In the furthermost southwest corner of the Yunnan province of China in the 1920s a great outpouring took place among the beggarly outcasts and homeless street boys of the city of Kotchiu (now Gejiu). It happened at the rescue mission of the Adullam home run by missionaries H.A. and Josephine Baker.

This was one of the most incredible outpourings ever recorded in history that lasted for many days. These school boys fell prostrate on the floor under the mighty power of God and were translated in the Spirit into the next world. They spoke with angels, saw saints of old, and played in the wonderful parks of paradise. These children ranging in age from 6-18, received visions and revelations of heaven and hell, and preached in the power and demonstration of the Spirit. These manifestations are beyond natural order, likened to the apostle Paul or John when they were caught up in the Spirit and saw and heard amazing things.

Time after time these children left their bodies and were caught away, not in dream form, but in actual reality. In fact, their visits were so real that in one instance when they returned to their physical bodies they immediately searched their pockets for the luscious fruit they had just picked from the beautiful trees in heaven. Not finding it, they acted very surprised, confused, and disappointed that they were not able to share the heavenly fruit with the Bakers and others in the Adullam home. It seemed to them that they went to heaven in bodily form just as someone would journey to a distant land and return.

Walking the streets of gold in heaven seemed as real to them as walking in some Chinese city. In many cases when they were in the Spirit in heaven, they conversed aloud and could be heard by those in close proximity describing what they were seeing or acting out what they were doing. These children shouted for joy, clapped their hands in rapture, jumped and danced in great delight, and at times rolled around on the floor in unrestrained laughter. The glory of the celestial city seemed to shine on their faces as they radiated with “a joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

The children knew the scripture describing the heavenly Jerusalem as being populated with “an innumerable company of angels” (Heb. 12:22). At the gates of the city and everywhere in heaven they observed these happy angels who walked and talked with them and explained things to them they did not understand. In these experiences the children were often given harps or trumpets and taught to play them and sing with the angels. They learned the music and language of heaven. With eyes closed and dancing around the room to the rhythm of the heavenly music, and acting out playing the harp or the trumpet, the others bore witness that they were indeed caught up in the Spirit in the praises of the King. Daily it was not unusual to see these children in some corner of a room acting out what they were doing or saying in heaven.

The climax of all the children’s heavenly wonder and joy was seeing and worshiping Jesus. No matter the joy and pleasures they heard and witnessed, Jesus was always the center of attraction. His name was never forgotten in conversation and He was praised and magnified continually everywhere, in everything, and in everyone there.

In these visions and journeys to heaven the children knew that their visits were temporary. They also knew their purpose was to see what was being prepared for them after death, and to tell others on the earth that if they believed and obeyed, all things would be theirs.

And so we must tell you. To be continued…

These accounts are found in the book, Visions Beyond The Veil, formerly entitled Visions of Heaven, first published in 1973. 

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