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“However, we speak wisdom among those who are mature, yet not the wisdom of this age, nor of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing. But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for our glory…” (1 Cor. 2:6-7).

In this day of great human ingenuity, it takes the wisdom of God and knowing His heart and ways to discern the difference between what is of man and what is truly of God. We are easily fooled by principles and techniques and the modern machinery of man that can be used effectively in man’s own strength and prowess to accomplish great things — all without the Holy Spirit’s involvement. We label so many things as originating in God when, in fact, God has nothing to do with it.

We take pride in our own knowledge and abilities, or we are naive and lack godly discernment. For example, just because something is new, big, and grows fast does not necessarily mean it has its origin in God. It may even be emotionally thrilling, intellectually stimulating, and very financially and numerically successful — all without God’s involvement. Savor this wisdom so that you will cultivate more discernment in your life.

Let’s understand that there are principles, which, when implemented by anyone, will get results. The problem is not the principles, per se, but the motivating power and ethics behind the principles. Whom do they honor? Whom do they serve?

Human nature is easily fooled by a charismatic personality, the energy he exudes, the projection of a strong ministry gift, and crowd-stimulating and mind-controlling techniques. For example, often when people feel an excitement in a corporate assembly, they make the assumption that God is there, but that is not necessarily so. This happens many times, especially when the music or what we label “praise and worship” is emotionally stimulating. We believe and appreciate excitement that is born of the Spirit of God, but it can be difficult for a casual observer to discern the difference between what is of the flesh or the soul of man and what is truly of the Spirit of God.

Recently I came across a list of principles that shed much light on the very subtle differences between the world’s version of wisdom versus the kingdom of God’s version. In the words, I recognized these principles as the difference between man’s wisdom and God’s wisdom. Following is a contrast of those differences.

The wisdom of man provides an identity in yourself. The wisdom of God establishes our identity in Christ.

The wisdom of man provides a sense of uniqueness, specialness, and personal destiny. The wisdom of God admonishes us to lay down our lives and to shun personal advancement and self-aggrandizement.

The wisdom of man provides strong leadership and a charismatic leader figure to follow. The wisdom of God delivers us from false identities and an inordinate dependency on man.

The wisdom of man uses stimulating music and songs as a tool to rally people to a great cause or project. The wisdom of God uses music and songs to worship and glorify God, not human interest or selfish ambition.

The wisdom of man calls us to great, world-changing endeavors. The wisdom of God calls us to die daily; it’s irrelevant whether that involves greatness to change the world.

The wisdom of man motivates us to overcome obstacles, challenges, and adversity (even the world does this). The wisdom of God leads us to the One who is our all-sufficiency, admonishes us to rejoice in Him in our trials, and overcomes evil with good by loving our enemies.

The wisdom of man is capable of challenging us to personal discipline, hard work, and sacrifice. The wisdom of God instructs us to yield to our new spiritual nature and tells us that we can do nothing without Him.

The wisdom of man calls us to greatness. The wisdom of God defines greatness as being the servant of all. Jesus is worthy whether we are called to be great or small as the world defines it.

The wisdom of man conducts large-scale meetings to impart vision. The wisdom of God leads us to New Testament life and Scripture, which emphasizes being like Christ and being conformed to His image as the vision. (Do you realize there’s not one New Testament Scripture on vision? Knowing Jesus intimately and making Him known is the vision. I know this is a shocker to some people, but Jesus modeled leadership by laying down His life for others, not by presenting a vision. (Calvary is the vision). The vision is doing what God tells you to do.

The wisdom of man provides enticing speech and heightened oratory to inspire and stir people to a mission. The wisdom of God teaches lowliness and humility and a mutual laying down of our lives for each other as the ultimate virtue.

Do you know what releases maximum potential in the body of Christ, so that we are built up and equipped for service? It is lowering yourself and serving others as being more important than you. This is what brings complete restoration in the body of Christ.

The contrast that I show here between the wisdom of man and the wisdom of God is not intended to quench godly motivation and inspiration to a God-directed cause or a mission, but to show you the subtle differences between a man-centered and a God-centered methodology. The world uses some of these principles and techniques with great success and often for good causes, but we must understand that there is a subtle but large gap between what is good and what is God.

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  1. There is no getting around it, we are living in a time of “strong delusion” and it will only increase among those who do not love the truth or follow it’s teachings.

  2. These points, you listed are an awesome explanation! I’m thinking, the way to the right motivation, as the points make clear, is the blessedness of dying to the flesh, along with the necessity of submitting one’s life to Him! Then to find the way to walk “carefully before Him” in obedience, being intricately led…great things could be done, and happen, but with Him receiving all the glory!

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