Gone is the age of man. We’ve entered into the age of God. The Lord is done allowing us to do things our own way. He has had enough of man taking His glory for his own personal gain, whether it is for fame, honor, financial gain or whatever.

Remember how Dagon fell face down in the presence of the Ark of the Covenant (1 Sam 5). God will not share His glory.

Ministers need to go back to the original place of their calling when they said ‘Yes” to it and ask themselves the reason and motivation for that “Yes”.

What will be our end if we are not in ministry out of simple, sincere devotion to Jesus?

It is in keeping our minds stayed on Him that we not only receive His peace but strength to resist the world’s wisdom, patterns, systems, ideals, and mind-sets.

Here’s a vision one of our spiritual daughters had not too long ago:

“I saw a picture of fresh concrete being poured. I knew as I saw this that all the structures of men had already come to nothing. I knew that this was a new day with new foundations being poured. I knew that we were stepping into the age of God. I knew that He was laying His own foundations for the Church to be built upon.

“Then I saw those who were pouring concrete but did not make Christ the Cornerstone, and consequently their concrete was not being allowed to harden. But for those who have made Christ the Cornerstone, their concrete was allowed to harden.”

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it…” (Ps. 127:1). 


“Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established…” (Pr. 24:3).

We are not called to work for the Father, but to work with Him. It is in hearing and obeying His wisdom and counsel that this happens. The Spirit of God always moves to perform the Father’s will, not some concoction of our own will devised by the carnal mind. The lack of hearing and obeying the Father’s wisdom and counsel produces the works of man. But hearing and obeying the Father’s wisdom and counsel produces the works of God.

Jesus is the Pattern Son and our perfect example. He felt no obligation or compulsion to do anything outside of the Father’s will and counsel. He knew that He did not come to this earth to do His own will but the will of the Father (Jn. 5:19). He also knew that He was not here to do His own will in the Name of the Father, which is the more common thing in Christendom today.

The Holy Spirit wants to bring clear communication between us and the Father and Jesus, for He has been sent for such a purpose – “to speak whatsoever He hears and to show us things to come” (Jn. 16:13). The greatest cry of the Holy Spirit on the earth today is that God’s people would learn to wait on the Lord and receive His wisdom and counsel for every situation. Praying in the Spirit at length and meditating on the Word of God is the best way to cultivate this ability.

Think about this: All of man’s failures are a by-product of a lack of clear communication between the believer and the Godhead. This is the devil’s greatest victory  – to keep us too agitated, frustrated, anxious, distracted, deterred, entangled, and too busy to wait on the Lord and hear the Holy Spirit’s clear communication. He delights in communing with us and sharing the Father’s wisdom and counsel. Nothing is impossible to those who’ve learned to hear and obey the Holy Spirit’s communication.

True ministers of the gospel are those whose thinking has been elevated above the ways of man, and who teach and train God’s people to receive God’s wisdom and counsel. God can only move where His counsel and instructions are heard and obeyed. God wants to move! The problem in this age of man has been that men are doing all the moving. There are few on the earth who live in the realm of the Spirit and understand these things.

I pray that you would learn the ways of  God and truly be among those who are taught by Him and led by Him. The fulness of God’s blessing is in hearing and obeying what He says to you both from the written Word and by His Spirit.

If you are a leader or aspiring to leadership in the body of Christ I highly recommend these three books that will refine your heart and cultivate your ability to hear the wisdom and counsel of God. The Journal, Purity of Heart, and Soulish Leadership.



7 thoughts on “GONE IS THE AGE OF MAN

  1. Bert, Thank you for this word. Confirmation and clarification came with it. Yes, we’re on the Threshold of a new era. Praying that you may be filled with His Spirit more and more with each new day to His praise and glory. Stephany Cameron- Harvest of the Lakes Region

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  2. This is refreshing and enlightening to help us understand why we don’t see more of God’s works, and fruit in the Church, etc. I think it would be very easy, common, and deceiving to make “God’s will” a concoction of our own, including using scripture, but really being in agreement with the thinking of the world. It seems it must be a very personal walk with God where, over time our minds are renewed to see things more His way…and to really learn how much we need Him; so to trust Him, and be willing to wait on Him to hear from Him, and to have the courage, as Jesus, to only respond to His will, and direction (don’t we need so much more teaching on waiting, and patience–“Let patience have its perfect work…”!) I’m thinking, a real

  3. Having trouble with my computer–sorry; but to finish, I just wanted to add, that what I see here is a wonderful blessing, if we follow Him in this way! That there will be His peace, and rest; and an intimate, fulfilling, joyful (as He would want) walk of faith with Him where He could take first place, to be our first love, and even become involved in the details of our lives!

