It is good to receive encouragement. Yesterday while we were filming programs for our Arabic Broadcast the sister of my translator told Carolyn that she could not leave the studio. She said “your husband has all my attention, and I understand everything he says. It is difficult to leave.”

What an answer to our prayers! I asked everyone to pray for an anointing that arrests people and calls them to attention, and that is exactly what she was testifying to. Praise God! Our prayers are being answered. God loves the Arabic people. Ishmael is not forgotten, for the Lord said He would bless them.

God has put such a love in my heart for the Arabic speaking people. Having met my translator and then working with him, then meeting his sister, has put flesh on the bones of this love. This broadcast is not only reaching Muslims and former Muslims who are now young converts, but also many with Egyptian Coptic and Roman Catholic backgrounds. They don’t have access to very good Scriptural and anointed teaching as much of it is still filled with denominational distinctives and traditions. I believe that is the reason my translator’s sister was glued to the set the entire time I was preaching/teaching. The anointed Word was captivating her. This gave me a good barometer for the millions of people that are viewing the broadcast and listening to the living Word.

Today we are filming another six – 30 minute programs, and then tomorrow we will try to finish with 4-6 more. This will allow them to edit three months worth of programming for a once per week showing. This is so exciting!

As I stated, using both my translator and his sister as a barometer, there is a real feeding that will happen through our program. Young lambs will be nurtured, sheep will be fed, and sinners will come to a real revelation of Jesus Christ. This is very fulfilling to my heart. They will be enlightened, taste of the heavenly gift of Jesus, become partakers of the Holy Spirit, taste the good word of God and the powers of the age to come (Heb. 6:4-5). I was so thrilled yesterday after completing four sets that it was difficult to unwind once it was over. “He who waters is watered also.” I can imagine what the next two days will be like.

People have asked me if they can watch the programs. Most cannot unless they have access to this Arabic satellite network (Al Fady TV). This station has 4 satellites that reaches into the Arabic speaking people who live in England, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. on the Roku boxes. Unless you have a Roku box you will not be able to view it. However, we will be posting all the programs on our YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe to it, and you will be able to view all the broadcasts.

A great big thank you again to everyone who has supported us in this grand endeavor of preaching the gospel and teaching the living Word to millions of people. Thank you for your love, prayers, and financial support. Although enough funds came in to start filming, the goal is to be on several times a week instead of just once a week, so we definitely need more partners and one time gifts. We appreciate every investment and seed sown toward this amazing opportunity. God bless each of you.



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