We are giving a synopsis of the 1920s outpouring in China among the children of the Adullam Rescue Home.

They had prayed so long for a mighty conviction of sin and now it had finally come. The presence of God was in manifestation and the desire to pray increased greatly. One child after another went down under the mighty power of the Holy Spirit and were prostrate on the floor—more than twenty of them.

The children showed no desire to leave the chapel service as hours passed by. The Lord had complete control and brother and sister Baker seemed to have nothing to do or say except to try and stay out of the way (oh, how I wish more leaders would learn to do that when God is moving!).

“As the children in visions saw the awfulness of hell, the anguish of lost souls, and the indescribably hellish power of the devil and his angels, their agonized crying was beyond anything I had ever heard or imagined. It was all so real to them. Many saw themselves bound and dragged to the very brink of hell. Condemnation for sins and the power of the devil over them was terrifying in its reality, but freedom from this evil power through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ was just as real. When they experienced this liberating power from the clutches of the evil one, their salvation was as real as had been their condemnation. Their joy, laughter, and peace of soul in the knowledge of what they had been saved from gave them an experience which I am sure they will never be able to forget.” – H.A. Baker

One prayer and praise service lasted 20 hours. Children hardly ate and slept. All they wanted to do was pray and wait on God. This was all new to the Bakers as previously the children barely endured the one hour services. The outpouring was so continuous that for over a week no attempts were made to perform any regular functions of work. Only necessary things were done as everyone was absorbed in the mighty presence of God.

It also became difficult to have meals at the regular hours without interfering with the work of the Holy Spirit. At times the power of God would wane and dissipate and children would go out and eat a meal or a snack, and also get some rest. But then the children would return to their prayer rooms and come under the power of God once again. Some would stay under the power of God all day and night, often going without sleep while continuing to pray. When sleep overcame them they would rest on the floor for awhile and then get up and seek the Lord again. Soon they would be lost in the Spirit.

All who received the Holy Spirit initially knew enough of the Bible to believe in one God and to trust in the blood of Jesus for salvation. The Bible was taught daily and the gospel was preached regularly at the Adullam home. Even before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit some children prayed and sought Christ. No one was seeking visions or manifestations of the Spirit that became daily happenings. They single-heartedly prayed and praise Jesus and His Name alone was magnified.

The experiences of these children could not have been a product of their imaginations. These boys were simply minded, uneducated, mentally untrained, and could not have conceived of the things they  saw and heard. Most of them had been recently converted and were not familiar with Bible themes. The visions that had been given to them were all new even to the teachers. Furthermore, the children did not compare notes and imitate one another. Many of the children were filled with the Spirit at the same time, and often would have simultaneous visions of the same thing in separate rooms. The complete harmony of these visions covering multiple details is beyond natural order or reasoning. Thorough questioning and examination was made to these children and clear uniform answers were always given.

As I continue to share on this great outpouring in hopes of producing hope, expectation, and willing vessels who will pray for such in our day, I realize many may be skeptical  of these things. But remember that supernatural visions and revelations are seen throughout the entire Bible, and it is the foundation upon which the Church was established and upon which it stands today.

To be continued…

These accounts are found in the book, Visions Beyond The Veil, formerly entitled Visions of Heaven, first published in 1973. 

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  1. This is exciting — I just read yesterday, from the “Gospel Truth” site, “It Happened 200 Years Ago–The Great Revival”–writings at the time describing the Cane Ridge revival, and others in the area. So encouraging, and educational to hear basically first hand of what went on–that seems like what you are doing with posts like this. James McGready believed in earnest, persistent prayer for revival to happen (some of us have not experienced, or maybe even heard of things like this, so it’s so helpful to read, and learn!) Please check this article–it’s wonderful, and a prophecy there included, from the time, referring to end times, that seems very accurate–things you have said!

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