Four years ago Carolyn and I started praying together on a more regular basis. A “seer” anointing full of wisdom and revelation began to manifest through her. I started recording our prayer sessions. Today I have compiled 400 pages of prayer notes from those sessions. We call these notes PRAYER JOTTINGS, or THE PRAYER JOTTER. Another book or two in the making for some day.

These prayer sessions are often teaching sessions when the Holy Spirit steps in as the great Teacher and illustrates a point He wants to make, often using personal examples and stories from our own lives and that of others to do it. He brings us to remembrance. That is one of His functions.

These times of prayer can also occasionally take on a more conversational tone as we will ask the Lord questions and He will take us to a place in the Spirit where answers and explanations come by revelation. You cannot work this up in the flesh or the mind, but you do your best to follow the anointing in prayer. You heart must be free of sin and pure before God, and you should endeavor to make ministering to the Lord and praying much in other tongues a major part of your prayer life. This will greatly aid in learning the anointing in prayer, but it takes time to cultivate this in your personal life. So be patient…

It’s difficult to explain spiritual things, but here is the way it works with us. Often in prayer an inspired thought will rise up from within our spirits and the Lord will intercept our thoughts with His higher thoughts. As we continue to follow that anointing He will bring forth wisdom and revelation concerning the subject at hand or what we are praying about. We do not control where we go in prayer; He does. Perhaps the best way to explain this is to give you an example.

Following is a rather lengthy example of this operation in a prayer session where the Spirit of God taught us and admonished us concerning our love walk, and the spiritual laws He has set in motion. The blanks are names of people and places that the Holy Spirit brought to our remembrance.  We left them are for privacy and protection.

There are so many spiritual laws that people violate. ________ closed the door to_________ with his bitterness of how he was treated, but __________ received a blessing financially and in other ways that came into the church because they kept their hearts right. And so it is with us here. 

We have not closed that door but we’ve kept it open and changed it a little bit. And because of it, it will open doors, and the moving of the Holy Spirit always causes a blessing.

God just showed us how offenses can block, but wait to see what opens up when He, the Holy Spirit of truth, is allowed to move and you follow Him in truth. So it never will bring a defeat or a failure when you follow Me.

And that’s why Carolyn’s spirit was lifted up on the phone talking about it – because it started in the Spirit and birthed in prayer. And so it shall produce.

 That’s why they must understand that the moving of the Spirit is not just for a blessing at hand, for a moment’s time, but it is a key to moving in a destiny and a divine way.

And so as you spoke this morning of the woman at the well, how the gifts of the Spirit opened up that whole realm into a city being touched, how is it not affected in the opposite way, if she got offended and shut that off – and how it would’ve kept her in sin and defeat and would’ve stopped a city from being touched.

So show this side, too – never close the door to a move of the Spirit and how your offense can stop a whole city from coming under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Remembering now (Bert) as a new convert, Ms. Doody, your first boss, and how difficult she was to deal with, and how your temper would flare up with her, and how You would tell me to hug her, forgive her, and be  a blessing to her, and how hard that was on my flesh. But I did it, and it broke something, and I’ve never had problems with that kind of offense. I’ve never carried that because it was broken off of me early through simple obedience.

This has to do with liquid love and the move of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord deals with the heart all the time. If ________ would’ve let it go and said, “so what?” it may have saved him even from this adultery. But now his whole life is an embarrassment and a reproach, and it affected a whole church and a ministry.

It’s about setting them free to move with Him; it’s about understanding the laws of the Spirit – the grieving, the moving, and the flow, and how it is all out of the heart.

Guard your heart for out of it flow the issues of life (Pr. 4:23).

Satan came into Judas’ heart because he had been stealing from that treasury all that time, and he opened up a door for Satan to come and put that thing in his heart to betray his Master. He gave place to that spirit. It’s almost like when you yield to one, seven others come in.

Carolyn’s testing point was being offended in _______ long ago when_______ asked someone else to sing. 

Acts of obedience break the power of offense and unforgiveness. The example of Lester Sumrall and that deacon who wanted to shut his meeting down, and the Lord told him to go kiss him. Three times it happened before the deacon broke and all was reconciled.

Love is the language of the kingdom. It keeps the door open and the Holy Spirit moving in hearts, and it causes entire cities to be affected instead of being stuck in a rut of sin. 

What ____________ did affected a whole city, ministries, and had a worldwide negative affect – and many young men were disillusioned by it. He opened the door and then shut the door. And someone actually saw the arrow that was shot in his mouth as he received that offense and that lie that ________ was out to raise up his own ministry in making the________ independent, when the truth was that _______ had a great call already, and it would’ve just been a blessing to the whole body.

What arrows are you swallowing? What lies are you accepting?

How you choose to receive that lie, offense, and temptation – the way that you handle it by rejecting it and moving in love is how you continue to move in the Spirit.

And God also set you free, Bert in  __________ when you got offended there, too.

But it all was made right, and we came back here and had to make things right here, too.  

We’ve done that now and kept our hearts open and clean and we’ve moved with You, Lord. It’s never wrong to move with You.

We know we’re not perfect, Lord and we make mistakes, but we’ve always tried to follow you and walk in love. We never carry offenses even going out of our way to love people who’ve offended us.

Love builds bridges and always wins.

Even though it was uncomfortable to reach out in love to one who offended you, when it was over it felt good.

Thank you for love, thank you for love, thank you, Lord!

Hallelujah! It is always encouraging to hear from the Spirit of the Lord like this. You, too can cultivate this kind of prayer life and walk with the Lord. We meditate on these Spirit-inspired words for they cause our faith and love to be strengthened. This is what Jesus meant when He said: “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Mt. 4:4). It is the Spirit-inspired or rhema word from the Lord that really feeds us. It is what you receive personally from the Lord that fuels you with faith and fire.

Some find it difficult to believe in these higher dimensions of the communications of the Holy Spirit. He is not only the Comforter who leads us and guides us into all truth, but He also shows us things to come and gives us tremendous wisdom and revelation to walk it out. God has chosen my wife’s vessel to move in a prolific operation of this. Not everyone will move in exactly the same way, but everyone can be anointed to pray. One of  her God given assignments in life is to draw forth in prayer, provision of the wisdom of God, not only for our own lives and ministry, but for the body of Christ as well.

We have begun to produce short videos (Face To Face) to help train people to move in the Spirit in some of these things, hear from the Lord better, and enjoy a greater presence of God in their lives. This link shared is our third session. The first two are archived on our YouTube channel, Holy Fire Ministries. Feel free to subscribe so you don’t miss any upcoming training sessions. The Lord told us that the right training would lead to greater power in the lives of His true disciples – thus the reason for these videos.

Please take time to view these, and of course, this blog. It is one way we can give back to those who love us, follow us, support us, and pray for us.

Abundant grace to each of you. May our glorious Bridegroom totally and completely satisfy you.

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Thank you, and may God’s richest and best be yours.



  1. Offenses are really so necessary to be dealt with’ thanks for all the input. Can’t work our faith without love and if in offense, we are not in love. I learned early on about this as when I would get involved in a problem like that it would make me physically ill constantly worrying about it. It’s not worth it, I love peace and harmony!

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