There is a sweeping movement that began two decades ago. A phenomenal number of Muslims are coming to the Lord through dreams and visions, and are discovering that the true God is not condemning them but manifesting His love to them. Mighty signs and wonders are breaking out in the Muslim world.

For example, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2015 200 Muslim men inside a mosque all had a simultaneous vision of Jesus. This event was confirmed by three independent sources. In spite of numerous death threats these Muslim men are testifying of this vision and the reality of Jesus Christ.

Here are some other accounts of the power of God convincing Muslims of His reality and love for them:

An Isis fighter who personally killed Christians, had a vision of Jesus, who said to Him as He said to Saul long ago, “Why are you killing My people?”

Jihadist Converts–jesus-in-his-dreams/

After visiting a prostitute and contracting Aids, a Muslim Imam, Sheik Mohammed Amen, lay dying and preparing for burial with no hope. Suddenly Jesus appeared in his room and stood by his side, and said, “Mohammed, rise up!” He rose up and was completely healed of Aids.

Healed From Aids

In December 2001, Sheik Ahmad al Qataani, a leading Saudi cleric, appeared on a live interview on Al-Jazeera satellite television to confirm the Muslims were turning to Jesus in alarming numbers. “Every hour, 667 Muslims are becoming Christians,” he said. “And each day 16,000 Muslims are becoming followers of Jesus, and each year 6 million Muslims are deciding to follow Jesus.”

Leaving Islam

Laboring Mohammed, a Nigerian, who studied the Quran for 5 years, met Jesus in a series of dreams. He was persecuted, imprisoned by his own father, but due to his unwavering love for his father he surrendered to Jesus just 3 hours before his death.

Quranic Student Converted

As much of the world has turned its back on God in record and unprecedented numbers, a move of the Spirit that is astounding in scale has begun.

As another outstanding example, in communist atheist China, there are estimates of more than 200 million Christians in that country, which is now on course to become the most populated Christian nation on the earth.

Also, Iran, formerly known as Persia, the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, despite a crackdown on the Christians and the gospel, there is an explosive and staggering growth of house churches and secret meetings all over the nation. At last count it is now estimated that there are more than 300,000 believers in Iran and growing daily.

Praise the Name of Jesus!!! It’s harvest time!



  1. Awesome, encouraging news–thank you for posting this! Maybe we need more of this in our country…isn’t it a mystery, how prayer and faith work, with God responding (as 1John 5:14,15 teaches), as opposed to Him enacting His will, over and beyond ours, or our cooperation.

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