I was given permission from a trusted minister friend of mine to share things he’d recently received from the Lord in both voice and vision form.

“The President and his policies will be more dangerous after he leaves office than when he was in” and “The collapse will come when conservatives are in charge”.

Here is the vision that went with that word:

It was a vision of a playground slide with a man in a suit that I knew represented conservative’s efforts, trying to climb the slide but every time he got part way up he would slide right down again, representing efforts to control entitlement programs and the budget expenses of the nation. I expect from that word progress will be made, but it won’t be smooth sailing and will have setbacks.

Here’s another vision that went with this word:

As the Father was speaking: I was flying (I thought just me at first, but then I realized I was in an airplane that represented the body of Christ in the US) – looking over the nation, in-between cloud layers, in safety in sunshine (Son-shine) between 2 layers as the Father spoke.

The bottom layer, closest to the ground, was what He told me he (Obama) would be doing in the cities to organize and move things around in terms of voting districts and people in the near future, and being smart about how they plan to change the nation. That is the main point; He said that he will be working to rearrange voting districts and pulling together formerly disconnected or loosely connected people into an organized movement and network across the big cities, which will be in place to stir civil unrest in the future.

He kept saying he and they were going to be ‘smart’ about it – the emphasis was on the organizing of demonstrations and dogged pursuit of change against the ‘normal’ American culture. Much of it would be unseen by most, and all this was what the bottom cloud layer was about, and it was an attempt at a grassroots organizing of protests for the purpose of breaking down society in opposition to what others are trying to do.

As He spoke it was like a playback of a highlights film before me, of instances when people disagreed with the President and he accused those who disagreed with him of being racist or homophobic and so on – unwilling to discuss issues intellectually, so he fell back to personal accusations directed to those who opposed his ideas.

Suddenly I saw him behind the scene in a puppet stage pulling strings unseen as a puppeteer using agencies and individuals to harass Christians and conservatives and such (these are just main points and not the details). And I heard the Father say, “Now imagine taking that to a local level and organizing people who believe those things into a nation-wide network.” Only then did I get the scope of what He was showing me – the cloud covered most of the land, heaviest in the eastern part of the US at first but almost in the midwest equally so.

The top layer of the cloud not visible from the ground was the new administration and there was a separation between the two cloud layers – as I said, with us flying in-between; one layer doing one thing and the top layer doing another, with me (us) flying in-between.

This is the most important part for us: I was totally in peace – I was in between those layers – between the ugliness in the unrest in the cities and society, and in-between the government’s agenda: I (we) were in sunshine (Sonshine) in a safe place and flying (a type of going about life) in smooth air.

About 2 days after this word from the Father, who usually shows me the big picture while the Lord shows me things pertaining to His body, the Lord started talking to me about what would be going on in the body of Christ in this time, both in the US and around the world.

In the US He said church buildings – not just conservatives and Christians and Jews – but houses of worship will be attacked, and there is coming a time when many will not feel safe ‘going to church’. He spoke of the continued rise of family and home based churches, and as He spoke a vision played out before me:

He and I were suddenly in someone’s living room, standing more in the corner of the room while several people were talking and eating and playing with kids who were playing with some toy just off-center in the room. As they talked and some interacted with the small children, the Lord started pointing to different ones in the room, noting their particular differences theologically and emotionally with others in the room.

I won’t share the details of what He said of each person in case what He was showing me was real people at some future time, but He pointed to a man and noted he believed some end times things that were different than anyone else in that church. He pointed to a woman who had strife issues He said with another woman in the room. He pointed to another couple and talked of their marriage difficulties, and so on around the room…including questions and hurts some of the children had.

And then He stopped and turn fully towards me saying, “But in that day, none of these things will matter. The days of luxury this nation and much of the world has had to dwell on differences of doctrine and arguments between themselves, are over.” He was smiling as He talked, and I got the feeling He was inwardly thinking “Finally!” when He continued,

“Love will become the focus and many will grow up in that day and know what is truly important, which they’ve actually known all along but have stubbornly stuck to their childish ways. But there will be still more who have been caught up in the world and petty strifes and things which never were important, and they will be afraid and insecure when they see such things around them. Thinking they have been people of faith, they will discover they were not for they will have no peace – this is one way you’ll know them – they won’t have peace – but had placed their faith in man and man’s doctrines and not me nor those who mind the things of me. In that day be gracious to those who repent, and watch that your heart not be hardened against them, though they knew all along the path to walk.”

We have long talked what would happen in the US if conservatives ever grew a backbone and put controls on federal spending and how those who are used to getting things for free would rebel. Think that through Americans. But I also know there will be others who will rise up to confront some of the demonstrations and rioting that will come on this nation…a battle for the soul of the US is about to be engaged.

