say (tears) – He knew how to minister to the harlot, He knew how to minister to the blind man. He knew how to love the broken-hearted mother who just lost her son.

Power – with that revelation comes power; with those keys comes power for those outside.

That waitress must have needed something yesterday at that restaurant, and we pray for her now that she would not rest until she comes to Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord.

We spoke Your name to her, Lord and may Your name resonate in her heart and mind.

May she never forget the words, “He changed my life”, but may those words come back to her again and again.

And may that gift we left her speak of the love of the Father…

As I said, this operation has manifested frequently in our prayer times since 2013. It is most prolific through Carolyn’s vessel. We have well over 500 documented pages of these utterances. The file is called, The Prayer Jotter, and we hope to make a unique book or journal from these some day soon. But for now we will just be blogging some of them. I hope this one was a blessing to you. 


Thank you, and may God’s richest and best be yours.


While waiting on the Lord in prayer before an evening meeting in a particular city the communications of the Spirit of God began to flow…(Carolyn and I recorded it and then transcribed it). For the last several years this has been our pattern and mode of operation. We have 100s of pages of prayer notes, or prayer jottings, as we like to call them. We’ve been praying about redesigning our blog and calling it The Prayer Jotter, and also writing a book on the wisdom of God that has come forth during these special times. Following is a lengthy one for spiritually minded people:    

And even here you know something is not right and you’ve been picking it up in your spirit, but you’re not seeing anything for it’s been masked…

It’s very skilled at being deceptive…it’s veiled in religion…a mask of religion… and its only a certain kind of utterance and power that is going to break through this very strong veil of deception.


I see that Lord, so we can’t go in light and fluffy for it’s all disguised in that religious display.

More tongues…

So this then is why the demonstration of My power, not with enticing words of man’s speech, is necessary here (1 Cor. 2:4-5), for this mask that has been here knows what to say, knows what to look like on a Sunday, knows how to pretend and is very good at it, but their faith must be established in the power of God.

We just surrender now to the Holy Ghost and power, to the One who shows us Your heart and Your will, shows us the sick and diseased, and shows us and penetrates through with the preaching that cuts to the heart, and separates the soul.

Hebrews 4:12-13  For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.”

Lots of tongues, heaving…

This utterance must come forth to break through the veil of religion, to break through that deceptiveness that is here…and what Ananias and Sapphira were trying to do, because they saw people doing it so they did it, too.

But the anointing and the power and the glory were too great at that time to allow deception. That lie could not walk past the anointing and the one who was walking in the spirit of truth (Peter), for it not to be recognized as a covering and a veil to bring in an impure spirit, a falsehood, and a lie.

And what was going on at that time? There was such a great awareness of the truth of Jesus Christ; there was such an anointing and a power in the body.

There were miracles going on outside the church walls with the shadow of Peter…there was demonstration and power that was being seen, yes, that was going on. The demonstration of the Spirit of the Lord was upon My people, My ministers, so much so that they didn’t need to be in a building; they just had to walk the streets and there I was moving. Yes, that same power that raised Christ from the dead was upon them and could move even away from them and the shadow, yes, even the shadow, which was My Spirit, was healing and delivering and moving through My apostles at that time.


Yes, and even the preaching that came forth was causing hearts to decide, either to disbelieve and oppose, and get angry at the words coming forth, or repent, be glad and rejoice.

Can you not see what it looks like? Can you not understand what it looks like when I am moving? There is power and there is an utterance and a word that causes there to always be a dividing, and you said it through your own words and through your own mouth that I either make them glad, sad, or mad.

This is evidence of My Spirit moving and My Spirit in dominance and the authority on My ministers of reconciliation.


You see it’s almost like He’s highlighted this morning the beginning of Acts where it started, how there was an anointing, how the Holy Spirit first came through a people who prayed and were consecrated and waited on Him, and He came like a whirlwind and the people automatically went out of the upper room and into the streets…that is automatic and that is something you should see and recognize, even in the body today.

When the Holy Spirit is poured out people cannot stay in the pew; they have to go out to the streets for there’s an activation.

