In the early part of 2013 Carolyn and I began to travel together and pray together on a more regular basis. As we prayed, a new operation of the Spirit began to manifest in our prayer times. Prolific utterances and Holy Spirit wisdom and revelation began to flow, especially through Carolyn’s vessel. We recorded these precious gems, and now nearly four years later, have a large journal full of them, which we entitled, The Prayer Jotter.

Some of these jottings, as we call them, have been put in some of our books, and we are working on other books as well. We have blogged a small sample of these and have included a smattering of them throughout our writings, but we are going to be blogging more of them. I’d like to post some of them on social media, but hesitate to post such precious gems and pearls out to the general public because of the cynicism and criticism, as well as a plain lack of understanding of true spiritual things that is a part of the social media world.

So for the most part, we will be blogging them from our website, and those who want to take the time to read or follow our blog can do so. Truly these things are born of God as no man can receive anything unless it is given to him from heaven (Jn. 3:27).

Some of these utterances are wisdom and direction that the Lord gave for us personally, but much of it is also for the body of Christ, and some are specifically for churches, cities, and nations God sends us to. These come spontaneously as we are in the Spirit. They don’t come from thinking, brainstorming, or studying. At times we will record our prayer sessions and then transcribe the things the Lord says to paper.

The best way I can describe this operation is that when we enter into that place in the Spirit it is like entering into a classroom. It’s as if the Holy Spirit takes a piece of chalk and writes these things on a chalkboard for us. These jottings have become very precious to us because we do not control it. It is a total dependence on the Spirit of God to show forth these things as He wills. It is quite dangerous to try and manufacture these things outside of the flow that is coming from Him. He is the One that turns it on and off.

Here is one of many examples we’ve received of the wisdom of God that applies to all believers:


The love walk is a big side of following the spirit of truth. God has an ability to lead people out of error. Even as you are judging them God could already have led them out of sin and error.

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble, and a big part of that grace is to reveal their errors.

Do you see how this utterance arms us with His wisdom? It’s simple but it’s also profound. It can keep us from misjudging others and help us walk in stronger love and truth. We want to share more of this wisdom and revelation to help the body of Christ come into greater maturity and an increase of the Holy Spirit’s workings in this hour.

We will not only do this in writing but we’ve also had it on our hearts to send out short videos to teach and share these things corporately and individually, so that others will begin to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. We will be featuring these on our YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe there, too.

Holy Fire Ministries

Here’s what the Lord said to us concerning His vision and purpose:

“For some have said to you: What is your vision? For you have no building or systematic organization of any kind, but your vision is to build a city not made with hands – to take a people to a place where I am, sojourners in a land, a vision not of man.

Yours is a vision in the Spirit to redeem man; a vision to furnish the inside of man, for they are the true temple of God. My plan for which you’ve been created is to build man. Draw forth in prayer of the provision of My wisdom for My people.”

Praise the Name of Jesus. Stay tuned for more…


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