Dear Esteemed Readers,

I’m going to ask you to do something I have never asked you to do. Could you help me share the message of my upcoming book with your friends?  Perhaps you could email your own contacts about it using the back matter below. Just copy and paste it. 

Or you could invite them to follow this blog so they could be introduced to excerpts and sneak previews of the book themselves?

Here’s the link:

Why am I asking this?

I am a self publisher. Because I’ve been writing consistently for a number of years now I’ve a built a faithful following, but it is only a small remnant. I can’t shake the thought that the Lord wants to do something greater with this book’s message.  We’re already seeing His favor as key leaders are endorsing it, and Mario Murillo graciously wrote the Foreword calling it one of the most important books for the time. 

My blog was awarded with being one of the top 100 Christian blogs, so I’m not necessarily looking for just more subscribers. I’m looking for people who know our nation is in trouble and are not burying their heads in the sand. I need an army of people who will spread the urgent message that is in my new book, THE TUMULTUOUS 2020s AND BEYOND. The first book’s offer will be to my blog readers — that’s you! (many are subscribers but statistics show a good number never even open the blog). We will be taking pre-orders before the month is out, if all goes well.

Thank you for your help and support, and God bless you!

Here is the book’s back matter that I ask you share (back cover):

“2020 will be a year when the nation will be totally divided. It will be the year that will see the election of your lifetime.” — Mario Murillo 

In many ways the entire decade of the 2020s will be the most tumultuous decade in American history. The soul of our nation hangs in the balance.

The battle rages, not only for a nation, however, but more importantly, for a cleansed, wholesome, and powerful Church. Instead of the Church being a subculture, the real believers shall become a counterculture.

We have come to the brink of the realization now that authentic Christianity will survive without America, but America will not survive without authentic Christianity.

This is a book to help believers navigate the tumult of the 2020s to emerge as an authentic remnant.

In The Tumultuous 2020s, you will receive:

A heaven sent warning to avoid a national disaster.

Wisdom to identify America’s true enemies and to navigate through demonic minefields and humanistic ideologies that are designed to destroy our nation and dilute the Church’s power and effectiveness.

Courage and strength to overcome the greatest test American believers will face in their lifetimes.

This book is truly a lightning bolt from heaven.


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