To get the most out of this blog I’d encourage you to read Part 1 and 2. There are causes and reasons why Christians do not walk in the fulness of God’s blessings – whether it be physical, financial, in our family and relationships, or some other area of our lives. There are conditions attached to receiving the promises of God. You can’t live the way you want to, neglect God’s dealings with you, and His Spirit’s leadings, walk in disobedience, and expect to receive God’s best. God is merciful and patient, but sooner or later you are going to have to walk in the light that you have or reap the consequences.

I’ve been a student of divine healing for many years and I’ve always been interested in longevity and reasons why believers and ministers do not live out their full time on the earth. I have never falsely believed, as so many do, that when your time comes and your number is called it’s over – that God works in mysterious ways, and you never know when you’re going to die. I’ve never believed that and never will. I can’t find scripture for any of those beliefs.

What I find are conditions for health and long life, and laws of sowing and reaping that have been set in motion by the Lord Himself. No one could ever make me believe that the devil can attack God’s children at any time, any place, and make them sick and diseased, wreak havoc in their lives, and kill them. We are not at the mercy of the devil. God is bigger. God is greater. We have a covenant with Him. He is our loving Father who sent His only begotten Son to this earth to utterly destroy the works of the devil (1 Jn. 3:8).

Jesus has done all He’s going to do about the devil, sickness and disease, premature death, etc. It’s up to us to take advantage of His redemption plan and appropriate His blessings, and exercise our faith and authority, and learn to be led by the Spirit of God and be obedient. There are three primary reasons why people fail to receive God’s best, especially in areas like divine healing.

First of all, people have to know God’s covenant and what actually belongs to them. Why would you not want to walk in all the Lord Jesus Christ purchased for you with His own precious Blood? Healing and divine health is a part and parcel of His covenant. We’ve been redeemed from the curse of the law (Gal. 3:13; Dt. 28). Healing is the children’s bread and belongs to us. But if Christians are not convinced of that they won’t fight the good fight of faith in that area.

No one fights for something that they don’t know is legally theirs. Would you let a thief and a robber break into your house, beat your spouse, kidnap your children, and steal your valuable belongings? You would do what you could to prevent that even at the risk of your own life. Why? Because your house, family, and valuable possessions belong to you. They are legally and rightfully yours. When you are convinced and fully persuaded of what Jesus has purchased for you through the everlasting Blood covenant you will not lay down and let the devil steal, kill, and destroy you. You will fight the good fight of faith to receive and keep what is yours.

A second reason Christians fail to receive healing or God’s best for their lives is they have a weak spirit. They don’t keep their spirits well nourished and fed. They eat three hot meals a day and one cold spiritual snack per week. When they go through some kind of test and trial they are easily overcome by it because their faith is low. An old wise man of God once told me, with whatever else you’re reading and studying, make sure to always include feeding yourself on faith and healing. In other words, keep your faith built up and your spirit strong, so that you will be able to resist everything the devil throws at you at you in life. When your spirit is strong you won’t be so easily influenced by your circumstances, your feelings, and what you see in the natural. When your spirit is strong your joy and peace will be strong, your praise will be strong, and your faith will be buoyant and strong. When your spirit is strong, your mind will be clearer and sharper, and you will walk in robust health.

The third reason many Christians fail to receive God’s best is disobedience. This is what we’ve  been writing about in these last three blogs. Modern day Charismatics and word of faith Christians have forgotten the “if” in God’s Word and promises.


“I don’t remember a time when my parents were not struggling with some sort of sickness or disease.”

This was the compelling statement and astute observation one young woman made after hearing a message on disobedience being one of the hindrances to walking in divine health. Her parents had been called to be missionaries in Africa at a young age, but her mother wouldn’t go. Their disobedience opened the door for the devil to wreak havoc on their physical bodies for many years.

This is another side of walking in the blessings of God that is not widely taught. It is the willing and obedient that eat the good of the land and enjoy the fulness of God’s blessings.

If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land” (Is. 1:19).

The late Kenneth E. Hagin in his amazing book, I Believe In Visions, describes an one open vision he had of Jesus when he was in the hospital due to an accident. Jesus talked to him at length concerning his ministry and the reason for a the accident Hagin had where he tore ligaments in his elbow and shoulder. In the visitation Jesus told him that he allowed Bro. Hagin to have this accident in order to get his attention about something He’d been trying to talk to him about for two years.

Jesus said, “If I hadn’t permitted Satan to do this to arrest your attention, you would not have lived past the age of 55 because you would’ve continued in my permissive will instead of my perfect will.” Think long and hard about that dear friends. There are reasons ministers get sick or don’t live out their full life. Ministers have a greater responsibility and with it, a greater and more severe judgement (Jam. 3:1).

Brother Hagin’s error, which was keeping him out of the perfect will of God, was in putting his teaching gift before his prophetic gift. He was not ministering in the way God had called him to minister.

There are many Christians today who are walking in the permissive will of God only, but are missing the perfect. God will let us walk in his permissive will, but it will also result in Him permitting things to happen in our lives that are not His will for us either. Do you understand? We cannot serve God on our own terms. It will cost us in our health, finances, and even longevity of life. It will rob us of our joy and peace and the fulness of the blessings of God.

So what should one do to avoid mishaps, accidents, sickness, disease, premature death, and cause you to prosper in spirit, soul, and body.

1. Keep your faith strong and your spirit well nourished with the Word of God.

2. Obey the written Word of God, especially in your love walk.

3. Yield to the dealings of God in your life and obey the leadings of the Holy Spirit.

If you do these three things, your spiritual progress and success in life will soon be evident to everyone, and you will glad and rejoice in the goodness of God.

Look for our faith and healing webinar coming soon, which will cover these areas and help strengthen you in the Word of God. 



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