Recently I came across a short video by one of my favorite ministers and authors Mario Murillo. In this 9:41 minute video he brings another perspective to the election results that agrees with some thoughts that I’ve had myself. I shared them on Facebook but thought it would reach even more people by blogging them out.

I am not a Republican or a Democrat but first a citizen of God’s kingdom. But I care deeply about the exposure of all the treachery, corruption, and wickedness in our government and the recent election process. And God does, too. I pray continually toward that end that true justice and righteousness be exalted in our land and among our leaders. One of the most important duties of kingdom citizens is to vote for righteous leaders, especially in governments representing their nations. For example, more professing Christians would do well to follow the Biblical guidelines for electing leaders:

“Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens” (Ex. 18:21).

This is such a critical message for the hour we are living in because we are quickly reaching a crisis point in terms of the attempts to reduce and remove godly people from leadership positions in our nation and to eliminate true conservatives from every public platform — the entire tech infrastructure is now mobilizing to take true conservative outlets off the air, but their attempts will soon backfire. RINOS are not true conservatives. The true conservative populace are finding that out and will soon oust them from their positions through their non-vote.

It is common knowledge that social media organizations like Facebook and Twitter oppose righteous, conservative viewpoints that promote a Christian worldview. Look at what Twitter has done to conservative voices including President Donald Trump recently. The antichrist spirit is now the dominant spirit throughout America and the nations of the world with constant efforts to eliminate the true living God from the mainstream, but again their plans will backfire. Recent US elections bear witness to this, especially the most recent one, as the video says. However, we know their attempts will fail. Just give it some time. You and me, and all the believing ones, with God are a majority, and will always win in the end. Justice will prevail. The kingdom of God will advance.

President Donald Trump’s opposition to the left’s liberal policies, the dark plans of the elite in government, religion, and business, the UN agenda for a global reset and a One World Order are the reasons for much of the left’s hatred of him. As a matter of fact, his improbable victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016 upset the left’s evil plans to continue on with Obama’s wicked agenda to secularize and sodomize the United States of America and continue to pull it toward a One World Order government. Not only was the last democratic administration responsible for the legalization of gay marriage, the promotion of Islam, but the rise in abortions and the widespread increase of sex trafficking, notably pedophelia. I know that latter part may be new and surprising to some people, but my research tells me it’s so and reliable sources report such. It shall be brought to light in the days ahead.

God will see to it that the most innocent and vulnerable in our society will be brought to justice, and the terrible things done to them brought to light. Yet many Christians voted for him, especially African-Americans. Furthermore, the same people voted for Joe Biden, a puppet to the leftist evil agenda. Wake up to righteousness people! I write this to your shame.

Awake to righteousness, and do not sin; for some do not have the knowledge of God” (1 Cor. 15:34).

The democratic administration and its present leadership are wicked. And some Republicans are, too. Our allegiance in this hour must be to the Living God and His kingdom. After all, our citizenship is in heaven. But understand that at this writing Joe Biden has signed over 50 executive orders already, most of which promote unrighteousness and wickedness and does not help the average American. In fact, it does the opposite and lays heavy burdens on them. It reminds of what Jesus said of the Pharisees and wicked rulers of His day:

For they bind heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers” (Matt. 23:4).

All it’s (the signing of executive orders) doing is undoing what President Trump did. But I believe all the evil plans of the democratic party and some RINOS (Republicans in name only who are in alliance with the evil) will soon be brought to light. If only more professing Christians acted like Christians at the ballot box our nation would’ve never reached this point of crisis. If you are guilty, you can still repent. God will forgive you.

I have good news. For the truly repentant and believing ones, joy and victory is coming in the morning…in due season, we will see the hand of God moving on behalf of righteousness and holiness. Be patient. Be prayerful. Get in your secret place and you will soon see what was averted because of God’s intervention. There will be hardship and some persecution and suffering, but joy and celebration on the sanctified ones.

Read the following verses very carefully. Believe and follow their admonition in this hour.

