Doves are sensitive birds. At the slightest movement they fly away. They are symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Although similar, pigeons are distinctly different. While a dove is more sensitive and easier to shoo away, a pigeon walks in places with lots of people and lots of noise and is not as easily spooked.

Pigeon religion is a counterfeit spirit to the anointing of the Holy Spirit, which again is symbolic of the dove.

Looking briefly at some recent statistics a friend posted, the two most unchurched areas in America are San Francisco at 60% and the Boston area, where we presently live, at 57%. The most dechurched areas are San Francisco (bay area) and Boston as well, at 47% and 46% respectively.

The difference between unchurched and dechurched is the difference between a sinner (unchurched) and a believer who is uncommitted to a local body (dechurched).

In comparing the entire East Coast with the West Coast, the East coast is only 5 percent more unchurched than the West Coast. However, the dechurched on the East Coast is significantly higher than the dechurched on the West Coast by a significant margin – nearly 80 percent more. This would imply that on the West Coast believers are generally more committed to a local body and living in community. That was surprising to me.


Many of the Pentecostal/ Charismatic churches on the East Coast are involved in the prophetic movement, but it’s failing to add growth and stability. On the West Coast the Pentecostal/Charismatic church is caught up in a conglomeration of movements that is also failing to add long term stability to this generation. Additionally, the seeker sensitive movement is failing to make a significant spiritual impact in these regions.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that there are thousands, not hundreds, but thousands of false prophets roaming our land. Aren’t you growing a little tired of hearing about new mantles, double portions, debt cancellation anointings, and breaker anointings? Not to mention the gross overemphasis on personal prophecy and prophetic ministry, the inordinate attention given to deliverance and demonic warfare, angelic activation, gold dust, heavenly portals, and atmosphere changes.

One ministry advertised itself by the blowing of the shofar, calling it a unique and distinct anointing that causes breakthroughs in cities and regions. Really? So all this ministry needs to do is blow the shofar and it will cause breakthroughs in entire regions? As one old minister of God used to say, I’d rather hear a donkey bray at midnight in a tin barn than to hear such foolishness. It’s painful, actually, because so many young and untrained believers fall for this wacko version of Christianity. How do we expect to win the world with this nonsense? And have you ever noticed that most of the Christians who are enamored with such things live dysfunctional lives? The bane of every shepherd and ministry gift is when your preaching and teaching breeds such imbalanced and unstable people.

Beware of pigeon religion. Follow the dove, the real Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of truth and not a pigeon.

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4 thoughts on “PIGEON RELIGION

  1. Thank you for shedding light on the perplexing (and sometimes shocking) things that are going on with the Church. It seems to me, that anyone in leadership, if they do not have a close walk with God, cannot be ministering effectively, in the Spirit. I’ve wondered, for instance, how there can be training programs for the use of the gifts, when the people being “trained” may not be godly, and mature themselves! Don’t we really more need to be connecting with Him, hearing from Him…maybe taking hours on a regular basis to seek Him? I think so much can be gained in our quiet, sequestered times, that could not come any other way. And hopefully, with God’s direction then, to have real fellowship with others, as spoken of in 2Tim., and 1John.

  2. I agree with your general analysis, but we must also understand the gifts are not limited in their use to mature Christians. Paul told the Corinthian believers that they came behind in no gift (1 Cor. 1:4-7), but they were still carnal (1 Cor. 3:1-3). But seeking God’s heart is imperative lest the vessel exercising these gifts be corrupted, and the gifts tainted with error and inaccuracy.


  3. Thank you for that scriptural example…it actually blesses me to think how gracious, and generous God is to bestow gifts on us! I’m reminded (I was just reading verses in Rom.12) not to be judging as to someone less than mature, having spiritual gifts; maybe will be helpful someday when God pours out His power on the Church!..A leader told me once, that God gives gifts, but doesn’t remove them if the believer goes on in sin. Yet it seems so vital that godly leadership is in place, that could direct, and keep things functioning correctly.

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