In the mid-90’s I received this Spirit-inspired utterance. I believe the fulness of this word is for right now.

“America will come upon hard times. Many hearts will open, and the gospel will penetrate into the cities of America. Revival will sweep the land even as it is being judged. Young men who will be trained and ready will be as special forces, and they will run with fire in their feet and in their hearts. They will be free of care and family ties and at a moment’s notice will respond to the Spirit’s call and go. When the enemy unleashes his onslaught on the cities of America these shall be ready. They will be sent to the battle equipped as troops for the trenches where victories are won. Unconventional wisdom and special skill shall be given them for conquest, and they will go armed to suffer for their Lord and Commander in Chief.

“These special forces shall be men that have no desire for their own glory, but only seek the glory of Him who sends them. They are men with no hidden agendas or secret plans, but only to advance the kingdom.”

Praise the Lord!

Think about how different America has become in just the last 10-15 years ago. Go back even further to the mid-90s when I received this word. As a nation we have reached the boiling point. Something has to give.

The country is divided. The Church in many ways is divided.

For years now, the Democrats have been moving farther left — more pro-abortion, more pro-LGBT activism, more anti-Israel, more anti-Bible, more radically socialist. Even professing Christians have been caught up in this leftist ideology. On what basis can God-fearing Christians be a modern democrat or even vote for them? In my humble opinion, they are the biggest problem in our nation. That is the reason I say that the Church is divided. Just before he went to be with the Lord the late prophecy teacher Hilton Sutton administered altar calls for Christians who voted for Obama. Yes, no joke, he called them to repentance.


“But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?” (Lk. 6:46)

I believe many of our churches today are full of false converts or they are just miserably backslid.

You want to know what the greatest opposition to the truth is in these last days? Forget about these university professors, atheistic leftists, false religionists, and skeptics and so forth. The greatest liability in the Church of today are those inside the church. The passive, lukewarm “Christian” who remains in his neutral closet and never engages others in evangelism and in being a living witness for Christ is the leaven that leavens the entire lump.

In a recent George Barna survey 25 percent of those who lay claim to a born-again experience do not even adhere to the basic and elementary tenets of the Christian faith. It is that particular group that are like a cancer in the church. A significant change in them would mean a significant change in our nation, too.

The curse of our nation is the presentation of the “free gift” dimension of the gospel without the Lordship factor and the surrender and submission component. It’s the gospel on our own terms. This contemporary gospel is a huge factor in the moral erosion of our culture, especially as it relates to social issues. Among the number of non-evangelical professing “born-again” Christians, only slightly more than 50 percent identify as social conservatives, and even that number is suspect, based on recent elections. Additionally, on the abortion issue, 37 percent are not pro-life, and 27 percent advocate gay rights. Remember, these are the people who claim to be born again and who say they are good people and never hurt anyone. The absence of a true moral compass in their lives is glaring. The salt has lost its savor. The light they claim to have is great darkness.

Although there is a godly, committed remnant that is alive and well in our nation, imagine if just this 25 percent group were presented and practiced a gospel that included a solid commitment to Christ and biblical values, how much more faith would be interjected into the American culture? Visualize how different of a nation America would be.



  1. The “free gift” modern Gospel is a radical misconception which deceptively severs verse 23 from the entire chapter of Romans. From the whole Bible actually. Righteousness is never deserved, but it is lovingly granted nevertheless based on Christ’s atoning sacrifice, to all who will commit themselves body, soul, and spirit, to being “slaves” of God. How I read Romans, anyway 🙂

  2. A breath of fresh air, indeed sir!

    But, but no surprises really, my Bible tells me that in the last days perilous times will come (2 Tim 3:1), in fact, Jesus said things will get actually worse – and then the end (Matt 24).

