I’m a writer. I’ve been blogging consistently for five years. In that period of time I’ve written over 450 articles. As we enter the final week of 2018 I need to ask you the reader for some feedback because I’m praying and pondering  about stopping blogging altogether and perhaps focus on doing more videos in the coming year (understand that we also blog weekly for Charisma magazine). I’d appreciate if you took a few minutes of your time to respond to this survey.

There are a few hundred followers of this blog, but only 30-40% even open the email they receive from us. And that’s on a good day. Also, most never comment or interact in any way.

I’m not compensated for writing a blog. I don’t make any money with ads or anything like that. It doesn’t have enough views or visitors to even warrant consideration for that.

So here’s what I’m asking:

1. How often do you read this blog?

a) Almost every article

b) Often

c) Once in awhile or infrequently

d) Honestly, hardly at all

e) Never

2. What is the word that best describes the content of the articles you’ve read?

a) Stimulating and challenging, they feed my spirit

b) Too long

c) Boring and uninteresting

d) I actually save them to a file so I can refer to them again

e) Other

3. Would you feel any disappointment if we discontinued this blog?

a) Yes

b) Somewhat

c) No, not at all.

Additional Comments:


81 thoughts on “FROM MY HEART: BLOG SURVEY

  1. Dear br Farias

    Although I dont comment on your blog or postings would like to say that you are of the very few true prophetic voices that keep an open path to God’s heart and voice these perilous days we live now. Please keep posting not only in your blog but also in FB and any other social media you can. We wish we had a man like you in our country! Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and to your family.

    Br Andreas Andreou Cyprus

  2. I read every blog and have copies of your books. Everything you write speaks volumes to me and brings hope and faith to a higher level. I save them often to reread and share…I would be disappointed if you discontinue writing as I don’t enjoy or watch videos often…I love the written word and yours is full of truth and passion and urgency. Please keep your gift coming. Marguerite

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Hello Brother Bert, In regards to your “Holy Fire blog survey”: 1. I read every article 2. They are all stimulating and challenging AND I do save the to file so that I can refer to them again. 3.Yes, I’d feel disappointed if you discontinued the blog…Thank you

  4. Good morning! My response to your questions: 1. A 2. A and D and E 3. A 4. If and when you do videos, YouTube and dvds Please have them closed-captioned, subtitles, and transcripts accessible. Sid Roth has transcripts accessible for each of his programs on his website. It makes it so much easier to follow the conversations. Closed-captioned and subtitles are harder to follow because many times there are scrambled words, omitted words and the speed is too fast to read line per line.

    I am so hungry and eager to learn and my only way is by reading. I can’t hear a pin drop- I’m deaf. This is why deaf people are so vulnerable and limited to understanding the Word and applying the Word to our life.

    Any questions? Ask. God bless you!! Andi Schorr (I’m waiting on the shipment of your books to arrive any day now).

    On Wed, Dec 26, 2018, 8:54 AM The Flaming Herald holyfireorg posted: “I’m a writer. I’ve been blogging consistently for > five years. In that period of time I’ve written over 450 articles. As we > enter the final week of 2018 I need to ask you the reader for some feedback > because I’m praying and pondering about stopping bloggi” >

    • Andi,

      I didn’t know you were deaf. Your response touched a deep chord in my heart for this forgotten minority. Thank you for such a heart felt response!

      Your books should be there soon. Remember that the Soulish Leadership book was sent separately. Please let us know when you receive them.

      Thank you!

  5. In answer to your questions, Bert, I look forward to receiving your blog, always read it, and am both challenged and encouraged every time I do so. In this day and hour in which we live, there aren’t many voices out there like yours. Your messages have real spiritual meat in them and are filled with fire and passion. So while I understand you have to prioritize your time and ministry efforts, I personally would be disappointed if you stopped sending the blogs. If anything, I believe they deserve a wider dissemination, and a backslidden, lukewarm church would benefit greatly from the messages contained therein. May the Lord grant you discernment and wisdom in this matter. Thanks for all that you do!