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of the is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth), finding out what is acceptable to the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret (much will soon be exposed politically in our nation). But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light. Therefore He says “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light. See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise,redeeming the time, because the days are evil” (Eph. 5:8-16).


There has been much controversy and much confusion concerning the recent election, as indicated by posts I’ve seen on social media and one I shared myself just yesterday. Please do yourself a great favor and carve out a little over 30 minutes of your time to enlighten and educate yourself concerning the enormity of the corruption and money laundering backing many organizations — most of which operate under bogus philanthropies that are used to win elections, fund abortion, aid in global depopulation, and influence the dark UN plan for a One World Order.

I’ve known a little of this stuff, but the video below has widened my understanding of it, and consequently increased my grief and burden for the Church, America, and the nations. Some people just have no clue about this, and many Christians sadly are among the ignorant. By watching this video and doing your own research you will understand what really happened with the recent election. Some of you will be wowed. It will both break your heart and stir a great righteous indignation in you. Hopefully, it will lead you to prayer and action, and repentance if necessary.

Beloved, we are living in very tumultuous times and gross darkness is all around us. As the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ we must be One and we must be Light and Love in this hour and make God visible by our witness. I’m going to be writing and preaching more on this and helping to prepare God’s people for the Lord’s soon return. This is very very serious stuff involving the antichrist system, the beast, and the glorious Church being positioned for exploits in these end times.

The devil tried to kill me recently with complications from a stroke, which I’m still recovering from as the Lord has been merciful to me. Carolyn was also set back due to her cancer surgeries and has had a very long and slow recovery. I’ll be giving you another update soon on the state of our health. Good news. The devil is endeavoring to shut the mouths of preachers in this hour and silence the bold and righteous witnesses of the Lord. We must resist his efforts to steal, kill, and destroy us. We must also resist his efforts to censor us, silence us, and move us into fear and compromise. This video is only one, a sequel in a long series of videos. I encourage you to watch this one and then decide if you want more. I pray it will enlighten you, educate you, and stir you like it did me and my family. Resist the thoughts that it is all conspiracy. It is not. There is much truth in it. Be blessed everyone. Here it is:


God bless you and I love you all.

Bert Farias

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According to some underground sources, a ring of gross wickedness exists in our government and has for a long time. For instance, the Obamas are a crime family and have been engaged in a pedophelia sex trafficking ring for years. As are the Clintons. Hillary had plans to promote this sort of evil by doing away with conservative voices in our government and Supreme Court. Who do you think played the biggest role in the death of Justice Anthony Scalia? That’s why her election loss to President Trump was such a shock to her and the liberals. Even some Supreme Court justices are wicked and promote this sort of evil.


  1. Welcome back Bert so good to hear from you!! Godspeed to full recovery for you both!

    I’ve personally had enough news and videos about the wicked waxing worse and worse (UGH!!). But as for election results, my favorite are in Acts 2: “..wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood, and FIRE, and vapor of smoke.”

    THESE are the results of our election, by God, into the Body of His Son.

    THIS is truly a time, and indeed a year, for us to rejoice, and again I say rejoice, with ever increasing joy. And for you both to fully recover all.

    GLORY to God!!!

  2. Shalom Dr. Farias Trust all is well with you and your beautiful wife as well son. I’m very excited to hear from you again, man you made my day! Yes, I agree this has been a testing time, I myself have heard many men of God about the elections and right now we don’t see with our natural eyes the victory, but I cannot believe that all of these men are wrong or gave false hope to the people, I still believe in some supernatural move if God, unmasking all thus even plot, if not Lord Have Mercy. A big hug and a kiss in your bold head. lol PG

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thank you, dear friend, for your love and solidarity! My wife and I have been seriously ill, and I nearly lost my life, but thankfully, the Lord had great mercy on me. We are getting stronger and on the mend. A hug and kiss back to you on your bald head also. (-:

  3. I am so glad to hear from you, Bert. I thank God for your life. I missed some of your writings not all though. I think that the major problem is that the American Christian is depending on the government to establish God’s kingdom. Conservativism is not synonymous with Christianity. And I do not support the democrats either. I think the option available to Americans is to embrace Christ. And go on our knees. That His kingdom come. This kingdom can not be instituted by man.
    It’s not strange that we live in a perverse and crooked generation. The first church in Europe did. Let us learn from Paul’s letter to the Philippians.
    I pray that the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ makes you whole and perfect your health and that of your wife.

