“I will set no wicked thing before my eyes. I hate the work of those who turn aside; It shall not have part of me” (Ps. 101:3).

There are a growing number of professing Christians today who believe nudity is more of an art than pornography. They see nothing wrong with watching it. They are “Corinthian” believers who’ve allowed the promiscuity of their culture to influence their lives and weaken their morality and spiritual witness. This is the reason there’s been so much controversy among Christians concerning movies like Game of Thrones and Shades of Gray. Many want to defend their right to view such filth. Others need to cooperate with the grace of God to overcome. When I was younger this is one of the areas I struggled with, but thanks be to God I have overcome. I stay vigilant in this area or else tendencies are to digress.

Here are some reasons why watching nudity is impure, ungodly and evil:

If just watching it was OK, why did Jesus say this?

“But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. And if your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and throw it away. For it is more profitable that one of your members should perish, and not that your whole body to be thrown into hell” (Matt. 5:28-29).

Watching nudity is disobedience to the command of Jesus to cut off your eye or hand, die to self, lose your life and take up your cross and follow Him.

Some may say, “Well, it doesn’t affect me like that; it doesn’t cause me to lust.” That line of justification is more dangerous than you actually watching it. The fact that you believe it doesn’t affect you means your spiritual senses have already been dulled and your conscience seared in that area.

Others might say, “Well, Jesus did not state it was a sin to look. It’s the lusting that He forbids.” C’mon now! Do you really think, oh man, that you can watch nudity and not lust in your heart? Again, such justification is a big red flag, and all it means is you are fighting for the right to keep on watching nudity.

Justifying sin is one of the biggest tricks of the devil. He wants you to watch people take their clothes off, and he likes what it does to you.

The devil also knows that watching nudity blinds you to God. It is an impurity that keeps you from seeing God as He is. It severs your intimate fellowship with God, just as it did in the garden in the beginning. Adam and Eve’s eyes were opened to see their nakedness, and thus, they were made blind to God and the blessed union they formerly enjoyed with Him. Instead, for the first time in creation, they were filled with fear, guilt, and condemnation. Only the pure in heart can see God (see Matt. 5:8). If you’ve been truly born again, Christ lives inside you. Try talking to Jesus while you’re watching someone other than your spouse or child take their clothes off.

Naive women need to know how nudity affects men.

Men are more easily moved by the sight of a nude woman than women are by the sight of a nude man. That is elementary. God has designed it that way. Nudity sells because it leads to pornography and sex. It is mainly the male sexual appetite that drives the sex business. If you are a woman, you need to be distinctly aware of the seducing power you can wield over a man with your body. Must you show cleavage? Must you wear such tight, skin-grabbing clothes? Are you really so naive to think that it’s just beauty or art?

Let the Word enlighten you.

“And I want women to be modest in their appearance. They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pearls or expensive clothes” (1 Tim. 2:9, NLT).

Women are not even supposed to draw attention to themselves by wearing elaborate or expensive jewelry or clothes, much less display any measure of nudity. Now ladies, I’m not suggesting wearing plain and drab clothes, knotting your hair in a tight bun and not putting on any jewelry, but if the Word of God admonishes women toward cultivating this kind of modesty, is there any room at all for showing cleavage and wearing tight-fitting apparel? And shouldn’t the example of modesty be upheld first by ministers of the gospel? Then why is there such an all too frequent immodest and inappropriate display among female ministers or spouses in their dress?

Watching nudity places you under the control of another and subtly enslaves you. King David watched Bathsheba bathe herself one evening and desired her (2 Sam. 11:2). Watching nudity increases your desire to have sex with someone other than your spouse. It causes you to fantasize, which Jesus said is equivalent to the act of adultery. What you feed grows. The desire to watch nudity will grow as you feed it. Then you wake up one day and find it so difficult to stop. It’s become a habitual practice and you’re now a slave to it, and you need deliverance.

Here’s the Problem:

The problem is that most believers today are not taking Christ at His Word, and making holiness a serious enough matter, especially when it comes to their sexuality. They are burning with lust because they are feeding it. I’m a man. I know. I preach this message to myself all the time, so I won’t fall into temptation. We must put a restraining order on our flesh. Let’s be watchful in the right way, prayerful and cultivate an awareness of Him who lives in this temple of ours, for we are not our own (2 Cor. 5:15).

Know that Jesus didn’t just die to forgive us of sexual sin and immorality, but to purify us from the power that enslaves us to it, or in this case, causes us to watch it. He was crucified and shed His holy blood to set us free from all impurity and to make us pure (Titus 2:14).