    • Giles,

      It’s the honesty and sincerity of responses like yours that have lifted me today. I didn’t know so many thought so positively of the blog and are reading them consistently.

      Thank you!

  6. My answers:

    1. A
    2. A-very much! Way more than church.
    3. A

    As a consideration for your time, perhaps you could cut back to just 1 or 2 per week.

    Ken Polk

    From: The Flaming Herald
    Reply-To: The Flaming Herald
    Date: Wednesday, December 26, 2018 at 10:54 AM
    To: Ken Polk
    Subject: [New post] FROM MY HEART: BLOG SURVEY

    holyfireorg posted: “I’m a writer. I’ve been blogging consistently for five years. In that period of time I’ve written over 450 articles. As we enter the final week of 2018 I need to ask you the reader for some feedback because I’m praying and pondering about stopping bloggi”

  7. 1. a) Almost every article

    2. a) Stimulating and challenging, they feed my spirit and d) I actually save them to a file so I can refer to them again

    3. a) Yes!

    Even though I don’t always respond or comment to every blog, I appreciate the blog! Sometimes I start to comment on a blog after another blog has posted, so I feel like I have missed that “window of time” to respond and everyone has moved onto the newest blog (time constraints make my reading the blogs and response a little late sometimes).

    I think the blogs are timely, a voice that addresses the state of the church today and teaches how to move the church forward. So many of us need that input because most of our churches are wanting in areas.

    Maybe those of us who value the blog should “forward” it to friends more often for their edification and encourage them to subscribe and thereby increase readership and support.

    Please be encouraged and don’t grow weary in well doing.
    But, as always, be led!
    God bless!

    • Barbara, thanks for encouraging me. Every blogger likes to know that what he writes is making a difference in readers’ lives. I love your suggestion for readers to forward them to friends and encourage subscribers. If we had more subscribers and page views/visits the possibility for some compensation from ads would increase. I write for the joy of it, but it is very time consuming.

  8. 1. How often do you read this blog?
    Every articles
    2. What is the word that best describes the content of the articles you’ve read?
    a) Stimulating and challenging, they feed my spirit
    3. Would you feel any disappointment if we discontinued this blog? Yes!

  9. I read all your blogs and find them very insightful and encouraging. Often, you right a word that confirms just what I am hearing from the Lord and teaching to my Bible study groups. I am much more likely to read a brief article than to watch a video. Appreciate your voice through the pen.

  10. A, a, and a.

    I read every blog post of yours and Mario Murillo religiously. I also read almost every post from Mark Cahill. You three are the only ministers who I have found tell it like it is, don’t mince words, challenge readers do not compromise, etc. It’s always refreshing and stimulating. And other blogger I read although not as regular as yours is John Burton. He too is bold.

    I’ve been going to church my whole life and can say that in the latter part of my churchgoing years can count on one hand the times that I have heard the pastor talked about hell, the end times, or encouraging us to get involved politically. it got so bad that after decades of going to church I actually started wondering if there was a hell because none of the pastors ever talked about it.

    I heard about your blog from my mom, otherwise I may have not known about it. As long as you keep writing for charisma and putting your blog address on there I think you will get new viewers who need to hear your important message. For those of us who can’t find pastors to talk about topics like you do, we rely on online ministers to fill in the gaps.

    I know that all the good things come to an end, so if you feel led to do other things course you need to do those. I just wanted to let you know that I have appreciated your writing.


