Think about how much our country has changed since the turn of the century (millennium). Think about how much it has changed just since Obama was in office. I got news for you. The rapid changes we have seen in the last few years are not coming to a halt anytime soon. In a word, this rapidity of change will continue to increase and mark these last days before Jesus returns.

At the peak of these changes is the intensity of the persecution of Christians. There is a reason for the great disparity between the recent media coverage on the massacre of Muslims in places like New Zealand and the killing of Christians in places like Nigeria. The writing is on the wall. Christians are hated and that hatred will only increase.

There’s also a reason why the larger percentage of the nations despise the tiny powerful nation of Israel. Jews are also hated and that hatred will continue to increase.

One of the ways persecution will increase in the West is in the form of spying through artificial intelligence. The same way the Chinese government tracks Christians there and keeps a profile on each of them will followed in America and the West. All the pieces are in place for this to escalate in the next few years. Christians will be the most targeted, not only by the government, but by private companies as well.

Organizations like Amazon, Google and Facebook are already tracking your life from the sites you visit to the purchases you make, and their algorithms help companies advertise and market their products and services. They know where you live, and they know your occupation. No harm has been done yet, but that will change as Christians in the West draw the line in the sand between righteousness and wickedness. What has been used for mostly good will now be used for evil as the government will team up with private companies to spy deeper into people’s lives. The truly righteous will be prey in that day.

Watch out for more laws to be established through our Congress that will show partiality and steal Christian liberties. The courts will disregard these liberties and determine more and more what is offensive. Homosexuality, including transgenderism, and Islam will continue to be at the front and center of controversy as leftists seek to clamp down on Christians, churches and true conservatives. When anything goes awry, especially in our economy, true Christians and conservatives will be blamed.

Christian and Jewish persecution will increase even in the West.


It is obvious that honest journalism is at an all-time low. The media lies. Those who pledge allegiance to Islam lie. Sinners, especially those with their own agenda, will lie and lie. Lying or bearing false witness has been done to God’s people throughout the centuries and was something the religious leaders did to both Jesus (Mark 14:56-59) and Stephen (Acts 6:13). The same shall be done in ever-increasing effectiveness against true Christians in these last days even in the West. The media will take words out of context and pervert what was truly said. Global martyrdom will continue to rise, and we may see it here in the West sooner rather than later, because if you can’t change someone’s faith, you kill them.

Technology now has the ability to transform any video or audio of a person’s words and make it seem as though he is saying words he didn’t even say. The general populace will believe it because they are seeing it and hearing it on video. Christians will be blamed for things they never said or did.


True believers in Jesus who are consecrated to Him need not fear when they witness these things coming to pass in greater measure. Those who seek first God’s kingdom will prosper in this hour and have peace beyond human understanding, while those in darkness shall continue to stumble and be full of fear and great perplexity. Light will dawn on the path of the righteous as darkness and gross darkness fill the land.

These are the days to get your house and priorities in order. These are days of cleansing and consecration. New vows of separation from the things of this world shall be made by many who are presently in darkness. The household of faith will become more and more precious to those who have truly forsaken the love of this world. In that day, our relationship with those of kindred spirits and precious-like faith will be our greatest wealth. There will be great miracles and divine intervention in the lives of believers who place their trust in the Lord. The coming crisis will only minimally affect them.

However, those who put their trust in the systems of this world will have more heartache and trouble, and for some, this is what it will take for true repentance to work in their hearts and surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

To be warned is to be forearmed. May wisdom teach us to build our house on the rock of Jesus Christ. It is only those who prepare for the coming storm and days of adversity and persecution who shall not be shaken.

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