This blog is followed only by a few hundred people, but read by more. To date I’ve written over 300 blogs in a 3-year period with no agenda except to be a blessing and encouragement to those who hunger for the true word of the Lord.

Today, however, it is different. Today I need your help. Today I am directing my thoughts to friends of the ministry who won’t judge us wrongly for this appeal I’m about to make. I am looking for a core of select saints and followers who love us and who love this ministry to champion a potential God assignment I’ve just been offered.

This month we have received an amazing opportunity to broadcast the gospel to a potential viewing audience of 450 million people via television on 4 satellites for minimal cost.  We are prayerfully considering this expansion as God has just dropped this in my lap without any effort on my part – just as He did with my role  as a featured blogger for Charisma magazine and my appearance on Sid Roth’s show last year. Those opportunities were free. This one, however, is not.

Here’s the breakdown of the broadcasting opportunity: There are two 30 minute slots open on two networks – for the price of one.  We could broadcast once a week for $4000 per month, or rebroadcast twice a week, for approximately $5,000 per month.

The area of coverage for this broadcast is the entire Middle East, Europe and the UK, as well as North Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. For us as a smaller ministry, this cost is high, but in actuality it is a significant discount.

In comparison, TBN charges $8,000 per each half hour broadcast, and an additional $3000 to rebroadcast. This truly is a unique opportunity! One of the networks primarily reaches into the Muslim world where in many places it is illegal to convert. That missions aspect of this project is the most exciting part for me.

Here’s what a very astute doctor friend of  mine encouraged me with this week when I was wrestling with the idea of the fund raising part and being misunderstood and perhaps even losing favor for it.

“I understand your concerns about public fundraising, especially in light of the abuses within Christendom. You mentioned 2 preachers (unmentioned here but most popular in Christendom) who I watched for all of 1 minute each (years ago) before dismissing them as just more of the same old, same old — popular personalities who tell people what they want to hear and believe, as opposed to what they truly need to hear and believe.
“This network (unnamed) has a few good programs but most are awash in the Americanized (as in capitalist/get rich quick & right wing ideas infused) gospel which is a betrayal of all Messiah said, did and stood for. It boggles my mind that most Christians have so little education on the Jewish nature of the messianic message (“Good News”) that they confuse the paganized mess (spawned by Emperor Constantine and added to over the ensuing centuries) that fills the fundamentalist and evangelical landscape with what Messiah actually taught, advocated, practiced and demanded of his followers. The disconnect is mindboggling in its scope.
“Thankfully, works have appeared during the past decade or so and are gaining traction among what can best be described as the remnant of believers who want “the real meal deal” as opposed to the sickly sweet pastries being served up by essentially corrupt or deluded clerics and others. Hopefully this trend will gain momentum and help steer believers away from the con men & women & deluded to those who speak the unvarnished, genuine messianic gospel truth, no holes barred.
“I see your new communication outlet as part of this move on God’s part to push back against the corruption, delusion, con artistry and such in the Body of Messiah.”
That is a pretty accurate summation of the what and why of our calling, which includes our ministry travels, our preaching and teaching, our articles and books, our blog, etc. This is our part and contribution to the body of Christ. In scope and size we do not have a major platform. As I said, we are a small ministry; certainly not small in heart or purpose, but nonetheless small in man’s eyes. However, we are cognizant of being “sent” by the Lord and are doing our very best to be obedient. Without the help and support of the body of Christ we cannot be sent.
And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent?” (Rom. 10:14-15)
It seems overwhelming at times when you look around the body of Christ and you observe how the major voices seem to have the “Christian” market cornered, so to speak, with many having very little to say in the scope of what is on the Father’s heart and what the Spirit is really saying to the Church in this hour. On the other hand, there are many whom I know personally that labor in obscurity with a true anointing and word from God, and yet without a real platform to publish the word of the Lord.

This broadcast opportunity is a big step of faith for our ministry, but well worth it for the amazing potential to reach Muslims and Arabs with the gospel.  Many of them have received the paganized mess of the Americanized gospel and need real solid preaching and teaching. Will you prayerfully consider making a 12 month investment into this broadcast, and then re-evaluate it at the end of the first year?

Here is some simple math:

  1. 1. 10 churches or individuals investing $400 per month would cover the cost for one broadcast per week.
  2.  20 churches or individuals investing $200 per month would cover the cost.
  3. 40 churches or individuals investing $100 per month would cover the cost.
  4.  50 churches or individuals investing $80 per month would cover the cost.
  5. 80 churches or individuals investing $50 per month would cover the cost.
  6. 100 churches or individuals investing $40 per month would cover the cost.
  7. 200 churches or individuals investing $20 per month would cover the cost.

As you can see, many hearts and hands sharing the burden make the load lighter. If just one of three people reading this right now would commit to only $20 per month we’d be well on our way to our goal. That’s giving up one decent restaurant meal per month.

I know how these appeals usually go, though. It’s easy to think that you are the two out of the three who won’t commit, and when everyone thinks the same way, the funds don’t accumulate. Rather the few in the body carry the load for such a project and funds have to come from elsewhere, or the opportunity must be wasted.

Perhaps there are a few individuals or larger churches who would be willing to be heroes of this missions project and be led to invest larger amounts.

They’ve asked me to do this broadcast because they consider me a solid gospel preacher and teacher of the Word and not your typical American “tickle the ear” preacher. I also lived as a missionary in a Muslim country for nearly four years and know their mind-set. It is a tremendous opportunity and a great honor for me to even be asked, but we do not have the funds to do this on our own. Please let me know if you can help.

You can give through Paypal using our DONATE button, and/or set up an automatic withdrawal each month, or send a check each month to:

Holy Fire Ministries, PO Box 4527, Windham, NH 03087

Please be sure to indicate on the memo line or note, “WORLDWIDE BROADCAST”.

You can also contact me personally via Facebook (Messenger), Twitter, or ask for my personal email if you have any  questions or concerns.

Thank you for your time today, and God bless you for all you do for the gospel.

Abundant grace to you and yours,

Brother Bert Farias



  1. This is so exciting! There is no doubt adequate funds will be provided. Didn’t you just know you would be propelled into something larger. Am praying re amount. Love and Blessings, Laura

    • It is very exciting Laura! I had to die to the “something larger” before the Lord could entrust it to me. I did not want to dance with the multitude of self-aggrandizing promoters nor be classified among them.It’s so much sweeter when the Lord promotes you in His way and in His timing.

      Thank you for your heart to help Laura, and your agreement that all the funds will come in. You have been a God sent into our lives. We have a few ravens spread throughout the country and you are definitely one of them. (-:

    • Dear Gary,

      Thank you! If 100 people do the same, it will be a huge boost to us. God bless your heart! Whatever method you choose to give by, please make sure to designate your monthly gift by writing ‘Worldwide Broadcasting”. I appreciate it.

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