    On Wed, Dec 26, 2018, 7:54 AM The Flaming Herald holyfireorg posted: “I’m a writer. I’ve been blogging consistently for > five years. In that period of time I’ve written over 450 articles. As we > enter the final week of 2018 I need to ask you the reader for some feedback > because I’m praying and pondering about stopping bloggi” >

      • We’re sorry that we didn’t do the reply correctly. We will try again. Yes, yes, and yes … we love your blog and always read it.
        We live in the northern part of British Columbia, Canada. That said, we have limited access to “in person” contact with other like-minded believers. We are not currently attending any church because it appears that every church in our small city is wrapped up in the current wave of lukewarm and compromised “Christianity”. After struggling for many years, we finally gave up on going to a man-made institution that merely provides entertainment rather than Bible-based teaching. We rely on your blog, as well as a few other blogs, to help us keep a right perspective. We appreciate your willingness to communicate what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you for the body of Christ. May the Lord continue to bless you.

      • Dieter and Teena,

        Your comments are all too familiar to me and my wife as we continue to meet more and more people in such a state of predicament.It is encouragement to hear that our blog is reaching such a people in a dry and thirsty land. Thank you for encouraging me today! I deeply appreciate it.

  11. 1. A
    3. B. Somewhat because I follow you on facebook where you often post helpful messages not very different from these blogs. So if continuing to blog is an inconvience, discontinuing shouldn’t be a problem (atleast for me) since I can feed off you from videos and facebook posts.

  12. Don’t stop writing. That is my opinion but you need to. hear that from the Lord. I thought you had said that is what the Lord had called you to do is to write.




    • Wendy, it is! I intend to write in obedience to the Lord. I’ll continue writing books and articles for Charisma and such, but I’m just speaking of this personal blog. More than half of the subscribers do not even open their email to read the blog, so I’m trying to gauge if it has value to the remnant that I know still read them.

  13. A, A, A “For we know in part and we prophesy in part,” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:9‬ ‭ESV‬‬

    I have been challenged, been motivated, been corrected and confirmed by the “part” that God has entrusted you to release. And because of that, I see a greater “whole”. Thank you for your obedience in freely releasing your part. I live and travel in Africa. Sometimes with little internet access. As a forerunner, your posts have greatly encouraged me and confirmed what God has been speaking to me through the years. You have also mentored me in Sonship.

    Thank you. Bless you.


    Sent from my iPhone


  14. My answers are all A.
    I read every blog that crosses my vision both in my e-mails and as they appear in my newsfeed on Facebook — have used the opportunities to share with others, many times. I’m thinking there are probably more readers than there are responders. May God give the increase to every Holy Spirit inspired message!!!! The truth matters! All in all and down to the crunch of the matter, let the Lord’s answer to your question be your direction. Thank-you for every effort you’ve made/continue to make to teach the deeper understandings of God’s Word. Surely we stand on the promise that it (the Word of God) will not return void but WILL accomplish that for which it has been sent… Lord grant people the ‘ears’ to hear!

  15. I look forward with excitement to every article and share them with many and would be VERY DISAPPOINTED if you didn’t share. The ones lately that ministered to me were from the archives of Kenneth Hagin as my original bible came from him and helped me to grow in the Lord

  16. Bert, thank you for your faithfulness in writing the blog, it has been a great blessing to me even confirming the word I have taught on – a number of times in the same week, which greatly encouraged and lifted me.
    Maybe the Lord is bringing you to a place of using your time more efficiently, but more than likely it’s just the enemy trying to bring discouragement and drag you down to stop you when we are on the brink of seeing the harvest be gathered in.
    I’m sure there are many people who are benefiting from your blog, and who knows what the Lord is going to do through any of them -because of your teaching and insight from the Holy Spirit.
    God bless you and your family and don’t give up! Kind Regards, Rose

  17. A
    Look forward to reading them and i share them with friends. I have read your books as well but i just purchase the rest of them. Looking forward to read those as well. You have definitely been a blessing and keep encouraging the Body

  18. Br Bert, do not be deceived. You MUST continue in whatever Avenue is open to you. Time is short. Besides there’s not many like you and Carolyn.

