(This is a testimony and a personal eyewitness of what is going on in a sector of the Church today. Could we see more of this in the near future? And are we ready to deal and minister to these kind of people?)

Our culture today is raising the most gender-confused generation this country has ever known. Heterosexual today? You can be homosexual tomorrow. The next day? Bi, or maybe trans. It’s a smorgasbord of poison that is rotting people’s souls.

This year alone, we here at ____________, have dealt with a teenage girl beginning a same-sex relationship as well as three girls cutting themselves and a fifteen year old who had a baby. (She assured me just months before that she and her boyfriend weren’t sexually active. When did they start? The day after we spoke?) Last year, it was a twenty-something who ‘became’ a man.

I’ve been a crossing guard for the city of ____________ for fifteen years. Last year, I noticed a fifth grade girl slowly changing in dress and mannerisms. Now I hear she thinks she’s a boy and is going by another name. This year there’s a fourth grade boy who constantly dresses like a girl. My heart breaks for him. But his parents are lesbians and I guess confused parents produce confused children.

If you need some good news right about now, the three teens we took to the ____________ last year are still sticking to their pledge to remain sexually pure. Some get it. Some don’t. Always been that way. Always will. But we keep preaching.

I recently watched a video of a transgendered man who came to faith in Christ. As he gave his testimony, I couldn’t help noticing how strange he looked. Sort of like a man/woman hybrid. I also thought this might be what the Church of the future will look like. To those praying for revival, are you ready for guys like this to darken the door of your church?

It’ll be a stretch, I’ll admit, but don’t newly converted sinners often come with baggage? We tell people to come as they are, and if this is how they are, then this is how they’ll come. Besides, how often can the newly converted make amends for the mistakes of the past? Many live with the results of their sin: children from one night stands, relationships with ex-spouses and children that are too far gone to be reconciled, bodies sick from destructive habits, time behind bars, etc. Yet we know that if the heart has turned to the Lord, true repentance brings forgiveness of sin and new life in Christ.

The same is true with the transgendered. They might not be able to undo what they’ve done to their bodies, but do we believe the Lord can undo what they’ve done to their souls? Or do we believe the transgendered must revert to his/her gender of birth in order to be really saved? Just sayin’. And those of us who lived through the ’60s thought things couldn’t get any worse. Surprise! But I refuse to believe anyone is outside the grasp of God’s grace or that the Blood of Jesus is powerless against certain sins. It’s what helps me get through the day.

Please pray these kids would find their identity in Christ; that they would know Him and be inspired to discover what life in Christ is all about; that they would realize that in Him they’ll find the confidence to live in this world without bowing to the deceitful pressures of the world. No more confusion as to who they are or who they were meant to be. — A faithful witness



  1. Excellent post…very difficult subject to parse…yes the blood of Jesus can cleanse anyone…our motto should be love the sinner…hate the sin. But will get more complicated during however more years remain for this earth. Thanks

  2. A big dose of reality Bro. Bert! Nobody is beyond hope if they truly repent, I pray we are ready to take on this next season and help bring tortured souls to Christ!

  3. Reading this hits home everything that’s wrong with society. It brings up the abnormalities that are fewer than 1% and makes them the norm? This is sick! I know personally a Father of a family that I went to church with, did their hair when they confessed their marriage vows to one another who is now turned into a women!!! Goes by another name! This was a burley, smart, husband at one time. That I had the opportunity to cut his hair for years. I never in all the years knew him did he ever even come across as a woman. I was blown away!!! He’s a born again Christian!! Yet THEY want the church to accept this family as they are. I am jaw dropped. So now his wife and him are now lesbians? And the church is ok with this?
    This is a spirit of perversion that’s creeped in. I’m sorry. I just don’t see it any other way.

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