Warm greetings, and warm Jesus love to you, dear friends from across the many miles that separate most of us!

Today was another milestone for me as I completed my last outpatient therapy session, which I will now continue at home. We are presently at the six week mark since my stroke. Most stroke victims recovery period is between the 3-6 month mark, and some with bigger ones take longer. A minister friend of mine said it was about two years before he felt like himself again after his stroke. Barring God’s miracle power, some who have massive strokes with more extensive damage are never quite the same.  

       Balance therapy

I praise the Lord for His kindness and mercy to me and an extension of my life and the ministry He has called me to fulfill on the earth. Now it’s my precious wife Carolyn’s turn to overcome her own ongoing health challenges by God’s grace. Again, most of you don’t know that she needs surgery to remove a low grade malignant tumor from her left calf. It is outpatient surgery, same day out. But then she has to back in just 7-10 days later to have more extensive plastic surgery done to fill in the hole the first surgery  will  leave. That second segment of the surgery is about a 5 hour surgery with a longer recovery period. Please stand in faith and agreement with us for surgical wisdom, guidance, and pinpoint precision with no complications, adverse effects, and an accelerated recovery period, nothing short of miraculous. 

Yes, it has been a challenging season for us, and one that will mark a historical timeline in our history with the Lord. His grace has been abundant and His faithfulness has been great. Carolyn and I believe we will both be stronger, better, and wiser after this season passes. Praise the Name of Jesus!

Carolyn will have surgery and will fully recover.

Why is this happening?

From the beginning I’ve stated that it is simply a demonic attack. I won’t touch anything else in my thought realm. It’s a dead end street. Did you open the door through sin? Not that I’m aware of. We live clean lives, and constantly watch our love walk. We have no unforgiveness or strife with anyone.  We will go to great lengths to repent and forgive.  Has the Lord dealt with you guys about things? Yes, but most things are none of anyone’s business but ours. Are we going to make some adjustments? You bet we are. Much of it has to do with rest. 

The Lord told us that the decade of our 60s would be our most fruitful years (Carolyn is 59 and I am 61). The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. End of story. But let me say that some attacks on us have been vicious. For example, we’ve received much hate mail from the LGBTQ community over some strong and holy articles we’ve written on homosexuality. Even my wife and son were threatened. Even since the stroke, one so called minister said the reason I had a stroke was because my doctrine was off, and he went on to add that if I didn’t change my doctrine, I’d probably have another stroke. Can you believe the wickedness of such a human being, much less a so called minister?  I deleted his comment, blocked him, and banned him to preacher prison. Many people, even religious ministers, hate the word we preach and the move of the Spirit we carry. Many hate the boldness and directness of our writings. Devils despise the fire of holiness that we love and that has marked our ministry for many years. They also seethe with rage at the anointing on my wife’s prayer life and the wisdom and revelation that have fueled us and hindered many devils from wreaking havoc on the saints and churches. We thank the Lord and intend to run our full race and finish our course and assignment in Him. Obedience is the food of our lives and ministry. 

“Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.


What we do need is a larger prayer covering from our partner churches and dearest friends. Thank you for all you who do pray regularly for us. We know we couldn’t have made it this far without all the outpouring of love, prayers, and support we’ve received.  Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude. Glory to God! And our faith is arising and we are filled with hope for the future. We make one consistent declaration: The devil is defeated and JESUS is LORD!

If you’ve read this far, thank you for your time today.

Abundant grace and peace to all of you who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. 

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16 thoughts on “HEALTH UPDATE

  1. Sounds to me like you are being hit with witchcraft, from both “Christian” and non-Christian sources. I agree with you for total healing. The prayers and words spoken against you that were birthed from hatred and judgement are broken by the Name and Blood of Jesus. We bless those who have cursed you but tear down and nullify their words, in Jesus’ name. Believing for your total restoration. Donna Anna’s House


  2. Well let me say that I (and my whole church, DLM) LOVE the Word you preach. I feel so fortunate to be connected to you, as I truly believe your anointing is in the vein of Wigglesworth (to Sumrall to Hagin to you). That’s speculation of course but good fun in the Lord nonetheless 🙂

    The position you hold, and the ferocity with which you engage the strongest holds of God’s enemies on the earth today, are a bold testimony to satan’s spoiled, humiliated, and utter powerlessness. IE these light, momentary afflictions just pale. They pale!! Glory to God RUN WITH FIRE!!!

  3. Wow thank you Jesus!
    Thank God for all He has done and He is doing through you and your family and in you!
    Praying and believing with you for total recovery. And your later years and ministry would be greater than the past in Jesus mighty name!!

  4. God bless you Bert do not fear their words. Psalm 64 God will deal with your enemies. We bind all retaliation from Bert and Carolyn and their family in Jesus’ mighty name and we break every foul curse released against them for the Word they’ve preached is the Truth. The devil is mad but he is defeated because greater is He living in you than he that is in the world. We thank You Father for divine health and complete restoration and strength for both Bert and his wife and we will see Your Spirit and Glory unfold all over this earth as You promised in Your Son Jesus name amen. Best Regards, Rose

  5. Brother Bert and Sister Carolyn,
    May the grace and peace of Christ be multiplied to your family since you are sincere ones.
    The move of the Spirit will be passed on to the next generation and your lives will continue to be used to that end for the weapons that were formed against you will not prosper.
    I agree with you and believe wholeheartedly that this next decade will be the most fruitful years of your lives.
    God is making adjustments in all of us and though the enemy meant to stop you may the Lord use this time to prune anything that needs pruning and may the life of the Spirit flow more richly, deeply and soundly than ever before unto greater fruitfulness unto the glory of the Father.
    We love you and are praying for you.

    Yours in Christ,
    Seth & Vora

  6. Hey Bert Glad to hear of your remarkable progress. Praise God.

    I am glad to hear the diagnosis of Carolyns leg. She has dealt with her leg bothering her for sometime. Praise God hidden things brought into the light.

    I have been praying for her – her surgery, recovery and total restoration.

    You all will have powerful stories to tell of your 2020 journey. God is faithful. Stay strong. We love you


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