    One of the things that deeply saddens me is the growing number of Christians that no longer carry a Bible to church, I mean a physical book, it has become like an epidemic. Many, even older Christians have become high-tech SmartPhone addicts. I use a SmartPhone at home for Bible study work for sure, a useful tool, but there is something uniquely special about God’s holy, precious written Word and the Holy Spirit revealing the truth from it. Many say to me; “oh bringing a SmartPhone to church is so much more convenient than carrying a heavy Bible”. Yet the same folk will lug a heavy sag of potatoes back from the market! Another end-time deception trick of the devil – persuading people that the Bible (physical book) is no longer so relevant to our modern culture. The devil understands the importance of the Bible more than many Christians!

    What happened to those preachers/teachers (like Hilton Sutton), who would proclaim with a Bible in his hand from the pulpit! Perhaps many no longer receive the love of the truth (2 Thess 2:10).

    So thank God for this ministry and those few that are like it, may the God of the Bible reward your faithfulness richly!

  3. Dear Bert

    Thank you for sharing hard truths with us readers. I agree
    with you that the church is filled with deadbeats.

    IMHO the two biggest theological issues that cause deadbeats

    Lack of understanding of the Greek word for believe.

    A strong deception in the English-speaking world is the
    misunderstanding of the English word, believe. This is due
    to translations of Greek bible texts to English. Most of
    the time, including all salvation verses, believe is from
    the Greek word, pisteou (Strong’s #4100).

    Pisteou is an active form of believe. A Christian is to
    commit and trust Jesus as well as acknowledge Him. Jn
    3:16 can be rewritten as

    Jn 3:16 modified UKJV
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten
    Son, that whosoever acknowledge, commit, and trust in him
    should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    To pisteou, means to really, really, really believe –
    believe so much that one’s life depends on that belief.
    A person needs to do more than acknowledge Jesus. This
    person is to commit and trust Jesus. This person is
    also to have a genuine Christian life (i.e., read the
    bible daily, pray to the Lord daily, fellowship with other
    believers, repent, etc).

    Once saved, always saved

    This false doctrine can is contradicted by a bible verse,
    Eph 4:30.

    It is

    “Once Saved” + “Commitment to Jesus” = “Always Saved”

    where “Commitment to Jesus” means

    – having an active faith,
    – living a life of repentance, and
    – obeying the Lord.

    Think about “Once Saved, Always Saved”. It is LOGICAL
    for someone to do nothing after being saved? It makes
    sense that that person needs to response by living a true
    Christian life after being saved. Being saved and doing
    nothing afterward, is ABUSING the grace of God. Would God
    honors this? I think not.


    Combine 1 & 2, you get many people whom get born again, and
    then, do nothing. They hold hands together and fiddle their
    thumbs saying “I am saved because I acknowledge Jesus – I’ll
    go to heaven”.


    p.s. Long letter, but most were copy and paste from my
    website -> Other Links -> … Eph 4:30.

  4. May God be preparing those young men to be free of care, and family ties, willing to go whenever and wherever He says; and to suffer for Him, and not be given over to pride! What an evidence of the work of the Spirit, and what a joy to think of living like that–important too, as the time grows nearer; and expecting, as you said, hard times along with revival! It was helpful, what you brought up about the democratic party — alarming, actually jaw dropping some of their stands; and their consistent blatant lying (as well as the press, in large part to disqualify and get rid of Trump) — don’t we need to be diligently looking to God, and praying for this president, for all of His purposes to be accomplished with him in office! I’ve found it scary to think of the House turning over to the Dems in Nov.–we really need to understand how important that election is! I thank God though, as I was convicted not to worry about it, because I realized recently that ANY worry, whatever degree is not of Him–that was so freeing–praise God! I thought of David’s psalm where he prays that God would keep him from anxious thoughts, and presumptuous sins…”wow”–two big areas we may not be very aware of; I thought, “presumptuous sins” could refer to ideas, opinions, decisions, etc. that we would easily, normally come to, but without God’s input, or looking to Him (humbly walking with Him–the goal!)

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