    • Ms. Laura, my point in offering the poll was to gauge the actual value readers placed on the blog. I have much to do and writing is at the center of it, but many subscribers don’t even open the blog on their emails. Remember, I also write weekly for Charisma and always seem to be working on another book. I guard my time against unfruitful projects and endeavors, but I’ve heard from enough readers today who’ve encouraged me to continue because apparently they are getting a lot from the blog. Praise God!

      Thanks for your good words, though.

  19. Thanks a lot Brother Bert for your blogs. My answers are A. I don’t get to read all your blogs as soon as I see them, but I always go back to them…sometimes days later to read them. They are a blessing. I use them in some of my sermons. By the way, I’m writing all the way from Nigeria. God bless you.

  20. Sir

    Thank very much for your “from the heart” blog/survey.

    My first reaction is – please pray in tongues, seek God for guidance, do the will of God. It isn’t what we the audience require of you that matters – it is what God requires of you, that’s the only thing you should desire. Anyway, forgive me – I’m teaching granny to suck eggs, I’m sure you’ve been in the ministry long enough never to presume on God.

    After I was baptised in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues, the Lord at the same time, (for some strange and unknown reason), the Lord gave me the gift of prophecy. An I’ve discovered that the duty to communicate prophetic utterances to the body of Christ is an unenviable responsibility, and it can be a very lonely place to be. I used to think – ‘am I the only one speaking about such things or what?’ Whilst I’ve also understood that prophecy, as the Spirit wills, in a prayer meeting is to build up, encourage, comfort and not to tear down. However, there have been rare moments where the Lord has given me a sterner warning to a church, and even to its leadership, which is even scarier. Times I’ve deliberated for days before my heart was right and the Lord allowed me to bring a stronger message to a Pastor. it’s taken much love, humility and respect to his position, but God at times uses the prophetic to help keep all of us on a straight path. I thank God for the occasions people have prophecised over me, (although one or two were a little short of the mark, we are told not to despise prophecies).

    My point is this: a man in your position may at times be used by God to give prophetic warnings to the body of Christ, you mustn’t stop the Holy Spirit in this respect. Although most of us are sick and tired of so-called “defenders of the faith” who write endless criticisms on the Internet, who think God has called them to slander one ministry after another, this is demonic and doesn’t come from a heart of love. But there will always be the counterfeit, *** we need the TRUE prophetic voice in this age ***. And again, speaking from personal experience, once God gives you a gift, he expects you to use it, for he will not take it back.

    I read all of your articles. Your articles are stimulating and never boring and feed my spirit and I often pass these articles on to others, especially my wife, and with the Lord’s permission, I sometimes “steal” your main points when ministering to others myself!

    I would feel deeply sad and disappointed if God has called you to publish a prophetic voice using the Internet media, and you became discouraged because of a lack of followers and decide to throw in the towel. If God has called you to do this, (and only you can answer that question), then you must be faithful and not look at numbers.

    I know a man who’s accurate, Bible-based approach to preaching the gospel and evangelism is so absolutely amazing, that we have been mightily blessed by his ministry. Yet he only has 206 subscribers on YouTube! Numbers mean nothing, when God sees all that you do, let’s remember the Gideon scenario.

    Sorry about the long screed, basically I’m trying to encourage you to do the will of God as a priority. Actually, I personally would like to see more of your preaching on YouTube?

    God bless you and all that you do in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Thank you brother for taking the time to encourage me and talk some sense into me. LOL!

      I will never stop writing for that is part of God’s assignment on my life. I did this poll in order to gauge the value readers place on my personal blog because it is time consuming. I’m trying to better steward my time. Realize that I am writing weekly for Charisma magazine and have averaged a book a year for the last 5 years, as well as traveling and always endeavoring to deepen my prayer life. And honestly, we’ve never been about numbers for true success in God is simply obedience to what He says.

      But thank you for making some valid points that are well taken by me. Blessings Ken!

  21. Hi Bert.. here are my answers to your questions..


    2 A & D

    3 A

    Additional comments..

