As I was praying, Jesus said something to me that shook me to my core. He said, “what is coming into the earth is My PRIZE.” He was telling me the change coming to the church will be the reward of His suffering. I then saw a vision of the great army of soldiers. On each of the soldier’s foreheads, I saw the word “holiness” burned into the skin. I knew at that moment that the Holiness came through the fire. The Lord is raising up a holy people. He is returning for a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle. He can’t return until the Church is bearing His glory.

I went into travail. I groaned when He spoke to me. I felt His longing to return and His longing for His people to be the TRUE Church. In the current state of the church, there is no way he can come back. His blood purchased so much more than what we are walking in. He is ready to release glory. First, repentance must happen. Then the church must humble themselves and consecrate themselves unto the Lord. He will then mark them as Holy. A day is coming very soon for this army of holy warriors to arise and shine. The hordes of hell are licking their chops, thinking that they have won. The glorious Bride is about to come out of her chamber. Having encountered the King and received holiness and glory. The Bride is comprised of sons and daughters of the King. The ones that Jesus said would be engrafted in the vine and their branches will bear fruit. They will ask what they will and it will be done for them. They will operate in the greater works. The sons and daughters of righteousness will rise. They will arise and shine and give the Father all the glory!

Holiness unto the Lord - Vineyard - YouTube

In this encounter I saw minister friends I knew, and many others. They will have mouths like trumpets that will blast the truth. The truth of heaven will sound like an alarm to many lost. The blasts of truth will be so strong they will resurrect the dead. Many will be delivered out of darkness into the light. The truth is what Jesus intended for the church to proclaim. They will bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, and release prisoners. They will execute the Law of Christ in the earth. I sensed there will be entire nations and cities turning to the Lord as the sons and daughters herald the alarm of the King. I saw a great harvest of souls for the King.

The history of the church will be forever changed by the days ahead. The other day He gave me Habakkuk 1:5.

“Look among the nations and watch—be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days which you would not believe, though it were told you”.

The coming days are going to blow our minds. It’s about to get crazy good. I sensed there are more changes and things coming like this pandemic. He has a plan that has been unfolding since the beginning. The earth is shaking. May we be holy unto Him. May the Lamb receive the reward of His suffering! — L. P. 

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