(This is a godly response to our last blog, The Emergence Of The Church, by Patrick Keown, who leads a church in South Carolina)

The reason there’s no glory in the Church has nothing to do with location or where it meets, or compensation. The difference is there was honor, and gifts complemented one another. Today it’s more about, “Who’s the greatest?”

The Church is scattered, divided, and confused because in most cases not all the governing leadership can agree. Can the body be a church if all hell breaks out in our nation? Have the five-fold ministers equipped them, or are they still arguing over who’s the boss, who’s the most gifted, and who heard from the Lord?

Question we must be asking: Do you know and understand your responsibility to the body? Honor, respect, and keeping opinions to yourself while doing what your personal gifting and calling requires will turn into a harmony that will lead the leadership of God’s Church into unity.

Can the Church be the Church anywhere they meet? Only if we as leaders step up to the plate and lay down our concepts, our new ideas, old conversations that mostly deal with external things, and serve to create unity in the leadership. Then let come what may, crisis of all sorts – let everything be shaken – the Church will then stand in its unity. But if leadership continues to sell their own ideas through lectures and books it will detour the Church from rolling up its sleeves and getting dirty for Jesus and networking with other ministers.

Lack of true humility is causing ministers to shuck their responsibilities, and so the reason for a lack of readiness to any grave crisis in our culture. In leadership, no matter the cause, it always points back to you!


What have I contributed to a team lately concerning not just a remnant but the needy?

Have I considered that hanging around believers in social settings is easier than going out to the projects or prisons?

What about widows and orphans?

The issue with most leaders is they don’t pray so there’s no discernment, no direction, and their spirits are hardened to our godless culture and to God’s agenda.

Don’t focus on location or compensation, but just obey God and take your rightful place in the body and flow in your gifting. Stop competing and just work; do what He says, and say what He commands you to say.

The Church will mature, but only if our Church leaders grow up first.

“I didn’t leave a mainline denomination because they weren’t lovers of God or I didn’t like their way of doing church. I gave up a salary and housing comfort to obey God.”

If God told me to stay I would’ve stayed and then been classified as a traditional pastor with no zeal for the Lord.

Are we going to unite or still be looking for reasons not to serve a lost generation and honor one another’s gift in the Lord?

The American Church as we know it must come to an end. The true Church must emerge or there will be nothing of any real significance. Only dead orthodoxy and a religious social club…

Most of the churches and leaders I know are too busy with fluff and programs and non-essentials to make any lasting impact on the community around them. As a result, their members are losing all their zeal, fire, and love. The best of them are becoming like the church of Ephesus who forsook their first love.

The people of God are reconnecting with one another in the Spirit of truth and unity as a divine dissatisfaction with the systems of this world and of man fills us.



  1. All this is good but until Galatians 2:20 becomes a reality in our lives it’s just more talk. Today men want the power that Paul had, they want the revelations that Paul had, but they don’t want the Cross that Paul carried every day of his life. Too many preachers today, though good men, preach to emotions of their people. We need men filled with the Life of the Spirit of Christ in us that speaks to the spiritual man in the Body of Christ. Today, we have crossless leaders, living in the milk of the word and producing people who live on the milk of the word. We need leaders who get off of Facebook, get off the golf courses and spend those hours learning to pray in the Spirit, have days of fasting and praying for Philippians 3:10 becomes a reality in their lives. It’s not by coincidence that in Matthew 5 we can only become salt and light after the Beatitudes a reality in our lives. We need not only a revival but a new Reformation. God hp us.

  2. I’m reminded, in past posts you’ve encouraged us to pray for our leaders, and for unity among them; and for revival, a true move of the Spirit, that hearts would be humbled, people would see their need, and cry out to God! It seems something like starvation, the lack of spiritual leadership; and as you brought out in the last post, the lack of true fellowship among believers I thought of Heb.3:13, and 10:24,25; and Paul’s instructions to Timothy in 2Tim.2:22, I think what we’re longing for “…pursue righteousness, faith, love ,and peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.”

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