There was a season in the late John G. Lake’s life and ministry when all he did was travel throughout North America and fellowship with ministers and good friends. He said it fulfilled such a need and ministered a satisfaction to his spirit. He had been ministering and pioneering a work in Africa for years and pouring into others before coming off the field to just travel around the nation and fellowship with those of like-precious faith.

Carolyn and I haven’t traveled in over a year. We’ve been in and out of hospitals a good portion of that time. Thank the Lord our health is improving. She’s no longer in excruciating pain and my sleep patterns are nearing normal, plus my memory is getting better. Praise God! But we miss the face to face fellowship with some of our dearest friends and fellow ministers. This connecting and joining of kindred spirits is something that the Holy Spirit is highlighting in this hour.

In prayer Carolyn and I have received much revelation and understanding concerning this very important aspect of our Christian walk. The people of God are connecting more deeply with one another in the spirit of truth and genuine brotherly love as a divine dissatisfaction with the spirit of the world and of its religious and political systems fills us. This is the attitude that will bind kindred spirits and those of like precious faith in this hour and mushroom into a mighty move of God.

The real unity of the Spirit is not ecumenicalism, where people with various religious beliefs are brought together through man’s efforts. It’s relationship-based Christianity and activity in the Holy Spirit that connects spirits to spirits. This is real unity in the Spirit.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent word from God that we jotted in our prayer journal:

“You see, I’ve brought you into relationships that are after Me, and you stir one another, for this is what I’ve ordained for My body to have—spirit to spirit communications and activations. For it is only then that there is a move of My Spirit and revelation knowledge of the things I am doing. That is why when you hear of someone who is moving with Me your spirit is stirred, and it causes you to move with Me, too. This is why you can only go to places now where I’ve made that spirit to spirit connection even through your writings and teachings. For the things that others also hear from you causes an activation of My Spirit in their spirits, and this is what causes the communications and them to reach out and connect. For if you can see what it looks like in the Spirit realm—it is the moving of My Spirit and the activation and the life that comes forth…and it even goes through the phone lines, I see, for there is no distance in the Spirit.”

Services, meetings, and conferences where we receive teaching and spiritual impartation is great, but we also need to realize that much ministry and life is imparted and activated through our fellowship in the Spirit with those of like-precious faith. It enriches us and deposits things into our spirits that are eternal and profits us much in this life. I could tell you so many unforgettable accounts and examples of this in our own lives through the many years of serving the Lord. I know even since being home from the hospital I’ve connected with minister friends in America and in other nations through social media or via phone who were quickened by something I wrote or said or vice versa, and we were both enriched and even received direction from the Lord.

Please don’t neglect your God ordained relationships, because they multiply who you are and add an important element of life and wisdom to your spirit. I’ll say more in another blog.

Love and blessings!

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Thank you, and may God’s richest and best be yours.


  1. Praise the Lord for both of your continued and accelerated recoveries! The Lord is raising you both up, as from the dead; for you were struck down, but not destroyed. Afflicted in every possible way, but not crushed. The valley of the shadow only constrained you, for a short while, on now “to other cities”. To the open door of Psalm 24:9 “Lift up your heads, O gates! And lift them up, O ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.”

    Ancient doors closed long, long ago. Now open.


  2. We miss both of your faces! And the mighty things from the Spirit that you share with us when you are here. Hurry and come back to us SOON!. We love you both so much. And are thankful for your continued healing and restoration.

    • We miss you all, too! Thank you for your love and support. Its been a tough time, but our God is tougher and greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. JESUS IS LORD!

  3. This is a blessing–to think God would bring this forth more now, in the Church! Doesn’t it seem some things may be being put to death, or disciplined, so that God could enable this? Like restrictions to church gatherings, because of Covid; and now we may be looking at speech, and preaching becoming more restricted, and perhaps literal persecution in the near future. But it really does make so much sense that this would work for good to bring God’s real life to those who long for it (and gather many in); as what is not real, of the flesh, or deceiving is done away with!

    It is so good to hear you, and Carolyn are improving so well! How is your son–does he see ways your hardship has worked for his good?

    • Hi Penny! First of all, we want to give many thanks to you for your recent love offering you sent in. Our hearts were overjoyed by your generosity and it helped us to meet some great medical needs we had. Again, many thanks for your obedience to give, and we pray God’s richest and best back to you.
      Yes, God is working everything for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. And second yes to our son seeing this, but he’s had faith all along and knew we were coming out of this.

      • Thank you for your reply–that blesses me! I’ve been blessed lately too, as it seems I’m being probed in a deep way, as far as being anxious (can be anything, everything even in a mild way), and unbelief; instead that He must be the focus, to look to Him, and wait on Him, and trust, and be led of Him concerning ALL things (how that would work in “real time”– a definite learning process!) This morning it came to me (like real “substance” and “evidence”) how POWERFUL the written word is, and God’s promises, and that we CAN BELIEVE them…I rejoice in that!

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