And so you have seen, and so don’t you remember when you went to_________? Aahh, I remember when we were moving in the Spirit at _____________ and how gifts were activated and how some started waking up when the Spirit was released, and yet that leader stopped it because of being in control, and all of a sudden it was all stopped. And what was the release and what happened out of that?

It burst, and instead of life, it brought forth adultery in the body and it brought forth coldness and people walking away; it brought forth people being taken away, this marriage being destroyed, this one going off into false doctrine, that one moving away from God and becoming cold and it brought forth a dry cold monument of religion.

Whenever someone or something comes to stop (a move of God) that is the result…the work of Satan, the work of death…but oh remember how it all started and how they let the Holy Spirit move and Peter got up and preached, and the word cut to their hearts and there were so many that came to the Lord and believed, and then there was a movement in homes.

But understand what tried to come with Ananias and Sapphira was disguised in religion, disguised with a mask of pretension, but because of the sensitivity of the ministers (Peter), they were watching and they saw it as soon as it moved by. There was a discernment that came because the Holy Spirit was in charge and He recognized in the disguise that which was false.

But oh how many today would allow Ananias and Sapphira to walk in the door with their pay checks, with their checkbooks, with their debit cards and credit cards, and their bank accounts, and say: “Oh, God told us to give this to you pastor, and oh they would be received and yet it was a messenger of Satan; it was a pride that got in, and then there comes the control through the money…a control of what goes on through the Spirit because of the money.


And so I see the disguise that’s gone in and infiltrated the church in this area.

They know what to say, they know what to do, they know how to come in, and make havoc of pure things that may have started with the right heart, but oh…

They know how to raise their hands, they know how to dress, they know how to move, they know what to say…

It’s a disguise I say.

But now me and Bert pray, for we have a little bit of understanding now. You told us to come in demonstration, for how will they even pay attention, how will their faith even be in the words that are spoken, except they first see the power of God—the pure power of God.

Thank You for this revelation and understanding and what we’re dealing with in this religious spirit.

Now let’s give place to praying in the the Spirit together…


Honest with God, honest with God…the honesty and unveiling starts with God; it starts with an individual’s relationship with the Lord, it starts with transparency, it starts with an unveiled face, it starts by beholding the glory of the Lord as in a mirror…it starts vertically with every believers’s relationship with the Lord…for you cannot hide from God…you can put a mask on but He sees through the mask.

For nothing is veiled but all is open and naked before Him with whom we have to give account and every creature is naked before God. For the sharp sword of His Word cuts through the soul and spirit and the joints and marrow and discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart.

You cannot hide from Him!

So there is the need to walk before Him in purity and integrity and honesty without defilement and without guile and without hypocrisy and without malice, and as babes in Christ, desiring the sincere milk of the Word so that you may grow thereby.

As babes, as babes…for He hides His wisdom from the wise and prudent, but He reveals them unto babes, so as babes, desire the pure milk of the Word. And receive the wisdom, yea, even the hidden secrets of God.

Tongues…lots of tongues…

I’m reminded that the true apostolic and the true prophetic is in this manner—that it turns the hearts of the people towards God; it turns the motives of the hearts of the people towards God, and that which is veiled and masked is ripped apart, so that they see even as they should see and are known even as they’re known, not even just through a glass darkly, but in the Spirit they see, even as God sees what He desires for them to see at that moment and at that time.

So I see where we forget that that operation is supernatural and is such an integral and critical part of the apostolic and the prophetic even as you just said when ___________ ministered at __________, and his opening statements ripped a veil and ripped a mask off the fake and phony carnal prosperity gospel and it turned the motives of people’s hearts immediately toward God,  and it put them face to face with God and with pure truth, and then they decide.

For too many have spoken smooth words from smooth lips when there’s been war in their hearts.

Oh but the truly apostolic and prophetic even as seen in the early apostles and Peter in the early Church, oh, it ripped that mask and that veil and political talk (correctness) right off of people.

So I see the Church has had a mask, and many things have been veiled even as You have shown us today, and the great need is for true apostles and prophets to come with strong words and a certain kind of utterance that would penetrate and unmask and unveil those things which are hidden and that are hindering the Church and God’s people and pure truth from seeping through…hindering the true move of the Spirit of God, for the Spirit cannot be yoked with darkness, and what manner of agreement has God with Baal, and how can we dine at the table of God and the table of devils, and what accord has light with darkness?