    So much of what you write, is what I think & sense in my spirit..

    Please keep writing the truth in love… you have been a life line for me..

    Abundant Blessings & Grace,


  22. Hi brother Burt,
    I open practically every post. Maybe do the blog bimonthly? Sometimes even our favorite writers at times get over looked due to time constraints. But i value what you are doing. I know with you that i can get a clear perspective on things that are going on in our Christian community as pertains to the Lord. Many many out there have lost the pure teaching ability to teach on solid doctrine and its so watered down and even distorted. So i always hit your pages even if i don’t comment to see if my thinking is lining up with solid teaching.
    A friend said yesterday that she couldnt find a church to go to during midweek service. Was kinda sad to hear that as many seem to have lost their fire. Then as spoke to a sister about attending a church she was alluding to the fact that the church was here for me which sounded nice but I’m like what about the lost? What are you doing to bring in the masses? Your community’s? Without leadership on fire we might as well just all go home. Your blog is great, i read as often as possible.
    God Bless you and Sister C and Happiest of New Year! Hope to see you both soon.

    • Hi Cindy,

      You’ve been a long time friend and your words of encouragement are appreciated. We’re the generation that received the Word and the Spirit from the older pioneers that needs to be restored to the current generation. It’s our turn to pass it on. Bless you Cindy! Yes, hope to see you down the road. Perhaps at one of our 2019 forums. Btw, we are having two Holy Ghost Forums up here, one in the Boston area and one here in southern NH–March 9 and April 26-27. Details to come.

  23. I read all your articles and follow you on facebook too. While I like videos, I love to read. It is more thought provoking. I would miss it very much if you discontinued it.

  24. Bert,

    Its a triple AAA for me. However given that you write for another magazine and continue to write books, it must be terribly time consuming, and your probably pondering where the greatest value lies. If you give up the blog, don’t worry as your still writing actively and will always be a champion wordsmith. I envy your writings and have stopped using the highlighter pen as I would end up highlighting most of it. I read somewhere that if a man lived and brought one single soul to Salvation, his life would have tremendous value and Angels would celebrate in Heaven. How many souls have you convicted? how many people have you inspired and brought closer to God? probably too many too count. There are those that are saved and going to heaven, but there are others who will receive their just reward at the judgement seat, I believe you are one of these blessed men.

    I have never really disagreed with anything you have written and have been truly inspired. This is because God has written a heavenly truth into your heart and when you mix that up with intelligent writings, the result is incredible. You are a man that sets the bar high, just as Jesus did and although its hard for some of us to meet these high standards, you should be immensely proud of everything you have written. All 450 blogs.

    If your looking for direction, you don’t need any of us to tell you where to look. God knows what your doing and he knows what he is doing too. If you want to do some video’s then that would be great, you could always go back to the blogs in a few years.

    I understand you want to do the survey to gauge where the value lies. Of course there are some people who don’t even open the their emails, thats just life. However you can never really gauge just how much good you have done, a single line inspired by God could ripple out to thousands of people, even millions. Be assured Bert, you are a man who has inspired me and brought me closer to the Lord.

    Im going through my darkest days at the moment Bert as you already know, and the Lord is testing me to breaking point. Im praying for a small miracle in my life and the Lord is keeping me in the storm for as long as it takes. I wrote to you, and you replied and put everything in a good perspective and you prayed for me too. The time you gave me was invaluable so I will pray for your direction too.

    Don’t be discouraged in anyway Bert as remember what you bring people is a treasure from heaven and what you do for the Lord is immensely pleasing to him.

    Peace and blessings to you.

    • Thank you, dear brother for you sensible words of affirmation and encouragement. I pray the Lord will continue to guide you and strengthen you in your hardships. Abundant grace and peace to you as you seek to obey the Lord. Bless you!

