Why do you think the early apostles chose not to wait on tables but instead gave themselves to prayer and the Word (Acts 6:4)? I mean, what was their main reason and motivation for this unbending commitment?

The common answer would be that they had to pray and study so they could stay in a place to minister to people. Of course, that’s a part of it, but a more careful study would reveal an even deeper reason. It was vital that they stay in the Spirit, hearing from God, and contending, not only to keep all that they had gained from Jesus, but to thwart off the enemy and make new advances in God. Isn’t this what Jesus taught and exemplified for them in His earthly ministry?

All ministers are to live a life of prayer and stay in the Word in order to continue to give birth to the things God wants to do.

Would the disciples have been multiplied in Jerusalem if the apostles had not given themselves to prayer and the Word (Acts 6)?

If the 120 had not waited on God would they have received such a miraculous and spectacular outpouring of the Spirit (Acts 2)?

If Peter and John had not participated in the daily hour of prayer would the cripple man have been raised up at the gate Beautiful (Acts 3)?

If Peter and John had not reported to their own company and prayed with them after they were severely threatened and beaten, would they have been granted signs and wonders to continue preaching boldly (Acts 4)?

If Stephen had not prayed forgiveness for Saul would there ever have been an apostle Paul (Saul – Acts 7)?

If Ananias had not prayed would Saul have ever been raised up in the way he was (Acts 9)?

If Cornelius had not waited on God in prayer and fasting would he have received instructions from the angel of the Lord that led to the first outpouring among the Gentiles (Acts 10)?

If Peter had not been sensitive to go up on the housetop to pray while lunch was being prepared would there have been a wide and effectual door opened to the Gentiles at that time (Acts 10)?

If the church had not been in constant prayer for Peter would he have been delivered from prison (Acts 12)?

If the handful of prophets and teachers at Antioch didn’t take the time to minister to the Lord and fast would they have heard the direction of the Lord that changed the landscape of the early Church and gave birth to a missionary movement (Acts 13).

As it was in the beginning so it must be so now. We are living in the time of the end. There is a famine for the true word of the Lord. There’s been a great decline of the power of God. There is an apostasy of the Word and the Spirit. We are nearer to the Lord’s return than ever. If we as ministers are not examples in prayer how do we expect others we lead to pray?

It’s going to take a deeper place in prayer to give birth to the move of God He wants to bring in this hour — prayer that is done in tongues with very little English or understood language. It’s going to take deeper supplications and intercessions with groanings and travail. Carolyn uttered this phrase in prayer recently: “His anointing is with me and everywhere I see is bright, but I gotta go farther.”

When we pray mysteries from our hearts there’s so much power and light, but it takes faith to go there and pray this way. There is so much light to be carried into the present darkness. If we really want a move of God we must understand this element because every move of God starts like this and is maintained in the same way. Let there be a release and a birthing of these things. May God anoint us and many more to pray like this, for the day and the hour demand it.

Fasting will help us get there.

Abundant grace to you.



  1. This is sobering–important to really consider! It makes me think what an awesome responsibility we have every day, to walk before the Lord–to “walk by the Spirit” — to come to a place of dependence on Him, that we will be effective for His will to be done! I believe it’s said of Finney, because of his strong prayer life, he was one of the most fruitful revivalists. Could I share something from Andrew Murray, I just read today…”To know God, to see God in everything, everywhere, in our daily life, to be conscious of His presence so that we always walk with Him–this is the true nobility of man. Faith walks with God, and believes that He can, and will make Himself known.” It seems clear to me from scripture, and as is said, God’s promises are conditional–I wondered if you agree. Also, do prophecies normally need believing, fervent prayer to come to pass?

  2. Love the Andrew Murray quote! Re: And yes, God’s promises are definitely conditional. And I’d also say that all prophecies don’t necessarily need to be believed or prayed for to come to pass, but should be as they bear witness with our spirits.

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