I was watching a YouTube video recently with the late Kenneth E. Hagin sharing his calling about how God told him to preach and carry the message of faith to the Church several decades ago. Through many hardships he obeyed that call and eventually prospered in it. Because of His obedience to God’s mandate for his ministry, millions of people have been blessed by his life, example, and message. He preached and taught on many other topics, but faith in God’s Word was his primary message for much of his life.

One time someone asked him how it was that he just seemed to spring up out of nowhere and thrust on to the national and international scene. In other words, what was the secret to his success. Very humbly he replied: “All I’ve ever done is obey the written Word of God and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in my life.”

Listen to that simple wisdom. If we do the same, we will also fulfill God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Finding God’s plan and purpose for your life should be a priority.


About four years ago while on an overseas ministry trip to Colombia, SA the Spirit of God spoke to us in a similar fashion in prayer concerning His plan and purpose for the next phase of our own lives and ministry. He said for us it was no longer just about traveling with a message like we had for years, but that now the MOVE of God was to be first, then the MESSAGE, and then the MINISTRY. I asked the Lord what He meant by the MOVE, and He said it meant we are to stay filled with His Word and Spirit, and in prayer receive God’s wisdom for the places and people He sends us to. He told us that we are to look for His MOVE everywhere we go, and to wait on Him for  what He wants to highlight and manifest during our ministration in the specific places He sends us to.

Here is how the Lord explained it to our hearts:

“It is My Holy Spirit that makes everything new, fresh, and alive again. The revival and excitement has waned in many places and in many churches. My leaders and My people must once again allow the Holy Spirit to bring new life and freshness, or things will continue to become hard. This hardness affects marriages, families, work, and ministry. The Holy Spirit must be your life. He must be the life of My Church and My people. Man keeps putting up restrictions, but I want to move.

My people must experience the joy of their salvation. The excitement for hearing the Word, and meeting together, and worship, and winning souls must be restored. They must yield to Him again so that fresh life can return. The button of people’s hearts must be touched.

In the Spirit your weapons are not carnal. There is no greater power than the Spirit of truth. Restrictions on the Holy Spirit always starts with men and then the enemy comes in and creates strongholds. The moving of My Spirit is the only thing that deals with strongholds (it’s not by might or power, but by the Spirit of the Lord). The devil has used pretty things and entrapments that have taken men another way.

Remember what I’ve done in the nations. Remember how liberty and power came to ________.

A door is opened in the Spirit when you follow the Holy Spirit. When you move in the Spirit then life and glory are allowed to come in. There’s been a weariness in My body. Even My servant ______ was prompted to tell the so called faith churches the great need of the Holy Spirit – churches who knew the Word but were lacking the fullness of My Spirit. Familiar spirits and falsehood result from the lack of the life and liberty of My Spirit. My apostle Paul was a learned man but yet put no confidence in his own wisdom (1 Cor. 2:4-5).

Your obedience to move with the Holy Spirit will open up a demonstration for a protection for pastors and the people. There will be a bearing witness for all who know My Spirit and they will be one. There are strongholds in men’s minds, but the demonstration of My Spirit will open up men’s minds to receive.

Walk in your authority as My ambassadors and stand with WHO has sent you, refusing to bow down to men or devils. You must fight for who you are now in the Spirit and not be concerned about whether you fit in or not. I will connect you with the people who need what you carry.

The nations need the move of the Spirit taught and demonstrated. First the MOVE, then the MESSAGE, and then the MINISTRY.” 

That’s quite a word, and quite a responsibility to carry. The success of it is in the obedience of it and staying strong in the Word and prayer (Acts 6:4), and yielding to the Holy Spirit. By God’s grace, we are endeavoring to do our part and cooperate with the Holy Spirit the best we know how.

Of course, we cannot manufacture any of this on our own. It happens by the will of the Spirit and according to the faith and expectation of God’s people. We’ve received many wonderful reports and testimonies from pastors, and people God has sent us to in these past four years. Reports range from undeniable healings, to powerful infillings of the Holy Ghost, to answers to prayer, to wisdom and direction given to a church, a city, and even a nation YouTube .

Here is a glowing testimony of what the Lord did in one church:

 “In early 2016 we were introduced to Bert Farias’ books and couldn’t read them fast enough because they really spoke to our hearts. Being pastors, we handed them out to our church leaders, primarily (at that time) Prayer: The Language of the Spirit and The Real Spirit of Revival.  An immediate hunger for a move of God was sparked in them and our monthly church prayer went to weekly prayer. Our people have read nearly all of his books since then. (Bert’s Books

We were blessed to be able to bring Bert & Carolyn here in September 2016 and they left a deposit in our church that has only grown and still continues today. Our pray-ers pray in a new place in the Spirit, people are in the Word like never before, with many operating in new giftings and boldness. At the meetings, one 72-old woman received new knees and now shovels snow and hauls wood!! 

And the healings continue…a man healed while in Mexico of a large blood clot in his leg (then he got on the plane and flew home!!!), one woman healed of advanced asthma/COPD, a man healed of chronic pain and totally off Vicodin and morphine.  

Something changed in the spirit realm when Bert & Carolyn came. Our pray-ers can’t wait to get to prayer now. They are all operating at a different level and truly have an “exaggerated expectation” as Bert spoke over us. The presence of the Holy Spirit is so strong during worship, our pastor teaches with a new anointing, and we are so anticipating Bert & Carolyn’s return in May!”

Pastors Randy & Sue LeBlanc, NorthPointe Church, Bend, Oregon

Praise God! Well, that testimony encouraged us greatly in our calling to continue to obey God, especially after enduring a season of hardship and doubtful reasonings. We are very grateful and give God all the glory. We know it is the Lord working with us, and we can do nothing without Him. Many thanks to the faithful core of friends and followers who love us, pray for us, and support us.

Carolyn and I travel and minister in large and small churches, in homes, and occasionally in conferences overseas. We also host and participate in Holy Ghost Forums with other Ephesians 4:11 ministry gifts (Sample). If you desire the wisdom of God for your church and spiritual body, and are hungry for the move of the Holy Spirit, feel free to contact us to host a ministry time or forum in your church or area. 




  1. What powerful, and right things said in this post–encouraging–how we long to see these things! May you, and your ministry be blessed to accomplish all God would have through you!

  2. Powerful article.Reality.Oh,move me spirit of GOD.Move in me.Annoint me for your work.Create a deep hunger within me to serve you in power.

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