“For Joshua heard the commandments I gave to My servant Moses, yes, and he listened, but he also put himself in a place where he was able to see and hear what I was doing. And that’s why I have shown you this over and over and over again because it does not come through just hearing about My moves and manifestations. It doesn’t just come from hearing of historic moves and what I’ve done through men and women of old. It comes through being in a place where I am and where those that know Me are moving with Me.

And so, this is what you bring forth, and you share and you sow. For even as it was with you, and how I showed you and brought you to a man of God who moved with My Spirit, and how you were activated in the Spirit….yes, even as you, Carolyn, saw and experienced and came into a greater working of tongues and interpretation, and even the interpretation you stepped into was because you were put in a place where I was present and where I was moving.

And so you must show and demonstrate, and that is why it is important for you to go to these places and move in the Spirit, because they might not even understand, even as you yourself did not understand right away, but yes, you recognized Me and yes, you knew the Spirit was upon him whom I had shown you— yes, you saw it on him, and you immediately bore witness that I was with him.

And so it is when you move in the Spirit in these places I’ve called you to — they will recognize and understand that I am with you, and they, too will be activated in the gifts.

And so it was such, and so it has been, that even My servant _________ you are bringing here to move and to show in a greater demonstration of that which you have even known — so he is coming to stir up the gifts of those in this place and those that minister by My grace.

For they shall be activated, oh yes, and even as you have heard of the reports coming now back from _______________ of the things that I am doing and moving because you were there, and as you demonstrated who I was with you, they were activated into those things that I have called them into now.

So your example is in My Word with Joshua and Moses and how he saw Me in the midst of My servant Moses, so is it to be in these forums and in these ordained places that I’m taking you.

They will see and recognize the Spirit of God in and among you.”

The Spirit of God is referring to our upcoming Holy Ghost Forum in Salem, NH when He mentions His servant. Details and registration are here on our website: 

We hope you can make plans to attend, especially those in the New England region. This is a very strategic and sacred gathering led by a seasoned panel of ministers where the Holy Ghost will have full reign. 



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