by Don Lynch

While reading a book by a leader who says he sees angels and demons 24-7, at the recommendation of one of our primary sources of contemporary Spirit-filled living, this author’s apparent deviation into dangerous existentialism and neo-Gnosticism immediately grieved my soul. The author invites people to see what he sees as if all believers should be enabled to live with such intimidating imaginations as their guidepost for reality. He says, “Since you now see this way, here is how you live your life.”

He instructs people how to live with these imaginations that clearly and fundamentally contradicts what the Bible says. He does not attempt to filter these personal experiences into the Biblical revelation, so his readers begin with a Biblical “how things really work in the spirit.” He begins with an experience to teach a principle. To anyone who doubts that he has these experiences or thinks they might not be Biblical, he says, “God wouldn’t have given you such a spectacular brain unless He intended for you to put it to good use.”

We should be stunned by reading that statement. We should also organize a period of corporate mourning that some of our well-known heroes think this book and this leadership pattern is a great resource. We should ask, “How did our heroes of supernatural function become so unbiblical in this regard while remaining Biblical in many other aspects of the kingdom of God?”

Can my spectacular brain, put to good use, tell me anything about how things really work in the spirit? No, it cannot, if we remain true to the Bible. It is Biblically certain that we do not start with our brains to interpret, judge, apply, or process revelation. Human imagination is not the prophetic source of revelation any more than human conscience determines what is right and wrong. How much Holy Spirit we have does not alter that reality.

We should suggest that everything this book says after that statement finds its proper place in a shredding machine. And we should see this as a clear example of the dangerous crossings we are celebrating, encouraging, and opportunistically marketing in the prophetic movement.


The author gets infinitely worse when he invites anyone reading his book to come “to his own conclusions” about “the author’s opinions” concerning his dangerous crossings. The author says something we should see as a complete denial of God’s absolutes when he assumes our spectacular brains bring us to our own conclusions. He ignores Bible at the start and releases his teaching as a kingdom leader without a context for Biblical accountability.

Between these two gross Biblical errors walks the imaginations of a person in leadership in the kingdom of God, validated by some of our most excellent experts on supernatural reality, asking us to do what the Bible says we should never do. He asks us to make dangerous crossings into spiritual reality without a Bible and submission to prophetic process.

We should be stunned to read these words in print, stunned that this fundamental error goes unchallenged without a loud voice from this movement. We should look around a few minutes to discover the source of this stunning departure from Truth. We should be saying something like, “Stop telling people to ignore the Bible and go with what their brain tells them is how things really work in the spirit. Stop teaching experience as principle.”

Image result for image of cleansing the prophetic


We have had prophets which should not have been teachers who explained authentic prophetic experiences as if they were principles. We have entered the season when selling the capacities of the Spirit is normalized with a hurried shrugging off of caution. We say, “If I can do this, you can too” when God specifically says otherwise. We have had famous and authentic prophets who taught experience as principle.

In one trending example, we have this mentality about seer-ism that is extra-biblical at best and sorcery at worst. We cannot seem to tell the difference between the two. We have some reliable voices and leaders, like James Goll, teaching “seer as form of a prophet,” recognizing this is a way of experiencing spiritual reality that calls for unique training. We also have seer courses that are nothing more than Gnostic witchcraft. We cannot seem to tell the difference.

We have examples of dangerous crossings now marketable as the hype on television and social media as “higher, deeper, greater, and more accurate” forms of prophetic instruction that are not Biblical and never pass through the prophetic process or a Biblical filter. The presupposition is that someone went to Heaven and heard from Jesus directly because he is a seer prophet, so the Bible and prophetic process do not apply and no interpretation, application, or implementation of this revelation is needed. We act as if this qualifies little men to cast big shadows. Then, we drop this seer-ism exaggeration into our marketing machines with several sprinkles of pagan hype and sell the phony baloney idea that everyone can do it.


Someone told us we could market our ministries. Someone told us we have entered a season of history that normalizes mysticism without Biblical Truth. Someone told us to brand ourselves and sell our brands. Someone told us correction does not sell, so we should offer our “how-to’s” like lollipops with a variety of pleasing tastes. Someone told us the cotton candy Gospel is cool in our prophetic circus. Someone told us Joel’s prophecy suddenly means everyone should be caught up into Heaven to hear revelation from God’s mouth to my ears “in this hour.” Someone should be telling us to hear the Bible more than we see in the spirit.

We need to hear God speak from His Word before we assume what we see is Truth. We should expect any person communicating to have mature expertise in the Word of God or a measurable, practiced submission to a leader who does. The prophetic process applies to all revelatory experiences. Only the Bible tells us, “how things really work in the spirit,” so all prophetic process must stand the constant scrutiny and correction of Scripture.

Marketing hype justifies irresponsibility. Social media now offers us the opportunity to communicate without accountability for the outcomes. The idea that kingdom leaders continually apply Bible Truth and apostolic Didache to spiritual trends has disappeared because of our uncertainty about how to use social media and our newly-discovered “let’s all be positive all the time” posture. “If it sells, it is good for the kingdom,” sounds like a Christianized website stuffed with a satanic ritual.
Who is Responsible?

Kingdom leaders are responsible for what they say. And, kingdom leaders are responsible for what others who say they represent the King say. Kingdom leaders are responsible at the measure of their kingdom assignments to respond to error. Kingdom leaders are responsible to identify and isolate wolves, and wolves are recognized by what they say as prophets and teachers, getting close to the sheep, acting as if they are part of the culture but motivated to consume sheep by moving them into a separate sheepfold.

Image result for image of false prophetic

Kingdom leaders should begin a radical clean up in the prophetic. Kingdom leaders should curb the marketing hype on unbiblical seer-ism. It is time to stop stamping marketing mysticism with “OK for shipment.” The kingdom suffered with its own dysfunction until recently, when it took 15 years to deal with a sexual predator. We cannot afford to take another 15 years to correct this prophetic trend.

We say, “God will take care of that.” We prophesy that He will to avoid our responsibilities, and we reveal that we need to start the judgment in our own hearts. We are unwilling to be leaders when we neglect problem-solving. The prophetic movement needs a good foot washing.

The Bible does not say, “God will judge prophetic revelations someday.” The Bible says, “You need to judge accurately, get good at it, practice it within kingdom culture, and prepare for judging angels and nations.” The Bible says, “You leaders, given oversight by Holy Spirit, deal with the wolves.” The Bible says, “You judge. You bring to account. You follow through on kingdom relational integrity.”

The role of leaders is not “let me endorse your book so it will sell more copies, and the marketing hype will push you into a place of influence for which you have no Divine appointment or preparation and maturity.” Allowing people to misrepresent the King disgraces Him and the kingdom of God.

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  1. Please give more information so we can know who these false prophets and ‘kingdom’ leaders really are. Without naming names I find this writing no different than the supposed ‘kingdom’ leaders who allow this to go on without calling out biblical error and warning the sheep. At least you could warn to stay away from specific books because of error. This is the year to stand up and be counted and speak what the Lord is speaking.

  2. This post confirms to me why it’s seemed odd, and not right (going back to the 90s at least)–things like training sessions, courses, classes, etc. to be able to carry out the activities of spiritual gifts. Shouldn’t the Holy Spirit be the main focus here, as to His will, and direction–waiting on, and yielding to Him as to spiritual gifts imparted? .

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