Months ago my good friend, and prophet Ken Peters issued this scathing rebuke. If you have any bit of arrogance and are not humble and teachable, you will find it hard to receive it. At the least, submit it to the Holy Spirit. Here it is:

Hopefully all the Christian leaders who rolled over and played dead across this country will read…

In Russia the Christian leaders like you blindly followed instructions, and then came Lenin and Communism, followed by Hitler in Germany. Now look at Germany.

Mao in China?

Castro in Cuba?

Sanders, Biden, Pelosi, and  Newsome..

Keep sitting back brothers and sisters and the obvious is going to happen!
You continue to reap the benefits of this present President and his outspoken support of Christianity and Israel, but fail to support him for fear of what other spineless church leaders think of you! You hide behind your video church service feigning submission to God when actually you have totally grieved the Holy Spirit.

Your actions prove your disloyalty to Christ!

Your false narrative of good citizenship is disgusting and reveals complete fear of not only Covid-19, but the deep state, who now controls your actions and your sermons! You have failed miserably this beta test! If you in your pride don’t repent your next failures will be the end of Free Worship in America and is a State controlled church, exactly like the examples I set forth.

Some of you are a bit famous in the eyes of men, others not so. But all of you, regardless, have failed. Doing videos and trying desperately to calm your sheep so they continue to tithe and give finances with non-Spirit led messages that bring no life whatsoever. Boasting about how many salvations you accomplish, yet few true conversions leading to true disciples!

Have you so quickly forgotten 9-11?

Full churches for 2 weeks!

Sadly long ago you compromised the truth for the lie, and your need and desire to be accepted and esteemed in the eyes of men rather than true obedience to Christ Jesus and His faithful word:

“If you love the world you cannot love me”(John 15:18-20).

If anyone loves the world the love of the Father is not in him.” (1 John 2:15).

“Now how many will speak against me?”

Does that sound like no love from Jesus? And no love in this post? How dare Him?

Better stated, how dare you do fake Church with no fear of God?!

You are no better than the money grubbers, the fake signs and wonders movement, the cult leaders demanding blind submission, the no-Holy Spirit today sects.

You will be held accountable. You will weep before the Real Jesus. You have white washed His Holy Word and called it submission to the Laws of the land completely out of Biblical context! Yet you cry at the sight of a Holocaust photo?

Sadly blind leaders, soon you will be in those types of photos…
You have no clue to the timing of God’s dealings on Earth and have turned away every true prophetic voice He has sent. God does not change because of your false doctrines of grace…
He says clearly to you to repent.

We are truly in for the fight of our life in regard to the freedoms we have enjoyed for a long time!
But please take heart and rest in the very presence of our great God and Savior. Many will sacrifice all for Him and some will become living martyrs. But all who love the Lord are His Father’s children.

Let not our hearts be troubled for He has overcome all for us!
None of this may turn out as we sense or believe or even expect but we know we are just passing through. This is not our home and even America is not our kingdom! Soon our King Jesus will return and some of us will be with Him and some of us will greet and welcome Him, but each and everyone who endures to the end will be saved. Remember that the endurance is not based in our own strength but in the grace and strength of our Lord Jesus Christ, and this is always with us just as He is always with us. So let’s not just grieve about what is happening any longer, but let us look up for our redemption draws near!

I love and pray for each of you.

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Thank you, and may God’s richest and best be yours.


  1. Hi there. As I started reading this I’m guessing “present President” was about Trump?? Is there a date on this article? Thanks for all you do, Marsha O’Keefe

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  2. I wish there were more Christians who would speak the truth! Thank you for your article. It was a blessing to hear the truth.

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