In the last five years when I finally decided to obey the Lord’s commission to write more diligently, thousands of books have gone out to the body of Christ across North America and some to other nations. Without the steep expense and help of a traditional publishing company, without a mass marketing effort, without a large ministry platform, or an influential ministry backing us, the Lord has moved on the hearts of many to get copies of our books. At times when a person has purchased one of our books they’ve been inclined to purchase more because there is a word from God in it that ministers powerfully to them. We are grateful for that and give God all the glory.

I never felt qualified or worthy to write such books, nor do I necessarily consider myself a good writer, but during a difficult time when the enemy of our souls was seeking to discourage and discredit our calling, and I was contemplating leaving the ministry, the Lord spoke to me about my writing being a priority. He said one of the reasons nothing seemed to be working was because I had not placed enough priority on this aspect of ministry, which was God’s plan for me. I know some people write for enjoyment or simply because it is a craft, and they have a creative ability to do it, but with me it is a calling. It is not just about sales, but it’s about getting the word of the Lord out to the body of Christ.

All the proceeds from the sales of our books go right back into publishing and paying ministry expenses. We have always lived by faith, and have no retirement, no social security, and barely enough medical insurance to cover basic needs. We may never come close to having a best seller, but several years ago when I complained to the Lord saying that no one would buy my books, He simply spoke these words: “I have a people.” That statement alone gave me the faith to write and to trust the Lord with the results.


Most reviews that we’ve received for our books are very positive with compelling comments about how enlightening and even life changing our books have been to our readers. It is always encouraging to read such comments, and it makes my literary work worthwhile. Here is one glowing review from an overseas reader:

“I love your books. I have learned so much from them, so many truths and so many questions answered, and am now able to discern between the truth and the deceptions of the world.

I have only read a few books so far but intend to get them all eventually. I have so many passages highlighted in ‘The Real Salvation’ and have several phrases written down from the weekly blog I receive via email. I love to review them all from time to time. When the real truth and the word of God unfolds before you its impossible to resist.

Not all of us are eloquent, so we need great writers to inspire us and feed us spiritually. I think these modern day epistles/works will travel far and bring a million+ souls to Salvation.

As you have probably gathered I hold you responsible for bringing me closer to the good Lord ! Again thank you for that, and please continue with beautiful words and the Holy Fire!” – C. M.

Here’s another one:

“I have read and re-read each of your books, Bert. I share them with everyone I meet, and I think I have reviewed all of them on Amazon. Your deposit in my life has been huge. Every reading I have, I feel like the Holy Spirit is speaking to me. They are so anointed.” M.R.

Well, needless to say, these types of testimonies greatly encourage me to continue to write as the Lord anoints me. For what is a writer without a reader?


Here are five reasons I recently read by Frank Viola of why reading books will make you a more effective and influential Jesus-follower:
1. The church has been with us for 2,000 years. God hasn’t just started shedding light on His Word in our generation. There is a gold mine of insight found in books written by His servants over thousands of years. So we can learn enormously from their experience, insight, and knowledge.

2. The Lord has placed ministry gifts in His church from the beginning up until now. So it’s both foolish and unscriptural to think that any of us can tap into all the riches of Christ by ourselves.

3. Reading makes you a better thinker. It feeds your spirit, sharpens your mind, cuts new grooves in your brain, and opens you up to new ideas, concepts, and perspectives. Not to mention it strengthens and broadens your vocabulary, making you a better communicator.

4. Reading broadens your understanding, and spiritual books can throw tremendous light on your understanding of Scripture.

5. Reading helps us to know the Lord better, especially books written specifically by those who are (and were) ahead of us in our spiritual journey.
All of these reasons are why I read books and why I write them for others.

Keep in mind that the specific kinds of books one reads is a vital piece of the puzzle. A.W. Tozer bemoaned the fact that the popular books of his day were fluff. He wrote:

“I was browsing a used bookstore recently, looking over some of the books that are popular today. I must confess I have never bought a book because it was popular. Sometimes the popular book is the most shallow, at least in my experience … I blush today to think about the religious author that is now being handed out to our poor kids. I pray daily that the spirit of seriousness might fall upon the church once again to such an extent that we will have an insatiable appetite for not only the deep things of God, but for God Himself. When a person nourishes his soul on the high and lofty thoughts of God, he loses his appetite for the watered-down modern-day religion.”
If Tozer were living now, he’d be stunned to discover that the problem he described has been raised to the 50th power.

Thank you to each person who has ever purchased any of our books. I hope they were a blessing to you, and that you’ll consider posting a review as reviews help promote the books and encourage others to get a copy. All our books are available on paperback and kindle. (Amazon Books)

Thank you for helping the work of unknown writers, and thank you for letting me share a piece of my heart and a part of my calling with you today. To God be the glory.

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Thank you, and may God’s richest and best be yours.



  1. IMHO “ the 50th power” is perhaps a very conservative understatement of the decline of western morality, and the false church’s with it. As you state, God has reserved a people unto Himself who have not bowed their knee to this current false gospel. A people who know that while God is still speaking, God is still saying the same thing. And we so enjoy hearing (and reading) Him speak through you, because it always comes in fire. As it did at first. The best way! We love you and appreciate God’s true flames of fire more than we usually demonstrate. Indeed we take you all for granted because we know that God will never allow you to stop burning for His glory, and our benefit! Only Heaven will reveal your true ministry and reward. And you would not want it any other way.

  2. Amazing! and perfectly said.
    I can well relate to that. Just as you said, for some of us, writing is our calling.
    I’m very well encouraged, and may the good Lord continually bless you, as you avail yourself to be a blessing in the life of many.
    I really follow your messages on Charisma and I’m always blessed.
    May your cup continuously overflow with oil!

  3. I recently completed your book “Passing the move of God to the next Generation” This is the first book written by you that I have read. I will be purchasing and reading more of your books. I do not like to waste time on fluffy or shallow material. There are books I have started and never finished for that very reason. Your book is one that I gladly read, cover to cover.
    Dear Brother, you are anointed with the truth of God, his power and Kingdom. When I read what you have written (blog and book) my spirit ignites with the Fire of the Holy Ghost! Please be encouraged, continue to speak and write to the Church. Awaken sleepy souls and ignite glowing embers with the fire of truth. Quicken those who have not heard such truth, this generation must know.

    • Thank you for your readership and for your strong words of encouragement. So happy to hear that the book blessed you! Kindly post a review of the book on Amazon as it helps promote it. Thanks again! Blessings!

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