There we were in an outdoor courtyard in Holland, Europe standing with two giants of the faith. They suggested we pray together, and as soon as we began, the hand of the Lord came mightily upon Carolyn. She wailed and travailed in heavy intercession and then received revelation from the Spirit of God.

Here’s the revelation:

The spirit of prayer came upon Carolyn strongly because Ephesians 4:11 ministry gifts were present. Since then Carolyn has observed that the activation of the spirit of prayer in her is affected by those she prays with. When true pray-ers gather with ministry gifts to pray, there is a greater power and revelation released upon both the pray-ers and the ministry gifts. This was the effect on Finney when he prayed with Nash. At times there would be one or two other seasoned people of prayer who would also join Nash. The importance of  associations like this cannot be underestimated for it is dynamic in its workings.


Pastors need to have a working understanding of this operation. If not, their seasoned pray-ers could become frustrated. It can be grievous to open a door of utterance through prayer and not see the fruit of it because pastors don’t step over that threshold.  Do you know why? Because they don’t pray themselves, and they don’t pray with the pray-ers.

Pastors should be the ones training their people to pray. Train them to understand the anointing and the manifestation of the Spirit of God in prayer, and then also in your corporate gatherings. Once they are trained, you will find that your load will be much lighter because they will help you carry the work of God in prayer. Be wise and recognize the pray-ers and the young ministry gifts that may already be budding in your midst. Pray with them and teach them to pray.


Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.” (Lk. 11:1)

This is an amazing verse. It seems that the disciples were present, or in close proximity, when Jesus was praying, because when He finished praying, they asked Him to teach them to pray. This reminds me of my Bible school days when the late Kenneth E. Hagin, a father in the faith, would pray on the platform in one of his meetings or seminars. Sometimes a spirit of prayer would come on him, and he would begin to intercede, or move into conversational prayer with the Lord. As a young Bible school student, I’d be in my seat listening ever so closely with such a hunger in my heart to know God like he did and learn to pray like he prayed. Pastors and ministers, please listen carefully to me: Teaching people to pray by precept and example is the greatest thing we could ever do in ministry.


Now here is a word of warning for praying people. You need to know that there’s no place for pride and arrogance in trying to manipulate your pastor into what you think he should do or what you think should happen. This is a form of witchcraft and will kill the anointing and what God wants to do. Stay in your place of prayer and keep the anointing strong through your humility. And don’t ever criticize your pastor, or anyone you’re praying for, for that matter, because you will nullify the effects of your prayers.


My wife is a woman of prayer, but we also pray together regularly. Her prayers activate the grace of God in me. Wisdom and revelation are given to me in our prayer times together. I am not threatened by the authority she carries in prayer. Knowing that we are to help one another and are stronger together, we are both secure in our places. I humorously refer to her as my mother Nash (although I’m serious).

This place of agreement is the place of power. Even if other things are awry in a church and just not quite right, if you have the power of God in manifestation through prayer, it will take care of a thousand concerns. God has a way of taking care of things when we pray, and there is a divine protection that is made available and flows from the operations of true prayer.


There are churches in this hour that have a great grace on them to be exceedingly fruitful and multiply, and that means that there are pray-ers and ministry gifts already in place there working together in prayer and in the corporate anointing.

Have you ever come forth from a corporate assembly when the power and presence of God were in such manifestation that it ignited you and affected you for days and weeks after? That’s where the true equipping happens – in the Spirit.

I’m reminded of the many people that have been ignited and equipped in some of our meetings over the years. One that comes to mind is of a young woman who could not stop weeping during the message being preached. Divine utterances were coming through me with such force  that she began to travail in the Spirit. She was carrying a love for lost souls in her heart and was stirred from the anointing that was present and the prophetic utterances coming forth for the church. All these things were set on fire in prayer beforehand when my wife and I prayed together about these meetings. This is what happens when prayer is connected to a ministry gift.

There is training that must be done in these things. The release of the impartations from the Spirit of God can be so powerful that it doesn’t leave when people walk out the door. The effect of the utterances and the manifestation of the Spirit of God continues to work in that meeting place and in the hearts of the people.

I remember in past years leaving Spirit-charged meetings and weeping or rejoicing all the way home because a work had been done in me. An impartation of grace and deposits of truth were made in my heart. That is the real equipping. Equipping doesn’t happen through general knowledge, soulish babble, and motivational speeches, but through the operations of the Spirit of God.

Oh beloved, may we learn that praying ministers and praying saints make for powerful churches and ministries that can change the course of history.

The Journal Of A Journey To His Holiness and Prayer: The Language Of The Spirit are two books that are revolutionizing the prayer lives of believers. We highly recommend these two books to help stir and ignite a hunger for God.

“It is obvious from the very first pages that this book was written from a “place in the Spirit”. There’s such an abundance of truth filling the pages that I am consuming this book. I definitely will be reading it again and again! The prayer life that the Father has been calling me to is being transformed already.” – Amazon Customer



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