Pray some of these things will be lessened or not happen at all.

John Fenn



  1. The revolution has begun. We must see Him not the strife. Col. 3:1-3. I pray that born again people will not fear what lies ahead. God is either God sitting in absolute authority or He’s not God at all. I believe that faith will supernaturally rise higher than we have ever known. The love of God will saturate us and our oppressors will be awed at our Christliikeness. For once, in our generation, the church will be a glorious, militant army. Marching in unity with one mind and heart. The Lord will send His presence before us and the words we speak will only be spoken with authority but great power will be loosed in them and circumstances will changed even as we speak. God is going to overthrow “rulers, authorities and spiritual forces of evil like we have never seen.” Persecution will come “but God.” The season of Godly prophets and prophetess, people hidden for such a time as this, will be sent out to proclaim the love and greatness of our God. They aren’t after fame or riches nut to please Their Father in heaven. Their riches are not found in the wealth of the world but in intimacy with Jesus Christ. Two days ago as we were praying God said to pray that the evil powers over Washington D.C. would come down and His banner of love would be raised over the Capitol of this nation. Finally, we behold what we become. If we focus on what is going on in our streets, then we could pick up their hateful, bitter and rebellious nature. We have to remember that flesh and blood is not our enemy. This revolution must be fought in the spiritual realm keeping our eyes fixed upon the King of Kings. “We are more than conquers through Him who loved us.” Sorry if this was to long. God bless

  2. I had a brief dream on Nov 11 that repeated again the very next night. The interpretation given to me while having the two dreams are eerily similar to this person’s vision of the cloud layers: I am in an office at a church. I hear reports that a storm is coming. I am made aware that if I locate to the center of the storm, it will be peaceful there. I was also made aware that in the storm’s center will be a bright light.
    Immediately after the 2nd night of the repeated dream, I had another dream: I was seeing a rural, homestead property. It “felt” like Arizona. (Again) I knew a storm was coming, and that I should remain in the center to experience the peace and be in the bright light.
    God is hammering into me a preparation for upcoming events, and I will obey. But why the last dream had a specific location, of that I’m not quite sure. My son speculated that Arizona is dry/arid, and maybe that represented a state of mind/soul. I had to wonder if Arizona represented an area of immigration and unrest, therefore a place where a storm would brew…where unrest would break out.

    • God is getting his people ready. We best be putting all our trust in Him. Thanks for your comments. Those dreams are from the Lord. Arizona could be just symbolic and not necessarily figurative.

  3. If we as believers have learned one thing in this election cycle, it is that PRAYER REALLY, REALLY CHANGES THINGS! It can (and has) change(d) the course of a nation! All of the prayer efforts that were birthed during these past 18 months need to stay alive and active if this election is going to bear fruit.

    In light of this prophecy that spells out how liberals are making a concerted effort to promote their agenda, and other prophecies that for years have warned that Marshall Law is coming to the USA, we cannot and must not drop the ball, take a break, “‘relax’ now that our job is done.” Our job has just begun. The election was only a rallying point. This election got our attention like nothing else before, and with the shocking death of Chief Justice Anton Scalia, we suddenly felt vulnerable and panicked about our future. (Is it naïve to think that the Obamas are staying in Washington only so their daughter can finish high school there?)

    While reading my daily devotion last week, the Lord “pulled” me away and directed me to Galatians 5:15. I had no idea what it said. Here is that Word:

    Galatians 5:15 AMP reads, “But if you bite and devour one another [in partisan strife], be careful that you [and your whole fellowship] are not consumed by one another.”

    Is this not our nation in partisan strife?! We rightly concern ourselves with outside forces coming to destroy our country and inside forces ruining our Republic, but we missed some basic truths, like the power of strife to destroy us from within. Isn’t that a hallmark of the devil—destroy from within—a strategy that the most formidable natural enemies have used for generations on radio or internet taunts to demoralize and destabilize a foe. Isn’t that what terrorists try to do–destabilize the soul of a nation before an attack?

    With the continued protests/riots/hostility being expressed post-election, we know too well that one wrong move or “perceived” wrong move by police and we are in for a major conflict.

    Precious little has been said to address the radical “reaction” to the election. I think the silence from the Democrats is very telling—politically, they are basking in the defiance. Yes, this is the same party that trashed Air Force One when Bush was elected. No boundaries. Still elitist. Still above the law. Republicans, on the other hand, have only cursed the darkness, but they were never the light!

    Only a spiritual awakening can turn this tide. . . no, this tsunami of discontent. Only Jesus can turn this around. Let’s call this awakening into being, pray, and demonstrate the supernatural!

    P.S. Have you heard that Putin has recently stopped the Gospel from entering Russia?

    God bless.

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