I was preaching like a man on fire on the necessity of the mighty baptism in the Holy Spirit. Half way through the meeting a lady stands up in the midst of the congregation and starts speaking in tongues for the first time. She couldn’t wait until the altar invitation to be filled. This is the kind of spiritual initiative the Word will bring to your life.

Your faith is more aggressive when you’re feeding yourself on the Word of God. When you find out as this woman did that the baptism in the Holy Spirit belongs to every born again believer you won’t be passive in receiving it. You won’t take no for an answer. The number one hindrance to receiving personally from God is the question of whether or not it’s His will for you to have what you’re asking or believing Him for. Well, how does one know what the will of God is? From  the Word of God. His word is His will. Jesus was the Word of God. We can also learn what God’s will is from the life and example of Jesus. He was the Word of God in action.

When you find out for certain what God’s will is it will revolutionize your faith. You will become like a bulldog. You will resist the enemy. You will not be moved by the circumstances or by what you see or feel. You will fight the good fight of faith knowing what belongs to you because of the covenant promises of God.

Faith begins where the will of God is known. How can you have faith if you don’t know what God’s will is concerning a situation or a problem in your life? Knowing the will of God will produce strong faith in you, and it will not only help you to personally receive from God, but it will empower you to help others.


When I was a young missionary in West Africa I began to see and experience greater fruit of having strong faith in the Word of God. One day I was listening to an audio series by Norvel Hayes called, You Shall Live And Not Die. Brother Norvel is a no nonsense preacher and he was blasting the doubt out of people through this faith series. I got so fired up and believed that God could and would do anything I asked Him to do.

You see, this is what happens when you listen to strong teaching of the Word of God. In this case I was listening to a man who was aiming a major part of his teaching to people who were full of sickness and disease and had been given up to die (I would recommend this audio series to anyone in such a condition). If they will listen to it and believe it, they will be healed. I guarantee it.

Anyway, during the time I was feeding my spirit on this audio series I experienced two miraculous healings in others whom I ministered to. One was a female Bible school student of mine who came to the mission house one day with a fractured leg. A log had rolled off a truck and hit her in the knee area. I guess she didn’t have money to tend to it, so she came to the house walking with a stiff leg. She couldn’t bend it at all. I told her immediately that God would heal her.

Some people might be wondering, “how did you know God would heal her?” Because that’s what His Word says. That’s His will. That’s His character. I laid my hand on her knee and commanded her to be healed. Then I told her to bend her knee, which she hadn’t been able to do. At first she grimaced in pain, but I told her to keep bending it because God was healing her. After about the third time bending it her countenance changed and I could see that the pain had subsided and she was being healed. I then had her walk and even run a little with me outside to further prove that she was healed. Upon the realization of what the Lord had done for her that day, she lifted her hands in the air and began to praise Him with tears of joy flowing down her cheeks. Hallelujah!

After she left the house to go home I looked out the window and saw her walking down the dirt road we lived on with her hands still up in the air praising God for her healing. This was my first year on the mission field in Liberia, West Africa and this was one of the more miraculous healings I had witnessed in my young ministry, and it brought me great joy.


My point is that my spiritual initiative was very high because I had been building up my faith and was ready for opportunities to be used by the Lord. I was looking for people to get healed. I was looking to cast devils out of people to set them free. Many more healings and deliverances would follow as I preached the Word of God from a position of strong faith.

If you want God to use you in ministering healing to people you’ve got to keep your faith strong in that area. If you want God to use you to get people saved and baptized in the Holy Ghost you’ve got to keep your faith strong in those areas. As a matter of fact, if you want to be healed yourself you should be feeding on healing scriptures instead of always depending on others to pray for you and believe for you. If you want to walk in divine health I’d highly suggest you keep your spirit strong where you will not compromise and give in to the devil and sickness and disease. If you keep your spirit strong by feeding it on the Word of God, there is continual life that flows to you and through you.

“My son, give attention to my words; incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart; for they are life to those who find themand health to all their flesh” (Pr. 4:20-22). 

How do you know you’ve found the Word of God? You’re excited, fearless, and full of joy at what you’ve discovered in the Word. That’s when your spiritual initiative will be high. That’s when the Word will work for you.



  1. God was speaking to me, this morning encouraging me to practice the gift given, the word of encouragement and meditate upon His Word continually sand to be in an attitude of Prayer in all things. May Abba bless you for your words.

  2. This is a powerful word, and encouraging! I read a Finney quote this morning that gives direction too, in this way…basically saying that if we would pray in faith, we must walk daily with God, filled with the Spirit, and He will give us what to pray. I assume the Baptism of the Spirit is necessary to pray correctly, and “in faith” (along with speaking in tongues, I remember you strongly emphasized). One question I have about receiving what’s promised, what we know to be His will…I understand we must believe to receive, and the Word definitely builds that faith–but could timing be part of it? In other words, might it be God’s actual will for there to be a waiting process, perhaps to test, and build our faith, also including other things going on that He might be arranging, etc. (I understand, there can be evil blockages too)?

    • Timing is an important ingredient when it comes to fulfilling God’s plan for your life, but when it comes to the promises of God like healing and the baptism in the Holy Ghost, the time is always now. No waiting is necessary for that which belongs to us through the atonement of the blood of Jesus.

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