Today I thought I’d share some of the fruit of the love, prayers, and giving of the faithful core of partners, friends, and followers we have. Normally we’d send a report like this in our newsletter format, but so many on this blog are not on our newsletter email list.

The sustaining strength of our life and ministry are the prayers and giving of our partners and friends. Much to the surprise of some of our readers, we are not compensated for our writing – be it from our weekly Charisma blog, or from our personal blog here. Neither are we being paid for our Arabic satellite program, which is also broadcast weekly to many nations. Rather it costs us to be on television. It is you, our faithful followers and friends who undergird us with your prayers and giving.

Thank you for the monthly gifts and also for the one time gifts that occasionally are sent to help us. We are deeply appreciative as this entire ministry totally runs by faith in God’s miraculous provision through His obedient people.

We are always encouraged by testimonies of people who are helped and blessed by our ministry. It would be hard to keep going if we didn’t know we were bearing fruit and making a difference in people’s lives.

Here then are some recent testimonies, to the glory of God,  that testify to the fruit of your prayers and giving:

1. “You have a message of truth and purity that effected those of us present here today in such a way that I see movement towards the light taking place in ways we could never fathom.”

2. “I’ve been wanting to sow into the Lord’s work at Holy Fire Ministries for a long time now. I’ve been reading Bert’s blogs via Facebook and have been impressed with your journey in the Lord and all you are doing for His kingdom and Church.”

3. “Thank you for your faithful service and your uncompromising stand and teachings. They have blessed me, reset my perspective, and continue to encourage me to grow in my relationship with the Lord – hearing Him more clearly, surrendering to His will and ways with more abandonment.”

4. “You left a great spiritual blessing of confirmation and agreement in the atmosphere of our church and in our hearts.”


“Tanya, this was so amazing!” (Richard and Tanya oversee this work)

“Thank you for hosting Bert and Carolyn. It was a blessing!”

“I couldn’t take my eyes off Bert, I wanted to hear every word.”

“The services were good, Friday night was the best. The power was really there for me then. I could feel it filling up my hands.”

“The message was really good.”

“I like it!”

“It was fabulous.”

“I have been restored.”

“The messages and the praying was very good. Please let me know about more meetings.”

“I was touched in so many ways. My praying in tongues flourished. I couldn’t stop praying for days.”

“It was great! When Carolyn was praying over you Tanya, I was sobbing. I know we will have revival. We’ve been praying for so long.”

“It was wonderful! I was overwhelmed by the prayers, the speaker, and the revival song. I know God is doing something in this area.”

These are just a few responses that the overseers of this work shared with me. She said, “I saw over the four nights how God was moving among His people. It was a joy to see the waves of His power and glory move within the sanctuary, touching so many hearts and restoring lives.”


Since returning home, we’ve been preparing for our upcoming Fall Holy Ghost Forum this weekend. We will be receiving our panel of ministers and look forward to rich prayer and fellowship with them as well as flowing together in the Spirit in the public forum.

We hope you will make an effort to join us. Normally we don’t like to charge a registration fee, but it is necessary to pay for the expenses of bringing our guests in and for our luncheon on Saturday afternoon for all attendees.  We are not a church and have no church or denominational backing, or general fund we can draw from for such events, thus the registration fee.

Prayerfully consider being with us. You can find details and registration here at the bottom of this page: Holy Ghost Forum



  1. I’d like to add, along with your testimonies, how much I appreciate, and always look forward to reading your posts. Your comments so often hit the heart of the issues; and i’m thankful for your courage to address things others in leadership will not. Your words are encourageing, and uplifting as well, always with the focus of a true committment of laying down our lives — thank you, and may God enable you to fulfill all His purposes!

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