If the devil can’t render a minister ineffective or ruin their testimony through some cheap thrill like adultery or other sexual escapade as he did with Ravi Zecharias and Carl Lentz, he will attack you with sickness and disease. Last March I suffered a stroke, which I was recovering from nicely before suffering a setback through complications. The rest of 2020 I was in and out of hospitals seeking the help I needed. 

Before I could fully recover and be restored to health, Carolyn was diagnosed with a sarcoma (a form of cancer) that required four different surgeries to remove it all including reconstructive surgery to fill in the hole it left in her lower leg. Finally, six weeks of radiation was required to deal with any residue that may have remained.

The radiation may have killed any remaining cancer, but it also did damage to her leg for which she will soon require yet another surgery. Ugh!!! 

Here we are almost a year later in March 2021 and both of us are still receiving treatment and surgery. We have not traveled and ministered for nearly a year and are grateful at how the Father has provided for us and taken care of us. We’d like to thank you, our friends and partners for being God’s supply line during this extremely difficult season of our lives.

One way the Father took care of us was by sending our son Daniel home from Atlanta where he’d been living and working the last few years. He is now living with us and has been such a strength and a help to us in so many ways. 

Moreover, all of this happened in the midst of a pandemic and a crazy election season. What a critical time for the nation and the Church! We can’t wait to be on the road again preparing the body of Christ for the perilous times we now find ourselves coming into. There is no need to worry or fret, however; God has a brilliant plan. We must all continue to do our part to advance the kingdom of God.


  1. Shalom Dr. Farias Trust all is well with you, Carolyn and Daniel. I have been praying for you my friends, it has been a long road, but faith and love is prevailing; count with our love and support. When you feel it’s the right time I would love to visit you, but I understand with this virus we should be very cautious. Love you all and many blessings PG

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  2. May God continue to help, and bless you both in your journey to actively serve Him again (your blogs can bless so many, and I don’t know of another voice “out there” that approaches things quite like you do). Maybe, at some point, you’d share some of your experiences with God, and what He’s taught you through your suffering. It’s a blessing that your son is with you; he must have grown through the difficulty, and unexpectedness of your illnesses, and his decision to be right there to help you!

  3. The devil cannot prevail against you! God will always be on your side. Continuing to pray for you and Carolyn for a full recovery in every way!

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