I was born and raised Roman Catholic and I always thought that Jesus and His disciples were Catholic also. Actually, I thought God and the angels were all Catholic, and no one could go to heaven unless they were Catholic. Whenever I’d meet a Protestant I’d feel sorry for them because I thought all Protestants were destined for hell. How deceived I was! Many other denominations are taught the same way – that if you’re not in their denomination, then you are not really saved. Traditions of men have brainwashed many people and filled them with lies, thus making the Word of God ineffective in their lives (Mt. 15:6).

Heaven and hell are real. Many people, even so called Christians do not believe in hell. Many now embrace universalism. This belief system erodes the fear of God and diminishes all zeal for the lost. I have great concern for those who are bound by unbelief and the traditions of men. I have great concern for those who are deceived and lost. My heart breaks for them because their eternal destiny is determined in this life. If not for the grace and mercy of God I’d be in the same predicament. When death strikes, the eternal destiny of every human being has been determined and cannot be reversed.

All men have instincts and an intuitive knowing that there is life after death. To deny it is to go against your God given instincts and intuition. By conscience and by creation all men know there is a God and that death is not the end (Rom. 1:20). Eternity has been placed by God in the heart of every man (Ec. 3:11b). Death does not mean cessation, but transition into the spiritual realm. And Jesus and the entire Bible testifies of only two places where the dead can go – one is heaven and the other is hell. Jesus said that the way to hell is wide and many go there. The way to heaven is narrow, and few go there (Mt. 7:13-14). That fact alone grips my heart and I shutter to think of the multitudes that are already there and can never get out.


When the late Kenneth E. Hagin was a sick and dying bed-ridden teenager he went to hell (I Went To Hell). Three times he descended into the dark regions of the damned. He was a church member, but he learned that just being a church member is not enough. Just attending church does not make you a Christian. One must be born again (Jn. 3:3, 7).

Brother Hagin describes his death:

“I could feel the blood cease to circulate. The tip of my toes went numb – then my feet, ankles, knees, hips, stomach, and heart. I leaped out of my body and began to descend: down, down, down, down. Down until the darkness compassed me ’round about. The lights above faded away… “

This happened three different times and after each time he was brought back into his body. Each time he came into his body he came into it three different ways. Once he came in through the front porch of the house he was in, another at the foot of the bed, and the last time right beside his bed. Each time he leaped back into his body.

When he descended he screamed out, “GOD! GOD! I BELONG TO THE CHURCH! I’VE BEEN BAPTIZED IN WATER!” But belonging to a church and being baptized in water is not enough to avoid descending into hell and ascending into heaven. Up until this time he thought this out of the body experience was all a hallucination and not real.

Brother Hagin describes a kind of suction that pulled him down until a booming voice spoke (which he now assumes was Jesus), and the demonic creature who was escorting him to hell let go of him and he ascended back into his body on the earth. During his third descent he began to pray and ask God to forgive him of his sins and to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Thank God for His mercy.

Once Hagin came back into his body the final time he was no longer afraid to die. The weight of his sins had rolled off him and now he had peace with God. He was born again. He did die and leave his body a fourth time, but this time he ascended as a bright glorious cloud filled his bedroom. Both his mother and grandmother saw the cloud and testified of it that they could not enter the room until it lifted. Hagin’s life was spared and the Lord told him to go back to the earth because his work was not finished.


Finally, in the same aforementioned book Brother Hagin tells a story of an old woman who during her earthly life never believed in heaven and hell and hated all preachers. She’d say things like, “The very idea! I’ll tell you – these preachers, trying to scare people, telling them there’s a hell and a heaven! Why, when a person dies, they’re dead just like a dog! Every church ought to be closed down and bombed! Every preacher ought to be killed! They’re just in it for the money.”

At the hour of her death her daughter called for Brother Hagin to minister to her. When she heard the word “preacher,” her mother jumped like somebody had shot her – yet her eyes never moved but were fixated. “Oh, Kenneth, Kenneth! You’re a preacher – tell me there is no hell! Oh, tell me! I said there wasn’t any hell. I said every preacher ought to be killed. I’m afraid! Oh, I’m afraid! I’m afraid! It’s so dark. It’s so dark. IT’S SO DARK! IT’S SO DARK! It’s…”

As she said those words she fell back on the pillow, died, and went to hell, crying, “It’s so dark! It’s so dark!”

God has given us His Word, the Holy Bible, to search out these things so we can most assured and know they are true. He’s also provided many witnesses throughout the centuries of the Church age that have testified of the reality of these things. Oh dear friends, let’s tell the world and allow the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sin, righteousness, and judgement (Jn. 16:8).

There is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun.

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