Watching nudity makes us unholy and impure. It defiles our minds, our desires and then our bodies. It’s a vicious cycle that gratifies the flesh and then fills us with fear, guilt and condemnation. It is a violation of Philippians 4:8, which admonishes us to think on things that are good, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report.

Stop watching nudity that leads to pornography and illicit sex. Go to the throneroom of grace to obtain mercy and find grace to help in your time of need (Heb. 4:16).

Men, let’s smash this idol and purify our hearts as we work out our own salvation with fear and trembling (Phil. 2:12).

For only the pure in heart shall see God (Matt 5:8) (see my book, Purity of Heart).

These books are forerunners to the move of God and personal holiness. The fire of God and the fear of God is attached to them. By purchasing and circulating our books please know that you are helping this ministry fulfill its mandate for restoration and revival. 


  1. This post is a confirmation specifically of concerns I’ve had, and been perplexed about for years! In my case, it may get a little trickier, because the person I’m concerned about (an adult man–Christian) has an art background, and is an artist. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this — modesty is compromised, and the beauty of the female form seems to rule (almost literally); so it becomes something to be seen, and appreciated…not necessarily nude, but the idea that cleavage, tight and short dresses, etc. is wrong, becomes almost a joke (Fox New is certainly fine with this unfortunately). I know, many say any addiction is demonic; and a sign of addiction is the person can be in denial, not facing, or realizing it, so not open to the truth to be set free — I wondered what you thought about that; also if there could be a more subtle form of addiction (and lust?), that would not involve actual arousal at the time, but stem from simply making a habit of looking, and appreciating? I realize that would compromise holiness and purity, but how would you compare it to more deliberate, or conscious looking, and lusting–since that on-going, possibly could lead to loss of salvation? Thank you, and God bless!

    • Re: Looking with the intent to lust is what was forbidden by Jesus. Revealing clothing, especially in women, makes it more difficult for men to look with only admiration and appreciation.

      “But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Mt. 5:28).

  2. And what about art? For example are Christians supposed to ask at the front desk of art museums where the nude art is so that they can stay away from those paintings and sculptures? What about artists who attend art schools and colleges? Are they supposed to keep from attending any classes where nude models are? How would a Christian get an exemption from those kinds of classes and still get a degree at a secular art school?

    I ask this very seriously because I am an artist and I see nudity in many of the art that I read about and see at museums, etc.. and it does not affect me. Though SOMETIMES it does and the Holy Spirit convicts me and I will remove the pictures from the magazine or book, if it’s mine. If it’s art at a museum I will keep moving through the exhibit or just leave so that I don’t have to see things I should not. But still I see A TON of nudity in art museums and even in paintings that tell stories from the Bible. Should those be skipped over as well? I just saw the Botticelli exhibit at the MFA in Boston and it was a gift from God that I was able to see it. They had a nude painting of Aphrodite/Venus there along with nude infant Jesus. Should I have just not gone?

    I also dress modestly but with a pop of bright color like a scarf or because to me, as an artist, I see clothing as an extension of who God made me to be. Color to me expresses my joy over what God did for me! When I was not walking with the Lord I wore mostly grey, black, brown. Lots of drab because deep down I was depressed and afraid. Now I wear color because I have joy. I cover my chest and I don’t wear short skirts or skin plastered clothing. I dress modestly and even my non Christian friends have joked about it in the past.

    Here in your article I see that you’ve taken the popular route of telling women to dress modestly and telling them that men have a hard time controlling themselves. What happened to “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me?”. and to walk in the spirit and not the flesh with the help of the Holy Spirit? Why must women carry this burden alone when it comes to the modesty message in so many churches? And it IS a BURDEN. Where are the messages for men? Why are the lust Church messages most always aimed at men needing women to alter their lives so much for men who they don’t even know or are related to?

    Yes, modesty is needed I VERY MUCH agree but to what length should we go? Reading what you said about makeup and jewelry should I throw away all my jewelry and colorful dresses and makeup? Even though it’s all modest? Looking at pictures of your wife on your holy-fire site and Facebook page I noticed she wears makeup, brow liner and lipstick and blush. Her clothes, at least her tops, are form fitting and in one of the pics of her on the front page of your page she’s wearing a red low cut v-neck tee shirt! (Go look. It’s there.) Have you talked to her about her way of dress and her makeup? She may not dress for other men, and maybe she dresses just for you, and that is good but if one were to read this post you just wrote and look at her then they’d see that things don’t add up.

