Today in the West a church ‘altar call’ (if they even have one) often consists of the pastor asking for every head bowed and every eye closed while they ask for a show of hands raised by those who want to ‘accept Jesus’. That is so very Western, for an Easterner or an Oriental would never think they have the privilege of merely ‘accepting’ the King into their lives. Instead, they would give their lives to the King, humbly asking that He accept them.

Two minister friends of mine were having lunch one day. They were talking about some of these differences between Western and Eastern thinking, and one friend mentioned a trip to India and what one of the Indian pastors had said.

“You in America preach a different gospel that we do in India”, the Indian pastor said. “You preach that if you accept Jesus He will heal your family, He will heal your money and give you more, and He will heal your body. You will be blessed if you accept Jesus. But in India we preach that if you believe in Jesus your family may reject you, you may lose your health, you may lose your money, and you may lose your life.”

Altar Calls

The West invites Jesus into their already busy lives, while the East gives their whole life to Jesus to the point of immediately being willing to die for Him if called upon to do so. The West doesn’t understand Jesus is a King, but instead think of Him first as a friend, one who is on our side to improve our life and make us prosperous. The East realizes He is the King who will rule the earth, and even now as Head of the body of Christ, rules and reigns as the God-Man.

One is horrified that God in the flesh would be betrayed by a supposed friend over an intimate dinner while the other merely sees a dinner in which one of the attendees left to carry out his plan.

I look around at the body of Christ in the West and see so much sin, so much love of the world and all that is in it, and I wonder why there is such a lack of revelation about Who Jesus is. And that is the key, our churches have largely left receiving revelation from God as the purpose for meeting, and for prayer and worship, in favor of entertainment copied from the world. Instead of attracting people with the banner proclaiming they can know God, the church tries to attract people under the banner proclaiming Jesus can make your life better if you include Him in it.

But to the remnant who know Him as King, Who can indeed also be a Friend (but not one without the other), great grace and peace be upon you.

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Also, The Real Salvation, The Real Jesus, and The Real Gospel are poignant and prophetic books that combat the departure from the faith we are seeing in our day. These are books that have had a deeply sanctifying effect on many of our readers lives. 

19 thoughts on “THE BOGUS ALTAR CALL

  1. As I grew up in this American church system. I did not know the real JESUS as king until the last 4+ years. I see this system as a facsimile which is mans attempt at REPRESENTING the kingdom of God (in which JESUS is KING) vs MANIFESTING HIM and allowing HIM to speak! Representing Him by being the mediator between God and man instead of JESUS who is the ONLY mediator. Hence people depend on man vs JESUS and do not enter into HIS kingdom.

  2. Peter preached the gospel to a large crowd on the Day of Pentecost and the Word of God says in Acts 2:37 (NKJV) “Now when they heard this, they were cut to heart,… “. In the NLT it says “Peter’s words pierced their hearts,…” – they came under the Spirit of conviction.

    What did Peter do? Well, he turned to Matthew and asked him, Matthew said: “look, what you do is to get them to repeat the sinner’s prayer after you.” Then James piped up and said, “no, just say to them; to invite Jesus into their hearts.”


    Peter, knew exactly what to do, in verse 38 he said “Repent, and let everyone of you be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ…”

    Unless a person has gone through the birth-canal of repentance, they probably had a religious experience, a premature birth – a false convert.

    I’ve been in a lot of churches, where there is inevitably a percentage of people, good people, faithful people, regular churchgoers – who think they are saved, but they not actually saved at all. Never having been through the birth-canal of repentance.

    My wife and I were praying for a woman recently who was angry at God that her prayers were unanswered. I said to her – “may the Spirit of the fear of the Lord come over you and remind you what you have been saved from! Then lift your hands to heaven and say; ‘Father, thank you that my name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life'”.

  3. This post brings needed clarity! This wrong preaching is really a LIE, because it’s the OPPOSITE of God’s way! We’re supposed to die to the flesh, that His life will be seen in us…so it’s “not about us.” Even Jesus’ words in John 16:23-26, telling His disciples, “If you ask the Father for anything in my Name, He will give it to you”: then the words, “…that your joy may be full”–seem to mean that they would be asking for His works, and souls to hear, and be saved! Isn’t it that we’ll ask (according to His will, so to receive, as in 1John 5:14,15) if we’re abiding in Him–in the Spirit?

    • Yes and No. Anything the Word promises you is yours. You don’t have to pray about it being God’s will. But things concerning your life and decisions that need to me made, you’ve got to wait on God for direction. But when you will to do His will, it’s amazing how easily you can hear and receive God’s direction, because you’re not looking for it in a carnal manner. I hope this helps you understand.

  4. This is incredible, profound.
    The American Church is indeed turning more and more to s social club.. I fear for it.
    I have preached this often, I have been told to be quiet.

  5. Great word Bert! It has got to become more than checking a box on a visitor card. We sat under a teacher a few years ago by KP Yohanon (SP?) From India, definitely a different outlook and when he was done, there was silence. It ended the meetings. Overwhelming.

  6. Thank God that He does not allow this false-western gospel reign in our lives without a real sense of despair. Nothing but total submission to Him will totally satisfy. No ultimate comfort – no ultimate security – no ultimate identity outside of submission
    to Him as SAVIOR and “LORD.” When making the good things in life as the the ultimate things in life we need for peace – joy – satisfaction.
    He REIGNS.

  7. Absolutely! “Pretty prayer” salvation never saved anyone. Full surrender or nothing. Every moment surrender or rebellion is a constant choice. We are to daily take up our cross, the starting line and the finish line are not the same, we must run till the end or we will not be finally saved.
    Where did the church come up with this silly practice ” every head bowed and every eye closed”? Did not Paul not say ” I am not ashamed of the gospel”. Instead they should be saying “every head up, all eyes open and look around, so you can keep these people accountable to Christ”. That is if anyone ever actually does commit their lives to Him these days with all the unconvincing, ear tickling preaching we hear. “Come down and accept Jesus”, basically saying “no repentance needed since you’re doing Him a favor anyway”. Next it’s get baptized in a few weeks (maybe for the 2nd or 3rd time) and hope they come back to church once in a while so that they can be praised from the pulpit for the great sacrifice they’ve given to God. It’s only for the infinite patience and mercy of the One who died for us that we are not yet consumed.

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