So you see even the need of the hour, even as you’re beginning to write that My house shall no more be called a den of thieves but a house of prayer.

So you see that there must be a cleansing and there must be a purification before the true power can really come, for if the power comes without the purification the deception would grow and people would say, “Oh, God is pleased with us for He’s demonstrating His power and pouring out His Spirit and therefore He must be pleased,” and then people would continue to walk on in their blindness and in their deception.

For I will not pour out My power on a church that is blemished and full of pride and sin and deception…no, no, no for that would only further add to the deception that already is.

So there must be a purification, a purifying, a sanctifying, a cleansing of all the impurities that have been veiled and masked.

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One day on the way to a church meeting the Lord said to me, “it takes 20 years to make a man”. I had been counting in my mind how many years I had been in the ministry and how many years I’d been saved when suddenly I heard that phrase in my spirit. Whenever the Lord makes a statement like this, almost out of left field, I pay very close attention to it because it is a seasonal statement, meaning something is about to change…get ready…what you’ve been prepared for is upon you.

During this recent drive to a church meeting I was also rehearsing all the seasons of my life and ministry in my mind, and wishing I had learned certain lessons earlier. I was also rejoicing in the goodness and mercy of God shown to me. Then the thought hit me, “it is good to die young”.

Now I certainly don’t mean that literally, but spiritually. It is good to learn to die to your flesh and to your own will and ways when you’re young. You’ll make far quicker progress that way. Paul said he died daily.

How do you die daily? By making every motive of your heart like the Son of man, who said he came to serve and not to be served. A spirit of love and servanthood will keep you at death’s door to your own flesh and desires. This must be the first order in your life.

Without this foundation all you do will be in vain because it will have no eternal reward. There’s a reason why Jesus began his public ministry in Matthew’s gospel by teaching on the motives of the heart (Mt. 6). It is foundational to the kingdom of heaven. I wrote the book, “Purity of Heart” based on that revelation.


Concerning this issue of servanthood, years ago a respected minister ministered by revelation to me when he saw my tombstone. I was scared for a moment thinking I was going to die, but he told me a new Bert would be resurrected. He then saw a servant’s towel in my hand.

I have to admit I did not fully yield, receive, nor totally understand the magnitude of that vision. As a result, for nearly the next three years, I suffered needlessly because of my lack of meekness and a true servant’s heart. You see, I unknowingly was refusing to die, and be the servant God wanted me to be. Outwardly many close to me probably thought I was a true and humble servant, but God desired a far greater depth of it in my own heart and life.

Then in 2002 during a long season of prayer and fasting (that’s the quickest way to die) while I had been pondering a constant spiritual impression of a glass ceiling over my head, and of the glory on the other side, God began to speak to me about the floor. I had been mindful of the ceiling that represented increase, anointing, power, opportunity, favor, etc., but the Lord directed me to the floor. In other words, my foundation.

To tell you the truth, I thought my foundation was just fine. I had been in the full time preaching ministry for 15 years. I had been a faithful missionary. I had seen God work healings and miracles through my hands and my mouth. I had taught and trained thousands of people. Why was the Lord directing my attention to the floor and to my foundations? The ceiling is where I wanted to go. That is what I was thinking and praying about. If I had not been in a position of humility through prayer and fasting, I would’ve missed it again Thank God for His patience and long-suffering.

From early January to early May of 2002 I prayed in the Holy Ghost hours every day, starved my flesh, and fed my spirit on the Word of God. On March 24th of 2002 I entered another room of fellowship in the Spirit and have not been the same ever since. Revelation flooded my soul for the next several weeks…revelation about my character and revelation about my call. God talked. I listened and wrote. Over the years I have shared some of that experience but not fully until I put it in a book (The Journal Of A Journey).

In everyone’s life there are ceilings and doors, and rooms and floors. We’ll deal with ceilings in people’s lives that stunt spiritual progress and how floors determine our fruitfulness and longevity in life and ministry. We’ll also instruct you on how to enter into new doors and new rooms. Stay tuned…