Jesus has taught me to love the one.

“What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he loses one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one which is lost until he finds it?” (Luke 15:4)

Be patient with me as I give you the backdrop of this theme.

Because we make most of our living in the traveling ministry, end-of-the-year holidays are normally a challenging time for us financially. Lots of money going out and not so much coming in – that is, in the natural. Add to this, a big expensive book project we just completed (haven’t quite broken even yet), and you have quite a disproportionate ratio of output to income. But my philosophy and belief system is quite different from the average minister.

In my heart I’ve made a covenant with God: “I pray. You pay.”


I’m not going to worry a lick about finances. That would be sin. God is faithful. Honestly, most believers are unbelievers when it comes to finances. They tell everyone their needs and then praise God for meeting their needs. Not. Real. Faith. Sorry. I was brought up old school by men who knew what the real faith was. But that’s another topic for another day.

Back to the subject at hand and loving the one.

We always receive unexpected income from unexpected sources. Always. After all, God causes MEN to give unto your bosom (Luke 6:38). So…in the past month we received two unexpected checks for our ministry from two unexpected sources – one was from an old Canadian shut-in woman. This is really good, so again, thanks for your patience.

We had never met this woman. We didn’t know anything about her. She sent us a good sized check with an enclosed thank you card and letter thanking us for our ministry (see letter below).

Occasionally, we receive such surprise support, usually from old ladies. These type of seed offerings are always very special and very sacred to us. Mostly I always cry. First, because I know God did it since we didn’t make our needs known. He alone knew our need. This is the beautiful quality about real faith. When you don’t share your needs with anyone, and then you see the manifestation of those needs being met, you know it came directly from the Lord. This is how your faith grows.

Secondly, the need was met through the most unlikely vessel – in this case, an old shut-in precious saint.


Well, she wrote her phone number on the letter and I called her to thank her. This story just keeps getting better so hang on. Sorry it’s so lengthy.

When she answered she told me to wait until she put her hearing aid on (smile and say awww). When I told her who I was she was so excited. It was a long phone call. She needed godly encouragement.

I knew she loved the Lord but the devil was casting doubt on her salvation. She said she wasn’t sure. Well, the Spirit of God witnessed to me that she was indeed a very godly woman, but in her frailty the devil was taking advantage of her mind. I ministered assurance of salvation, told her how to stand against the devil’s lies, and then prayed with her.

Then I asked her about her family. Her response put the entire world and the day’s activities on hold for me. Oh, she was so burdened for her two adult children who were away from the Lord and her one grandson who was a transgender. That’s when my bowels of mercy rumbled. Such heartache she had! Such a burden she carried for the salvation of her little family! This is so common for so many. That’s when I realized just how saintly she was. I could feel the great heart of the Lord not only for her, but the many forgotten and forsaken elderly in society and in the church. I encouraged her some more and then prayed with her on the phone.

Somehow I wanted to do more for her, so I told her I was going to send her a letter, and I did days later. She has no email so I sent it postal and included a printed rough draft manuscript of a future book I’m working on called, Preparing For Eternity.

To top it all off, I had called this dear woman on her 90th birthday and didn’t know it. How faithful is our God and Father to express His love for this precious saint on her birthday!

Image result for image of Jesus ministering to the one

Go for the one. 


When I got off the phone with her the Lord really ministered to my heart to stay underground in my calling and to not let the religious systems of man spoil or stain what He had called me to do. To just be obedient to go after the one’s and two’s, and three’s that He puts in my path. To be content going to smaller churches and obscure places, although He just sent us to the largest church in Paris, France with membership well over 10,000. He does that sometimes but it’s always with a specific designed purpose to bring forth an eternal change in a people or a city/nation. I love HIS assignments. They are so much sweeter than our own conjured up assignments that are most often tainted with human wisdom and some aspect of self promotion.

The one constant communication in my heart from the Spirit of God, and it’s been this way for many years, is to not get caught up in the rat race of the production and professionalism of public ministry and the bane of much of Western Christianity whereby so many have been deceived and defiled. Don’t go that way, beloved. Go for the least, the last, and the lost. And if,  and when, the Lord opens up larger opportunities to reach multitudes of people, stay small in your own eyes.