  25. 1. A – I read them via my email but don’t always have chance to comment.
    2. A
    3. B – knowing that you will continue to put out content from your heart for God’s people whether via video or writing in some form I trust you will become more and more effective in that. So if you discontinued this blog or began posting more infrequently and even using the blog to point to other content you begin to produce I know you will make a wise decision.

  26. I do frequently read your blog. I think you are honest and have the courage to speak what the Holy Spirit directs you to share. You are a needed voice in God’s kingdom. On some articles I may differ a bit, but your writing causes me to think and talk to the Lord about what you share. I believe you have integrity and that you write with conviction and a holy passion. As someone else commented I likely would not watch a video, so I do hope you continue to write your blog and minister to the body of Christ.

  27. Dear Bert


    a) Almost every article

    I read online, not the email. But Ii subscribed because the emails are stored in my “blog” email.


    a) Stimulating and challenging, they feed my spirit

    Your and Mario Murillo have the best blogs. I seek undiluted truth, not wimpy butter-up nuggets. I also roam around worthy news for news, Elijah List for prophecies, and occasionally look at “endtime” news.


    a) Yes

    Most people do not say “the way it is”. I would miss this blog greatly. Do keep it up.

    In Jesus, Raymond

  28. Am I supposed to just reply like this? I love your blogs but I haven’t been with you very long. I read them on my phone or had to go to library. Now I have the internet myself. I read all if them and forward sime. Write a book. Put together a compilation. I personally would likee to read all I missed. (Moved 6x in 3 yrs to end up in Yuma.) You do what you need to do but I’ll niss you. Niki Carey

    On Wed, Dec 26, 2018, 8:54 AM The Flaming Herald holyfireorg posted: “I’m a writer. I’ve been blogging consistently for > five years. In that period of time I’ve written over 450 articles. As we > enter the final week of 2018 I need to ask you the reader for some feedback > because I’m praying and pondering about stopping bloggi” >

  29. Are we supposed to respond to your questions this way? I am entirely positive as to your blogs, and would definitely be disappointed if you discontinued them in this context! I always read them–they do encourage, and stimulate, and feed my spirit! It has surprised me that there have not been more comments, as your blogs are thought provoking; however I notice there are a large number of responses to this one…so I hope you will keep them going! As we know, there is a serious lack of truth being put out in our compromised culture (and Church) that we so need to hear, even be warned as you have! Personally, I’ve remembered points you’ve made, that continue to encourage me, and point me in the right way!

    • Penelope,

      You are one of our top commentators. I appreciate your readership and how much you value the blog. Due to the many comments to our poll we are greatly encouraged to continue blogging. Thank you for the encouragement.

  30. Ciao Bert, leggo ogni tuo articolo con infinito piacere. I tuoi scritti sono stimolanti ed ispirati da Dio.
    Mi spiacerebbe se dovessi interrompere il blog, ma mi rendo conto che forse non produce gli effetti che vorresti. Dio ti guidi per decidere cosa è nella Sua volontà.
    Dio ti benedica.

  31. Hallo Bert. I’m texting from Coventry in England. Actually I love reading your emails. They are full of passion and wisdom for the times we are in and personally challenging. I’ve also bought 2 of your books (the holiness one and the Real Salvation). I love watching the Holy Ghost Forums when they’re posted on the GNFWC you tube page. I love the way Holy Spirit moves and speaks through you all. I’ve never seen anything like it. It stirs up my spirit, teaches me and increases my spiritual appetite for more. So thankyou and your dear wife and the GNFWC pastors. I bless you in Jesus name. Natalie x

    • Natalie,

      This is so encouraging to hear as we love to hear from those overseas. Thank you for writing. I will pass this on to the GNFWC pastors. They will be thrilled to hear it.

      Bless you!

  32. Bert/Caroline, Sorry for the late response,  My answers are A, A and A.  I find your blogs often hard-hitting and challenging to me to become more Christlike. It’s like the medicine that doesn’t always taste good but I know I need it. Ron  

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