  4. I received knowledge from you through an email you sent me via my Website Today, regarding your Book The Real Jesus. As I followed the Leading of the Holy Spirit through our connection today I discovered your Blog. It blessed me greatly to read the above and it truly witnesses to what the Spirit of our Lord has made alive in me as well, since I was born of the Holy Spirit in 1978. I was moved to write such down as I received it over the years having heard my Call to Write and put some of what I received at my Website EnterRest.

    Your Spiritual Daughter’s Vision reminds me of a Vision Father gave me in 1989, Excerpt from Father’s Vision for His Church: “While in prayer the Spirit of the Lord gave me a vision of a Holy temple fully destroyed, except for the foundation. The foundation that was left standing was the chief cornerstone which I understood represented Jesus Christ and God’s messages which came through Him. The rest of the stones which were left was that which Almighty God had placed through inspiring His Prophets and Apostles of old and through the outpourings of His Spirit since. I was aware a spiritual tidal wave had come in and wiped everything else out as far as the eye could see so that all which remained was God’s work and not mans.” it goes on to tell of what He would be doing in His Church after that in preparation for a Spiritual Renaissance HE would bring about, explaining a lot of what has taken place since then and gives witness to your Fresh Word to the Body.

    Your Words ‘We are not called to work for the Father, but to work with Him.’ and ‘too busy to wait on the Lord and hear the Holy Spirit’s clear communication.’ puts me in mind of the heart of the words I received in 1984, on the first occasion I was told ‘to take pen in hand and write that which I give you’. Excerpt from Receive a Listening Heart: “BUSY my people are ever so busy! Yet My truths remain undiscovere for they sit NOT before Me in emptiness, waiting for Me to fill them” and “My very heartbeat they cannot hear for they have not their ear to My breast. Their mouths are to My breast and they know not. They believe they are in My will, yet they take not the time to listen – hearken – unto MY Voice, for it is MY voice you must hear!”

    Both of these can be found in a FREE Online Book Father Anointed 9 of us to Write and give away in various Formats, pdf, Kindle, Mobi, ePub ect which came out June 2017. “Freely we have received, freely we are to give.’

    The Testimony of how this came about and the Free Links can be found as a Note on my FB Wall or in my Blog, http://www.LivingASimplifiedLife.blogspot.com

    The Spirit of God moved me to share this as a comment here, since we are both a part of the Body of Christ and the Family of God, moved by the heart of our Father. I see our connection as timely and a mutual witness in the Spirit to the REAL Jesus.

    Thank You Father those of Your choosing will read that which Your Spirit offers through us and will be moved to share it in the numerous ways You move us to … Bless You for such an powerful opportunity!

    • I’m so delighted to read your comments and the things the Spirit of God has shared with you. Of course, I bear witness to all of it. Your words also remind me of a book I wrote a few years ago called, The Journal Of My Journey To His Holiness. It speaks of some of God’s dealings with me during a lengthy season of prayer and fasting. The Lord led me to indulge much in praying in tongues until those tongues turned to English. Thus, the book.

      Love what Father shared with you in 1984 about receiving a listening heart. It is still a challenge in my all busyness to remain still and inactive physically and mentally. He gave me this in 2002 from the Journal book:


      Take the steps I tell you to take and leave the results to Me. Don’t try to figure it out in your head, but follow Me with your heart. Don’t be concerned about what is next until you’ve fulfilled what is now. Disentangle yourself from the next and entangle yourself in the now. Remember your tendencies to run ahead. Guard against this hastiness, for I do not order the steps of hasty feet.

      Hasty feet are untimely feet. They move before the time. They are out of sync with heaven’s rhythm and rhyme. Slopes they come down on, but on hills and mountains they cannot climb. They are strong in the flesh, but weak in the Spirit. Do not put your trust in hasty feet. I alone will order your feet to run and not be weary as you wait on Me. And I will cause you to walk on high places and not faint.

      You are in the school of discipline and part of the training is to break the bondage and yoke of hastiness off you. You must be cleared of this to fly. For they that wait upon the Lord shall mount up their wings as eagles. Wait on Me, and you will see My favor and My glory.

      I will refer to the links you share here. It’s so good to discover kindred spirits who are hearing the same word in these end of days. I’ve been encouraged today.


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