    On the flip side do you not think that there are MANY women who struggle with lust like men? Perhaps not at the level men do but still for a woman it’s up there? Men walking around in tight t-shirts, tight jeans and some churches allow their teens and young men to walk around with low slung jeans with their boxers showing (because it’s a style of dress in the African American communities for over 20 years now). Do you not think some women are not affected by this? You mentioned 50 Shades of Grey. Who’s buying those books? Mostly women are. And with over a million copies sold that means that women are reading sexually focused material and you bet there is lust involved. So then with that, and we know that there are many Christian women reading those books and watching Game of Thrones, then it’s an example that there there is a problem that women are having. So then why aren’t Christian men being told to be modest as well so as to help their sisters in Christ, and even non Christian women in the secular world, keep pure of mind and thought and deed?

    Messages like this one you’ve shared here, Burt, I’m just really tired , as a Christian woman, of hearing as I’ve been hearing them for almost 35 years of my Christian walk. I’ve heard the “modesty lite” version and the hard core almost “wear a paper sack” version. As an artist who runs into nudity in the art world, and who loves to dress with color and makeup and jewelry in her wardrobe, messages expressed they way yours does really bothers me.

    God bless you (!) and please I’m open to being corrected and open to hearing your reply. I do want to serve the Lord and not cause others to stumble (but I think I’m doing OK on my part). I’ll pray about what you wrote here. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your lengthy discourse Staci. I’m sorry that you’re troubled by all this. I’ll give you the simple response to it: Do what love would do regardless of others’ actions and behavior. Both men and women bear the responsibility of keeping themselves chaste. All of us will give account to God, so let us live to please Him first and foremost.

      “So then each of us shall give account of himself to God. Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother’s way” (Rom. 14:12-13).

  3. Yes, and amen! This Word is clear enough leaving no room for further excuses and justifications! The last part highlighted in bold fonts cuts clean: We cannot maintain the holiness we have received by grace while practicing this unwholesome habit.
    Father we receive with thanksgiving the grace you are releasing with these words! They are transforming us now, bringing repentance in Jesus name!

  4. David dance naked to praise God in front of maids; wife criticised, God punished her. There is a place or perhaps more places for nudity and appropriateness that does not necessarily lead to sin in scripture.

    The sins punishable by death are clearly listed by God in scripture; really; so do not do those sins; those listed sexual immorality are the sexual immoralities that are clearly defined by God, and one can be dogmatic with them. As to the rest, man cannot pretend to be authority and be dogmatic with his own cultural reasoning that because there is danger of sexual immorality, there is sexual immorality. This is an insult to doctors and nurses, and many others dealing with nude bodies for legitimate, non-sin reasons.

    If one looks at a naked body and in the heart do sexual immorality, then that is sin. If one does not, well, he did not sin.

    The article started well with genesis and God clothing Adam and Eve, but forgot in later chapter, God forgave and restored them with the type of Jesus sacrifice. This allows many, including David, to dance naked and praise God, and not sin; and for those criticising to be sinning and God judge such.

    Best regards, no offence;
    Be kind to those who indeed deals with nakedness and not sin. Not all are pornographer and whoremonger.

    • We were dealing with nudity in the sexual realm. We are to give no place to the devil. As to your Davidic example, he did not dance naked before the Lord, but stripped down to his undergarments from a king’s royal attire. So your interpretation of that is incorrect.


  5. Following the comment that David dance naked to praise God, here is another observation about sinful lust that Jesus talked about.

    I. Jesus lust/covet after His disciples, to want to meet with them; and this lust is not sinful lust, but healthy lust; there is a place for healthy lust;

    2. Jesus said if you lust after another man’s wife; meaning wanting someone else wife, that is adultery already. Jesus did not say look at a naked wife of another man, she need not be naked nor wear short skirt. If the man covet a wife belonging to another man, that is adultery already in the heart; and this is consistent with the Ten Commandments.

    So dress code is not the issue. Nude patients in hospital is not the problem. The sinful luster is the problem.

    By commenting above, I am not saying there is no sin of lust; I am saying the article misses many important details of the Bible and also put human culture as yardsticks when the Bible has no such position.

    Best regards

    • It is my humble opinion that your position is one of compromise. Jesus did not single out just coveting another man’s wife, but looking on ANY woman to lust, whether she is married or unmarried, is sin or adultery in the heart. Certainly looking on a naked person, such as in pornography, arouses lustful passions, and that is what the article emphasizes.

  6. Nudity does not automatically cause lust. That develops because of the thousands of years that people have worn clothing, which has created unnecessary eroticism of certain parts of the body. There are numerous studies about how various behaviors, such as sleeping, and others, which have increased benefits when conducted in the nude. In addition, in settings such as nudist resorts lead to a decrease in the eroticism of the body, because nudity in those places is so common, that except for the most committed couples, there is no physical desire.

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