  4. It was so good to see, and read your post! We pray the devil would NOT succeed in shutting down Christian voices, that they’d only increase with God’s power, and effectiveness! I pray, and it seems, at this time, God would be raising up, and maturing His people to clearly shine, to enable those in all this increasing darkness to be drawn to Him! There may even be a vengeance as to this, because of the proliferation of gross wickedness, and injustice. As far as the election, it appears there are several, including Biblical, explanations, as to why the prophecies did not actually come to pass (or they may yet)…an interesting set of dreams, concerning this–“His Kingdom Prophacy,” “Four Dreams” by Abel Praise puts out the possibility of high level witchcraft being involved. Yet I think it’s important not to just speculate, as this confusion seems to have brought some damage to the Church. Perhaps God will avenge this too, by building up the Church even stronger! I agree, it seems there’s strong direction to pray ongoing for justice, and judgement; but we may not know what specifically what that would mean…actually, don’t we so NEED GOD in all this, because we don’t know so much!? Before the election, the only way I found any confidence was to pray, and expect “God’s will”–and to continue to pray that way. But close to Jan. 20th, after I’d sought God for a while, if I could/should pray specifically that Trump would stay in, I very quickly had two (one profound, and unusual), confirmations as to that–I had prayed too, that “God’s heart” would be what would happen…I was encouraged, but I still didn’t have a sense of confidence as to believing he would stay in (hopefully I wasn’t disbelieving). Since then, seeking God, I do believe these two indications, and they seem precious to me; but for reasons not known were not fullfilled. I realize too, “God’s will” can be fluid, maybe mysterious; but even if we can’t understand, it’s SO IMPORTANT as to who God is! I do appreciate, it’s important that you explain the political angle of things in all this, so people can vote righteously (please include more videos, as you’d mentioned). In further posts could you please explain why you believe there will be justice, and that the saints will find success (so to speak)? I wonder how, or when this would happen, or to what extent (although to pray for it); because it seems so clear the Church needs refining, discipline, judgement itself–perhaps FIRST before the country could be brought out of darkness…could the future of our country even be “on the line” as to if the Church repents? I remember you’d included, before, prophecies to that extent.

  5. I forgot, I just wanted to say I appreciated you showing Morris Murillo’s video (it seems many are vary to talk about the fraud issue) — you must have read what he said about the election otherwise as well? I don’t think we should just “get over” Pres. Trump being denied a second term, how can we — as to praying for justice, isn’t that the biggest example of injustice!? But it’s a blessing, maybe a call, to press in, and continually LOOK TO GOD concerning this, and for our country now! It’s kind of hard to understand quite how to pray for our wicked leaders though…I just pray for them that the damage would be stopped, or mitigated as much as possible (for justice, and judgement too)…perhaps you could address that question soon. May God bless you, and Carolyn for healing, and strengthening, and all He has for you to do!

  6. Dear Bert

    Welcome back! I missed your blog. Only a few people share
    the hard truth.

    I agree with your insights about corruption in the US

    I exhort people to stop searching by using a “big tech”
    (they are mostly N_W_O puppets) software. Use an
    unfiltered search engine like

    Duck Duck Go


    Many search engines, especially the “big tech” search
    engines, imposed their own liberal views. Conservative
    articles are often “pushed” down or completely censored.

    E.g., if you search for “Coronavirus vaccine death”, you
    will articles with N_W_O slant. Do it with DuckDuckGo
    or Startpage and you will be shocked.


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