This is an excerpt from my newest book, Cleansing The Temple, Restoring The Glory, which will be released in a few weeks. 

“Then His disciples remembered that it was written, “Zeal for Your house has eaten Me up” (Jn. 2:17).

Zeal. It’s not an adjective we use very much in common every day language. It means to exert great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. Some synonyms for zeal are passion, vigor, intensity, and devotion. This is what many of the prophets of old demonstrated toward God’s house and His holiness. It is an adjective that is primarily used in the positive sense except when it is used without knowledge as Paul did with Judaism before his radical encounter with the Lord (Gal. 1:14). Zeal is a godly attribute when it is used to glorify God and for righteous causes and godly works.

Phinehas turned back the wrath of the Lord from destroying Israel in their sin because he was zealous with God’s zeal (Nu. 25:11).

Elijah was full of zeal because the children of Israel had forsaken God’s covenant, torn down His altars, and killed His prophets with the sword (1 Kings 19:10).

The psalmist was consumed with God’s zeal because his enemies had forgotten God’s words (Ps. 119:139).

We are admonished to be zealous for the fear of the Lord all day long (Pr. 23:17) and to be zealous for good works (Titus 2:14).

Jesus was the greatest example of zeal. In fact, He wore zeal as a cloak or a mantle (Is. 59:17). Many don’t see Jesus that way.

When He cleansed the temple His disciples remembered that it had been written of Him in the Scriptures that zeal for the Father’s house would eat Him up (Ps. 69:9). The Amplified says that He will be consumed with jealousy for the honor of His Father’s house.

“And His disciples remembered that it is written [in the Holy Scriptures], Zeal (the fervor of love) for Your house will eat Me up. [I will be consumed with jealousy for the honor of Your house.]” (Jn. 2:17).

I have written this book in the zeal of the Lord.


What are we seeing in the mainstream of today’s Christian marketplace, especially in the West?

We see seekers of popularity and fame, and those craving a name. We see pursuers of gold and glitter. We see proud strutting preachers flashing their titles every time they meet you.

We see lying prophets who are leading the simple minded ones off to the slaughter. We see false teachers and dreamers who paint a pie-in-the sky picture of a God they’ve never known.

We see selfish, greedy Word mongers, mammon babblers, sheep fleecers, and un-sanctified vessels unwilling to be tested by the holy scriptures and held accountable by holy men.

We see spiritual adulterers full of iniquity who have prostituted the ministry and merchandised God’s house.

The amazing truth is that we could stop all this almost overnight by not supporting these hucksters and charlatans and their carnally minded ministries—whose god is their belly, whose glory is their shame, who mind earthly things, and sadly, whose end is destruction. I tell you with pain in my heart and weeping that they are enemies of the cross of Christ (Phil. 3:18-19), and they are influencing multitudes who are following them to perdition.

It is time to be separated from this rat race of energized flesh, for-profit ministries, and false ministry success.

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Thank you, and may God’s richest and best be yours.




  1. As having left several of these organizations over the years, I can honestly say that the people sitting under these ministry leaders are deluded, spiritually blind and deaf to hearing from the Holy Spirit for themselves and getting free from these demonic strongholds. They are in bondage and don’t know it! I had to leave and was considered a ‘backslider’ as I could not submit to these deluded leaders who themselves are demonically bound. As I sat in the worship group onstage, I ‘saw’ every person with various bondages including the pastor and it was alarming! The Lord spoke to me that He was taking me out to bring me in. Years later I completely understand this to be out of bondage of a religious system and into His Kingdom. He is so good to lead us if only we seek Him and hear Him!

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