One year ago today after a 3-city Southeast ministry trip I sat down at our dining room table to have lunch, not feeling quite right. After biting my tongue and not being able to pick up my last bite of food I knew something was off. I walked to the top of our basement stairway and felt uneasy and off balance. It was the day I had planned to visit my Mom who lives with my brother and sister-in-law two towns over. On my way there the car kept pulling to the left, and I knew it wasn’t the alignment. I was having a stroke.

When I arrived at my brother’s house, who is a former nurse, he confirmed it and took me to the hospital right away. Time was of essence, and as it turned out, because I was treated within the 3 hour window, I avoided permanent damage or paralysis. Thank God for that!

I was in the hospital for a total of 16 days and continued my rehab another month after getting discharged. Then I developed insomnia and the complications set in. It would be several months and admissions to other hospitals and specialty units before I finally began to heal.


During my treatment and recovery period Carolyn was diagnosed with a sarcoma cancerous growth on her lower left left, which required reconstructive surgery 4 times and then radiation. Unfortunately, the 6-week radiation treatments burned her lower leg and opened up her wounds, which have not yet healed and will require yet another surgery scheduled for April 12th. She’s been in constant pain because she’s had to lay off the pain medication for precautionary measures to avoid addiction.

We’ve not been able to travel in ministry for an entire year. I might also add that in the middle of our physical and mental challenges, we also contracted Covid-19 along with our son Daniel, who is living at home now, working, and also helping us. As you know, expenses continue to pile up, but through the love and support of our partners and friends God has sustained us. Thank you so much for your love, sensitivity, prayers, and financial gifts. We’re glad to report that we are on the other side and can now see the victory. We are grateful for the Lord’s goodness and mercy during this long difficult trial.

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Thank you, and may God’s richest and best be yours.


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