On Thursday March 19 I had a minor stroke that left me with limited mobility on my left side. I spent a few days in the hospital before transferring to a rehab center where I am currently receiving intensive therapy. I will be okay and recover full mobility and then some. God has been good to me and will restore my health and heal all my wounds (Jer. 30:17).

Furthermore, God has communicated many things to me during this time concerning adjustments I need to make going forward. My faith is arising and I am filled with hope for the future. What many people don’t yet know is that my wife Carolyn was scheduled for surgery on March 18 that was postponed due to the virus. A blessing in disguise indeed, because I was to take care of her after her surgery, but now am needing care myself.

In the end we will both be okay and fully recover in the mighty Name of Jesus. The only thing is that we have to postpone our ministry travel schedule until further notice.

Until further notice we have temporarily postponed our ministry travels


Very simply, it was a demonic attack against our lives and ministry. I’ll leave it right there. One reality about true faith is that it never accuses God. To do that is to side in with the devil, who is the true accuser of God and the brethren. I will never give him any self-satisfaction for what he put me and my family through. But I can tell you that by the power of the Holy Spirit he will pay. As a matter of fact, he already is as nearly everyone who has served me in the hospital and rehab center has heard the gospel, and I led my roommate in a sinner’s prayer yesterday here. We will come at him hard. God will restore us physically and multiply us spiritually. We will see more healings and miracles going forward than we’ve ever seen in our lifetime by the mighty power of God. 

Some have asked why I didn’t tell anyone. Honestly, we just are not those kind of people. As the Lord said to a good friend of mine who recently had major surgery when he was about to ask everyone for prayer on Facebook:

“I told you to cast your cares on Me, not Facebook.” 

Isn’t that good? Please don’t feel sorry for us or pity us. Unbelief is detrimental to our fullest recovery. We appreciate compassion, faith filled prayers, and Spirit-inspired intercession but not begging nor accusing God for what happened. I trust you understand. There are a few close friends who pray and are full of faith that we disclosed  this trial to, and they have been a great blessing to us. You know who you are. Your love, faith, and prayers have ministered great strength to Carolyn and I.

Although we appreciate everyone’s love, care, and concern, I  want to also tell you that due to therapy I do not have time to answer people’s questions or respond to personal inquiries.  Please respect our privacy and give us time. We are in touch with a few dear close friends including our pastors and partners, and that is sufficient . 


Besides putting all my efforts into therapy and giving myself to prayer, I will still be writing articles and working on another book that has been birthed in me during this trial. But we simply cannot travel like we were doing so extensively before. If you want to sow a financial seed or contribution to our ministry, that is your prerogative. You follow the Lord and do what He says. We want to be sensitive to churches and believers in this hour of great national crisis that is difficult on believers and churches and causing a financial burden on many. God is our Source and we fully trust Him to take care of us personally and ministerially. We are His beloved children and His love has overwhelmed us during this time. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Finally, please be careful not to add or take away from anything I’ve said here. That is how rumors spread. One person twists the story, then another adds to it, and before you know it, accuracy is totally lost. 

Please know that this will turn out to be a historic year in our calendar and timeline with God.  Carolyn and I are in positive spirits and rejoicing in God’s intervention and my miraculous recovery. Carolyn is also in perfect peace concerning her surgery.  We are under the overcoming glory of God right now. Now that this has finally been made public  I will occasionally be giving you updates of our progress and sharing fresh revelation. I will tell you one thing, never has the Word of God been as precious to me as it’s been over the last couple of weeks. I have fed on His healing Word nearly day and night and it is alive in my heart. 

Thank you everyone for your love and concern. We will fully recover and be fully restored. 


Bert (and Carolyn) 

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Thank you, and may God’s richest and best be yours. 


  1. Dear Brother Bert,
    We believe with you for total healing and total recovery. In Jesus name
    We’r love you both and greatly appreciate your ministry

  2. Dear Bro. Bert,
    Lawrence and I will be standing with you and praying for your supernatural quick recovery. God Bless

  3. Just know that I many others will be praying for you both! Please rest and take care of yourselves,.
    I have never been a good patient, but I know that you will be!

    Waiting for the good reports!!

    Love you both!💕. Louise

  4. We stand in faith with you both for complete wholeness and will be praying for that to be manifested sooner than later and to HIS Glory. Blessings, Bill and Fran Chye

  5. Praise God for His faithful care and love outpoured over you both. Your testimony of faith is a great encouragement and example. Many Blessings, Stephany CameronHarvest Church of the Lakes Regi

  6. Shalom My Brother Trust you’re feeling much better, I’m sorry to hear what happened, I didn’t know and of course there is things that we will never understand here, but through this God will be glorified and God’s people touched by your faith and dedication! I hope your wife and Daniel are doing fine after this, count with our prayers on your behalf, hopefully your mom is doing good and doesn’t know. Many blessings PG

    Sent from my iPad


  7. You both will be restored, renewed, and increased, in proportion to your faith which is great. We stand with you, and our support of your ministry also will now increase. God bless you both, and know that your voices are mission critical as the church in America faces great lies aimed to silence her. GLORY!!

  8. Dear Brother Bert and Sister Carolyn,
    You’ve been redeemed from the curse of the Law (Gal. 3:13), because Jesus became the curse for you. I am standing with you for complete healing and full restoration. I am currently encouraging myself with some wonderful Bro. Hagin teaching on a subject you have undoubtedly taught on, also. I’m sending it along to you; I trust it will be a word fitly spoken in due season. Can’t wait to share it with you and other readers!

    God bless, Barbara

  9. Love to you Brother Bert and Mrs. Carolyn. Gina and I will be lifting you up in prayer during this time of recovery. This attack will not stand and we believe your left side will come back in Jesus Name!

  10. God bless you both, through trials we become stronger. Praying for you both as you did for me. In the name of the King of Kings.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this difficult news–I hope you are much better by now, and continuing to enjoy God’s nearness, and faithfulness! I missed your blogs, but thought you were probably busy, and traveling (or maybe spending a special “called aside” time with God!) It’s a blessing to hear of your faithfulness, and looking to God through this; and what He is doing…I thought of the wonderful testimony of Steve Hill, looking forward to heaven, when he would have been suffering. How much is suffering going to increase in the days, and years ahead (may the true Church be being prepared); as now our country is suffering (and faithful believers because of it)…as you alluded to, it will get worse. Perhaps we, as believers need to find the “green pastures, and still waters” in ourselves, in the Spirit, because we may not be able to experience that around us! Psalm 31:19-21, and Psalm 91 are so kindly encouraging. And I wondered what you might think as to Ez.14:12-23, if that might be a “word” for now?

  12. I just read about your sickness for the first time, I am lifting you and your wife in prayer. I have been taking care of my husband who’s chronologically sick with heart and breathing problems so I relate to you right now, the Devil can’t keep us down,and through it all my Lord keeps showing us STRONG IN HIM. You will be stronger than ever , no weon formed against you will prosper!

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