Look beyond the surface of plastic smiles to the heart in pain and the brokenness that fills so much of society. Even in church services I can guarantee you there is someone sitting close to you who is fighting a great battle and is overwhelmed with discouragement. Let the strong bear the infirmities of the weak. That is the perfect law of Christ and His heart for each of us.

Most of my life has been a continual yearning to know God’s heart – to know His ways and not just His acts. That’s really what this post is about. It’s the theme of much of what I write.

I trust it’s a blessing to those who carry the same heart cry.

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This is a journal entry from April 2002 when my life and ministry was transformed during an extended time of prayer and fasting. It is a word from God that is fitting for many in this hour when the “idol” of professional ministry shall bow to Jesus and His life (The Journal Of A Journey To His Holiness). 

Think back to your former days when in your innocence and simplicity you possessed a certain awareness of the reality of My presence. Surprisingly, as your knowledge of My Word increased, you forfeited a portion of that awareness. “Ministry” spoiled the innocence and simplicity of our fellowship. Your mind became somewhat corrupted by “ministry.” Religion entered back into your life in a different form and worked a measure of death birthed by the works of man.

If you will be honest with yourself and remember those former days, you will have to admit that you had an awareness of My presence not only in your solitude with Me, but on the job as well. You had a sensitivity to the sinner and were always aware of Me when in their presence. But then after being trained for ministry, and being always around believers, performance and activity became the king of all your service. A measure of My love was diminished and a measure of My awareness was lost. Religion again worked its course in you to separate you from Myself.

Put away all residue of religion and move on into the glorious life and liberty of the Son. Move on into the communion of the Holy Spirit in all phases of your life.

Image result for images of light on pathway

Walk in the light of God and experience the life and liberty of the Son. 

I would have you know that My Son was the most un-religious person that ever walked the face of the earth. He was the last Adam. What the first Adam possessed before the fall, the last Adam possessed without ever falling. In the first Adam, before the fall, there was no religion. There were no temples made with human hands. There were no religious groups and denominations. There was not to be in the original purpose of the Godhead a division among men concerning religious persuasion or doctrine. These things are now all a product of sin and of the curse that came upon the earth.

There was no division between the spiritual and the natural. My kingdom was a part of all of Adam’s life. There was no division between his ministry to Me and his personal life. It was all one.

As I have already spoken to you, one of the greatest idols in these last days that will bow its knee to My presence is the idol of “ministry”. “Ministry” has a subtle way of spoiling the simplicity of a walk with Me. The idol of ministry is birthed by the spirit of religion. It is man using My Word to do their own will in ministry. That is the reason for so much of the division that exists in My body today.

In My Holy Spirit of Truth there is no division. If all men would learn to humble themselves and bow their wills to My life and My mind, the Spirit of Truth would teach them. My true life and liberty has been sacrificed on the altar of the stubborn will of man. The Spirit of Truth has been quenched by the muddy waters of religion that works through the will of man.

I would have you know, son, that it was the filthy hands of religion that crucified the innocent clean hands of My life on that cross. It is still the filthy hands of religion today that crucify My life on the altar of the human will of man. It was the filthy hands of the religious spirit that opposed and then crucified the glorious life and liberty of the Son. Lucifer so opposes this life and liberty that is found in My Son because it defies religion and the selfish will of man.

Study Isaiah chapter 14. See how Lucifer fell. Hear what he said. Was it not his will that opposed Me and My reign? Lucifer’s will desired exaltation. A desire for an honored reputation led to his fall. He has great hatred for all mankind, but especially toward those who only desire to do the will of the Father, and not their own.

That is why the Son uttered phrases like, “I came not to do My will, but the will of Him who sent Me.” “…My judgment is just because I seek not My own will, but the will of the Father which has sent Me.” “And My delight is to do Your will, oh God.” Statements like this were like a slap to Lucifer’s face.

In the depths of that delight to do the Father’s will lies the secret of deliverance from the spirit of religion. It is all found in the will. The key is to surrender your will on the altar of His life.

In the hearing and obeying of My counsel lies the secret to possessing that life. That life is a life of liberty that is free of religion. Religion is based on activity and performance outside of hearing and obeying. Liberty comes when you hear and obey what I say. Doing your own will engenders bondage.

The only kind of religion that is pure is the kind written in James 1:27 which is to take care of widows and orphans and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.

This is a living word which produces a living faith.

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