This message was birthed in prayer when we saw leaders standing in front of a veil and pulling it shut. This is an utterance from the Lord.

“He who has the bride is the bridegroom; but the friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice. Therefore this joy of mine is fulfilled” (Jn. 3:29).

The joy of the friend of the bridegroom (or best man) is to hear His voice. He is not to interfere with the union and intimacy the bride and the bridegroom are to enjoy. Yet in much of Christendom today this interference is what we see in one form or another.

The veil into God’s Holy Presence was rent in two so that the Bride of Christ could enjoy the presence of the Bridegroom and hear His voice. In the Old Covenant man needed  a mediator because the veil of the temple, which signified the way into God’s presence, was closed. But today under the New Covenant the veil has been rent in two and actually no longer exists, and now we can all come to God without a human mediator.

“And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom…” (Mt. 27:51).

Closing the veil is a type of the spirit of religion and traditions of men that tell us we need to go through a man or a program. It engenders condemnation.

For the words I now write are from the Lord and are truly a judgment of the heart for believers to put their fellowship with God above religion and the traditions of man. For this was the spirit that always confronted Jesus and the manifestation of His compassion when the religious leaders would say, “Who does He think He is, healing and forgiving man’s sins?” The mind-set that leaders have put in the hearts of saints today is the same work of the spirit of religion, “Do this. Don’t do that. You gotta come when the doors are open or you won’t be blessed; if you don’t tithe you’re cursed, etc.”

What is most needed is to teach the people to go into the Holy of Holies themselves and enjoy unrestricted communion with God. This increases their chances manifold of never falling away from the Lord.

Beyond the veil is true communion with God, but man, through religion and traditions, seems to always attempt to shut that veil.

True spiritual freedom comes to the one who believes and knows they have free access to Jesus.

The part leadership is to play is to show the saints the access. It’s necessary and important that the young ones (lambs) know how to go into that place in the Spirit. The key is to train them to move into the Spirit and access that place on their own. Once they learn they can be established as strong trees of righteousness. It takes time to learn and to know and to flow with the presence of God. Never does it benefit when a man leads another to the wisdom and traditions of man. Keep pointing them to the open veil and the access.

That is why we can never be satisfied with just playing church; for when we learn to access His presence then Christ is formed in us. Instead of being as Joshua was in the old order of things when only certain ones had access to God, who stood on the outside of the tabernacle and listened (Ex. 33:11), it’s our place as ministers to draw them on in and teach them to stay there. There will always be hungry saints who want to go on in. Beyond the veil is the only place we are truly rooted and grounded in the Lord.

That is why this place of putting our dependence on man is such a bewitching place.

“O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you…” (Gal. 3:1)

This bewitching is such a diabolical move for it is the spirit that closes the veil and makes it hard to access God.(Spoken and prayed with the same zeal and Spirit that came on Jesus when He went into the temple and overthrew the tables and drove out the money changers). We’ve got to keep people moving toward the Lord where they are at home with Him. He is the door, the only door. He is the mediator, the only mediator. We all have free access through His Blood.

As a modern day example of this bewitching, the seeker-friendly philosophy of conducting church services closes the door and says you can only have this much access to God, and you can only go this far, by toning down on the Holy Spirit and His workings. God is in the midst of His people, not behind a veil.

As an example from the past, take the Brownsville revival. I was a part of it, and I witnessed the legacy and future fruit of that revival, cut short due to religious politics that insisted on a man being ordained with a certain denomination, when the man in good conscience before God could not. Ironically, this revival began with a man crying out to God, “we want God with no restrictions”, but then that same man shut the door years later through religious politicking. Multitudes of people were saddened, hurt, angered, and disillusioned by such a decision.

We have witnessed confusion and bewilderment in many lives who were used to free access but whose freedom was blocked and bewitched by man.

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage” (Gal. 5:1).

This sort of thing happens on a wide scale. We believe in order. We believe in submission and authority, but not at the expense of the freedom of God’s people.

These two books are two of our readers’ favorites that I’d like to recommend to you. They will help to enhance your prayer life and communion with God. 

Prayer: The Language Of The Spirit  

The Journal Of A Journey To His Holiness  




  1. Thank you for your posts.  They are a blessing as are your 2 books that I recently purchased and read (Purity of Heart and Passing on the Move of God to the Next Generation).   My 21 year old son is the Next generation and I’m attaching a rough copy of a song he recently wrote about that open veil.   God Bless You, Natalie King

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    • Thank you for your readership and encouragement! Please post reviews on Amazon of the books if you can.

      I didn’t see the attached copy of your son’s song. What a blessing to have such a son!

  2. So why is it, I cry out, start to enter in for awhile, and then back off, then ask myself ” why am I not ALL IN ” one foot in, one foot out. I hear from the Lord, then ( squirrel )off I go back in the flesh. Advise please Straight to the heart if you will My pastor is Steve Hunt Thanks Phil

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    • He who abides in love abides in God. It’s one thing to strive to enter into the rest Christ has provided; quite another to abide in that rest. I have found love to be the key. Hope this helps.

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