We live in the Northeast region of America which is most liberal. It is taking more courage to live in radical uncompromising obedience to Jesus than ever before.

For example, the church we’ve been attending has chosen to stay open in spite of the pandemic. As a result, they’ve had a good number of their people threatened by their employers to either quit going to church or lose their job. Also, several grandparents in the church have been threatened by their families to quit going to church or lose the privilege of seeing their precious grandchildren. Do you think that’s an easy decision to choose between church and your livelihood or your grandchildren? I’m proud to say that most of these church members are taking a stand for Jesus and staying strong in Him.

Last week this church baptized 11 people right in the service who completely renounced sin and compromise and dedicated their lives to serving Jesus whole-heartedly. Most were young people. I was so elated and blessed to participate in the service. It reminded me of revival days in West Africa and Pensacola, Florida where we served for many years. This is the new era we have entered into in America.

If you want to live out authentic Christianity you’re going to have to stand against the atheistic communistic spirit that is gaining ground in our land. You’re going to have to make up your mind to courageously resist rogue government and tyranny.

There is a separation going on between the authentic obedient Christian and the carnal compromising one. It is a time of self examination, awakening, and harvest.During harvest time in Israel, the harvesters would take the wheat up on a hill at night when the winds would blow and throw the wheat up in the air so the winds could catch it and blow the chaff away. Then the pure wheat would be gathered into barns and preserved while the chaff was burned with fire.

Can you see the obvious analogy? We are living in the night season of the Church era and the winds of separation are now blowing and the fires of opposition and persecution will burn away the chaff representing the sin, the compromise, and carnality in the body of Christ, so that she can be a glorious Bride without spot and wrinkle, holy and blameless in God’s sight.

Fear not people of God. Seek Jesus and His strength. Be filled with His mighty Holy Spirit. Be of good courage and lean on His all sufficient grace. This is our finest hour, and the best is yet to come! We are victorious in Jesus!

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