There is something about ministering to the Lord that allows Him to minister back to you.

“As they ministered to the Lord and fasted, the Holy Spirit said…” (Acts 13:2)

There’s also something about staying connected to the Lord in your spirit on a daily basis in every activity and circumstance. This will not happen without a cooperation from your mind and setting it on the Lord. That connection results in true communion and worship flowing from your heart.


“God is a Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth” (Jn. 4:24).

When we enter into true worship as born again New Covenant people of God we will experience the Holy Spirit’s communications to a far greater degree. But much of our so called corporate worship today is nothing more than entertainment, a concert, or a show and performance. And the singing can easily degenerate into what I call parade singing. It is only when we sing and worship from the heart with grace and sincerity that it becomes a living and moving encounter with the Lord.

Because we are in the traveling ministry, Carolyn and I are in meetings frequently, and we’ve witnessed the lack of true worship in some churches. For instance, most believers need music to worship. Sure, music helps, and we greatly enjoy anointed music and it can definitely enhance the presence of God, but at the same time, if you can’t worship without music something is wrong. Often when the music stops, people stop worshipping. Then when we attempt to lead God’s people in worship and prayer without the music, people get silent and the meeting starts to drag. It is a sign or a symptom that people don’t really know how to worship out of their spirits in true communion with the Lord. It is a symptom of a dormant spirit.

Worship and praise is not just for Sunday morning church meetings. It is to be a lifestyle. And worship is not just playing music and singing either. True worship includes presenting your body as a living sacrifice, and conforming your mind to the word of God each and every day (Rom. 12:1-2). It involves being separated from the spirit of the world and communing with the Lord in your heart.

For example, try to remember how you felt in your spirit when you were first saved. You had a sense in your spirit all day long of the reality and presence of God. You felt loved. You felt gratitude. You felt God’s touch on your life for all He did to save you and reveal Himself to you. There was an excitement down in your spirit and a flow of divine life in you that was being drawn from your spirit as you thought on your salvation.


In other words, you made a conscious effort to set your mind on things above having to do with your salvation and the word of God you were learning. In the same way, this is how you’re supposed to stay in touch with your spirit all day long and commune with the Lord. When you do, a whole new world will open up to you again. Then there will be a pure love that will begin to flow out of you in a stronger way to those around you. You will become a bigger blessing to others because you’re flowing out of your spirit. It’s more difficult to get offended or get hurt or get angry with others when you’re in this state.

“Set your affections (or mind) on things above and not on things of the earth” (Col. 3:2). You can’t really do that when your mind’s thoughts are wandering and thinking about a million things. The Greek word ‘worship’ in Jn. 4:24 is propskuneo; ‘pros’ meaning ‘toward’ and ‘kuneo’ means ‘to kiss’. Literally, it means to ‘kiss the Father’. This is the reason its so important to cultivate an awareness of the Lord all day long and to stay in touch with your spirit deep down inside. This leads to intimacy with the Father where you begin forming words from the feelings you are receiving in your spirit and then speaking them to Him – kissing Him with those words and other expressions from your spirit. You also place yourself in a position to hear from Him because you’re keeping your spirit active.

When individual believers will then take this same attitude into corporate worship and prayer it will cause an outbreak of the Spirit of God when each one begins to give what they are receiving in their spirits according to 1 Cor. 14:26. Personally, I don’t usually need two fast songs and a slow song to get into a worship “mood”. I don’t even need to sing with my understanding first. I can sing immediately out of my spirit in tongues. Why? Because I live there most of the time.


The other day we were praying together as a family. We began to worship and sing to the Lord with melody and grace in our hearts. Soon each one had a song to teach and admonish us in the things of God (Col. 3:16). Then prophecy and revelation began to flow. My Momma, who is now a widow, received a tender word from the love and care of the Father that made her weep. My brother received revelation and confirmation concerning his calling. Carolyn and I also received understanding about the season we are in now in our lives. And finally, there was a few minutes of teaching and exhortation, not sermonizing, that came forth out of the revelation the Spirit of God was bringing forth at that moment. It was so beautiful, and all of it took less than an hour.

Now in a larger assembly the direction of the Spirit needs to come from seasoned and anointed ministers with boundaries and protocol being established for those who have something from the Spirit to contribute. If you make it a free-for-all you will more than likely have disorder and confusion. God is a God of order and peace, and yet there is liberty in the presence of the Lord. Formality kills the Spirit and deadens the assembly, but liberty brings the anointing and ministers life to everyone.

It doesn’t take long to get into the flow of the Spirit when we learn to walk and live there in our personal lives, and then yield and enter into the Spirit’s liberty as we assemble together. When we finished this particular meeting each one of us felt full and satisfied like we had just eaten a very nutrient-filled meal. Then we spent another two hours or so sharing a physical meal and fellowshipping around the things of God.

This divine activity that flows out of true worship is what makes for a spiritual church.


4 thoughts on “HOW TO HAVE A SPIRITUAL CHURCH (Part 2)

  1. Like Part 1, this spoke directly to my spirit. Pray that many pass this on and it spreads and is activatrd..remain in God’s Glory.

  2. Oh ,my GOD!That’s it.The real truth.This should be happening in all Holy Spirit led churches.Have experienced it several times and it’s undescribable.It changes lives .It liberates.It uplifts.It brings life.It heals.Amen !Oh,i can feel the presence of God as i try to describe the experience.

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